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Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: November 17th – November 21st

Written on
November 21st 2014 | Sizmek

A new movie from DreamWorks, a new game from Ubisoft, and new tasty breads from McDonald’s – our ads of the week showcase of how big brands get the small details right. Check out how smart synchronization in these ads brings together animated components in clever and engaging ways. Country: France Advertiser: ... more...

Video Syndication Then and Now: An Industry Legacy By Default

Written on
November 18th 2014 | Tim Mahlman

It’s 10 p.m. – do you know where your video content is? Traditional video syndication has left the web a veritable minefield for brands trying to find an audience for their videos. It’s an archaic practice in an age where a reputable video appearing on an inappropriate website (or next to ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: November 10th – November 14th

Written on
November 14th 2014 | Sizmek

Consumers really take charge in this week’s standout ads, each of which delivers a highly interactive ad experience. Quiz McDonald’s about menu items and burger lore; become your favorite assassin, then sit back for the java of your choice brewed to order by Krups. And to think – we used ... more...

John Lewis’ Newest Christmas Ad “Monty’s Christmas” Will Thaw Your Heart

Written on
November 7th 2014 | Adotas

Everyone is talking about Monty the Penguin. Yesterday, John Lewis unveiled its latest festive advert “Monty’s Christmas“, featuring a young boy and what appears to be his pet penguin playing together in the lead up to Christmas Day to tune of a cover of John Lennon’s “Real Love.”After the success of last ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: November 3rd – November 7th

Written on
November 7th 2014 | Sizmek

First impressions are sometimes the only impression.  Our ads this week don’t waste any time engaging users to unlock more details, information and experiences.  From treasure hunting on the History Channel to powering eco-friendly automobiles and offering beauty tips, these ads all grab your attention and offer up clever ways ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 27th – October 31st

Written on
October 31st 2014 | Sizmek

Decision. Decisions. This week’s ads are all about giving users fun and engaging options right in the ad experience. Choose your soul mate razor, for example, or your perfect hair color, your favorite superhero or your preferred treat to dunk in a glass of milk. Sizmek ads make these kinds ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 20th – October 24th

Written on
October 24th 2014 | Sizmek

Ready for an emotional roller coaster? This week’s ads take you from thrills to chills to the comforts of home, showcasing the various kinds of emotional connections you can make with the magic of rich media. WBPI’s film release is all about mayhem, while Universal’s delivers terror on the creepy end ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 13th – October 17th

Written on
October 17th 2014 | Sizmek

This week’s ads are all about interactivity. Buy tickets to a new film, watch live poker, save for a new Chevy or covet a tricked-out phone – it’s all here. From basic expandable banners to innovative dynamic ads, this week’s selection shows how Sizmek features and formats make every ad ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 6th – October 10th

Written on
October 10th 2014 | Sizmek

New film premieres, new games and new opportunities – our ads of the week launch us into the winter months with fresh ideas and fun, keeping the doldrums at bay. Get inspired by the diverse ways these advertisers use expandables and features like data capture and Skype integration to boost ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: September 29th – October 3rd

Written on
October 3rd 2014 | Sizmek

As the glitz of Advertising Week NYC comes to a close and Oktoberfest kicks off, we thought we’d showcase a little campaign glamour of our own. This week’s ad picks represent icons of fashion, fragrance and luxury automobiles from around the globe. Country: Germany Advertiser: De Fragrance & Beauty Media Agency: ... more...

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