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The Adotas Video section focuses on the news and happenings of the online video advertising marketplace, from pre-roll and in-stream to branded content and innovative formats. Adotas is proud to provide complete coverage of the online video advertising marketplace so you can remain informed and competitive. President Toby Gabriner issued the company's fourth-quarter "State of the Online Video Industry Report" yesterday (see above). The survey received responses from more than 700 industry professionals spanning advertisers, publishers and brands (a 17 percent increase when compared with the last study, released...
ADOTAS -- Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE) released a broad set of industry data and insights about online video and ad consumption yesterday. Key findings in the Digital Index report show that TV Everywhere adoption increased 12-fold; mobile video viewing grew by 300%; Facebook users are seeing twice...
ADOTAS -- You work in the ad-tech field, which means you are likely young, smart and hip. But if you were asked to carve the family Thanksgiving turkey, would you be honored and approach the task with confidence, or would you be paralyzed with fear?
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