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Video Q&A: eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski on Data & Digital Ad Trends

Written on
April 22nd 2014 | Adotas

ADOTAS – Video correspondent Mari White recently interviewed eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski on digital ad topics ranging from programmatic, mobile and video to the value of strong creative — all through a Big Data lens. Zagorski has been at the forefront of digital disruption since 1997 when he joined Modem ... more...

Why CPM Is Neither Dead Nor Dying

Written on
April 21st 2014 | Bill Guild

ADOTAS – In a recent article titled “The Death of CPM,” the CFO of a B2B digital marketing platform company asked, “Are the old [cost per mille] metrics still working?” This question implies that CPM once worked and no longer does. The effectiveness of cost per mille as a metric, if ... more...

The Death of CPM

Written on
April 15th 2014 | Brian Barnum

ADOTAS – As the success of ad tech has continued to surge in the past year, one of the questions that has been on everyone’s mind is: Are the old metrics still working? In general, the consensus seems to be “no.” As user behavior changes, our understanding of how to measure ... more...

The Rise of Private Exchanges and the Future of Agency Trading Desks

Written on
April 9th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

ADOTAS – As old-school marketing tactics are quickly replaced by more nimble automated methods to deliver ads to audiences across the web, agencies are adopting in-house platforms to help them effectively manage and buy media at scale for the portfolio of brands they represent. If you’re considering partnering with a ... more...

Big Data: Hype or Hope?

Written on
April 7th 2014 | Ernie Capobianco

ADOTAS – Big Data. Everybody’s talking about it. You’d think it was a cure-all, the ultimate panacea. The greatest thing to hit marketing since the Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” campaign. All kinds of companies in almost every niche industry are trying to extract value from Big Data. Like ancient alchemists ... more...

Video Content Marketing and the Rise of OTT Distribution

Written on
April 3rd 2014 | Ben Chodor

ADOTAS – The explosion in interest around content marketing has permeated every type of content, including video. If your company is creating video content, from an educational series to the coverage of a one-off live event, you should think about the new channels that enable live distribution to the masses. ... more...

Sex, Food and Selfies: Dopamine and the Other Levers of Social Marketing

Written on
March 25th 2014 | Dave Hawley

ADOTAS – Joe Smith wakes up one morning, walks out the front door of his apartment building and takes a selfie with the 3 feet of snow that have piled up on his Toyota Camry. He tweets out the photo with the header “OMG, that is A LOT of snow.” ... more...

OPINION: No One Is Watching Your Video Ads

Written on
February 27th 2014 | Irfon Watkins

ADOTAS — Video content is booming. From news clips, to music and on-demand TV shows, more and more viewers are opting to watch and listen to their preferred content. For publishers, it has gone from an added extra on their site, to an integral part of their content offering. Eighty-six ... more...

Olympics, I Love You, But Your Online Experience Was Bringing Me Down

Written on
February 26th 2014 | Basho Mosko

ADOTAS – I’m a huge fan of live sports in general, but the drama and excitement of the Olympics takes it to another level altogether. Every two years I’m delighted by the privilege to spend two weeks watching the best athletes on Earth competing against each other in sports I ... more...

5 Successful Marketing Methods in the New Age of Digital Consumption

Written on
February 25th 2014 | Eric Schiffer

ADOTAS – There are now more places than ever before not just any eyeballs, but the right eyeballs. Clicks are now but one type of measurement at our disposal. Nielsen ratings are passé due to DVRs, web viewing, smart phone, and large public viewings. When we talk to our clients, ... more...

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