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Fluent’s 2017 Devices and Demographics Report

Written on
January 23rd 2017 | Adotas

For its annual Devices and Demographics report, Fluent, a people-based marketing platform, polled nearly 3,000 adults and uncovered the latest behaviors on mobile devices, consumer preferences for online and mobile shopping, and how brands can improve their handheld experiences. “Two things stood out to me the most in our 2017 ... more...

Healthy Lifestyle: Online’s Greatest Hits

Written on
January 20th 2017 | Adotas

The increasing integration of healthy and fit choices into daily lives has resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry. According to the USDA, the market for organic products exceeds $39 billion in the US. Fitness clubs have surpassed $30 billion in revenue according to IBISWorld. Thanks largely to the popularity of ... more...

Adjust Says: Click Injection Fraud To Become Dominant Woe for Mobile Marketers

Written on
January 19th 2017 | Adotas

Adjust, the mobile attribution and analytics company and a specialist in fraud prevention tools, today announced their forecast that so-called “click injection” fraud is set to become one of the dominant forms of mobile marketing fraud in 2017. (See Click Injection Explained infographic, below.) This new approach allows fraudulent app ... more...

The Consumers Have Spoken: How Brands Can Survive Crises

Written on
January 19th 2017 | Phil Ahad

In this digital age, news travels fast and consumers have easy access to information about their favorite brands and companies; but depending on the circumstances, this increased visibility can be both a blessing and a curse for brands. Each generation of consumers presents a set of unique challenges, preferences, and ... more...

Acquisition by Innotech Capitals Opens Global Markets for Ad-Juster

Written on
January 18th 2017 | Adotas

Innotech Capitals, an international private equity consortium group and the investment arm of Innotech International Group, has acquired Ad-Juster, accelerating the data aggregation platform’s access to global markets. San Diego-based Ad-Juster is used by digital publishers, ad agencies, ad networks and ad tech platforms to automate manual processes which are ... more...

The Right to Digital Sovereignty

Written on
January 17th 2017 | Michael Becker

What is your definition of ‘digital sovereignty’ and what is driving its relevance? A: I define ‘digital sovereignty’ as an individual’s authority and autonomy over the digital representation of themselves in society. Digital sovereignty should afford every individual a legal, commercial and human right to their personal information, their data, and ... more...

Tipalti Integrates With LinkTrust; FollowAnalytics Leverages Machine Learning & Predictive Intelligence; ironSource’s Fastest Growing Apps Report

Written on
January 16th 2017 | Adotas

New Partnership Simplifies Adtech Payments to Companies that Market Online. Tipalti, a supplier payments automation platform, announced an integration with LinkTrust, a digital marketing tracking solutions company. The integration helps their digital media clients manage payments made to their performance marketers, affiliate marketers, referral sales partners and publishers across the globe. By ... more...

VideoAmp & Immersv Bring Virtual Reality to Cross-Screen Ad Campaigns

Written on
January 12th 2017 | Adotas

VideoAmp & Immersv Partnership Provides 360 Video Inventory in Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets via the Immersv Virtual Reality Advertising Platform. VideoAmp, a video platform for the TV and video ecosystem, and Immersv, a virtual reality (VR) discovery and advertising platform, announced an agreement to connect Immersv’s VR/360 advertising platform with VideoAmp’s ... more...

Programmatic Advertising: Where’s It Headed?

Written on
January 10th 2017 | Daniel Surmacz

Top 3 Trends of Programmatic in 2017. Programmatic is a game-changing technology in the advertising industry. According to Zenith Optimedia Programmatic Marketing Forecasts, it will grow by an astounding 31% in 2017- and that’s faster than social media (25%) and online video (20%). At the same time, marketers using automation is ... more...

Social Native: Tapping the Gig Economy to Solve the Content Supply Problem

Written on
January 10th 2017 | Adotas

Social Native Redefines How Brands Create Content With The Power of Many. Social Native, a platform for creating content on demand has officially moved out of stealth mode by announcing their technology platform built to reimagine the antiquated creative process by tapping into the power of the gig economy. Social Native’s ... more...

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