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Predictive Personalization: How Far is too Far?

Written on
October 20th 2014 | Anusha Anand

Predictive personalization, also referred to as digital hospitality, is one of the rare marketing practices that offers nearly equal benefits to both the consumer and the brand – if it’s done right. But, marketers need to be careful they don’t take this valuable tactic too far and cross the line ... more...

Consumers are Tapping into Smartphones, Why Aren’t Marketers?

Written on
August 26th 2014 | Doug Stovall

Mobile usage has become an integral part of the path-to-purchase. Consumers are tapping into their smartphones at home, in store aisles, and on-the-go to read news, research products, compare prices, engage with brands and receive special offers and coupons. But, marketers have to remember mobile is personal and is intended to ... more...

Yahoo’s Next Move: How the Acquisition of Flurry Amps up Mobile Ad Play

Written on
July 24th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

Just on the heels of Yahoo’s lackluster Q2 earnings call last week, Re/code broke the news that Yahoo will be acquiring mobile analytics and ad marketplace company Flurry for as much as $1 billion although actual financial details have not been disclosed. This purchase coincides with Marissa Mayer’s vision to ... more...

Why Facebook Purchased LiveRail for over $400 Million

Written on
July 7th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

Lest we forget, Facebook is an ad company first and foremost that earns a majority of its revenue through monetizing the content that people share with friends across its massive social network. (How else would it make money? Through Facebook Gifts? No.) So as a news and personal lifestyle aggregator ... more...

For Publishers, Building Trust with Organic Traffic is Critical

Written on
June 18th 2014 | Bob Regular

ADOTAS – For advertisers and publishers, trust is something that’s not easily built, but very easily shattered. With so many businesses now reliant on online technologies, security and integrity are of critical importance and with increasing organic traffic is more crucial now than ever before. Keep Your Water Clean According to by ... more...

Empowering the Video Revolution: Moving Away from Simple Text-Based Publishers

Written on
June 11th 2014 | Bob Regular

ADOTAS – In the world of online advertising, content is king because without content, there’s nothing to monetize. Major online publications like Mashable and Business Insider are embracing online video in an effort to go move away from being a simple text-based publishers to something far more ambitious. Advertisers are working ... more...

What’s Next for Private Exchanges?

Written on
June 11th 2014 | Prasanta Behera

ADOTAS – Over the past couple of years, we have seen an eruption of discussion surrounding private exchanges. Many big publishers are now moving to the programmatic model via the private exchange path. For example, earlier this year, Google and Time Inc. introduced the Time Inc. Global Exchange, an ad ... more...

Today’s Burning Question: Reaction to Twitter’s Native Ad Move

Written on
June 9th 2014 | Mike Daly

ADOTAS — Today, we asked our panel of ad industry experts the following Burning Question: “What are your thoughts on Twitter’s $50 million acquisition of Namo Media?” Here’s how they responded: “If we’re learning anything at all in the digital ad world here in mid-2014 it’s that Native advertising is an approach that ... more...

Surviving the AdPocalypse: What Will You Do When the Current Model Stops Working?

Written on
May 29th 2014 | David Melamed

ADOTAS – There is a fundamental flaw in advertising. Advertising is essentially arbitrage, leveraging a disconnect between the value of your audience’s attention and the cost to reach it. All arbitrage is inherently short lived. Eventually the marketplace will catch up and realign those values. Eventually the marketplace will close ... more...

Are Wearables the Next Ad Frontier?

Written on
May 19th 2014 | Dippak Khurana

ADOTAS — If the key to advertising is all about understanding the pulse of customers, the rapid evolution of the wearable mobile market is surely to raise the bar. Walking through this year’s CES and Mobile World Congress events, wearable computing was front-and-center, and if your initial reactions were like ... more...

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