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Four Steps to Ease Marketers into Programmatic Buying

Written on
October 7th 2014 | Or Shani

If you’re confused about all the commotion surrounding programmatic advertising, you’re not alone. ANA/Forrester found that only 23 percent of marketers in a recent survey had a good enough understanding of programmatic advertising to execute campaigns. Yet Magna Global projects worldwide programmatic ad spending to reach $32.6 billion by 2017. ... more...

Four Reasons for Brands to Grab an Ice Bucket

Written on
October 6th 2014 | Peter Friedman

If there was any doubt that creative social media campaigns could effectively move people to action and funnel attention and donations toward a good cause, the incredible success of the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge erased it. For social media practitioners who support brands, it’s a great reminder that by turning ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: September 29th – October 3rd

Written on
October 3rd 2014 | Sizmek

As the glitz of Advertising Week NYC comes to a close and Oktoberfest kicks off, we thought we’d showcase a little campaign glamour of our own. This week’s ad picks represent icons of fashion, fragrance and luxury automobiles from around the globe. Country: Germany Advertiser: De Fragrance & Beauty Media Agency: ... more...

The Hidden Meaning of Facebook’s Ad Relevance Policy

Written on
October 2nd 2014 | Shekhar Deo

Facebook recently unveiled a new policy that asks users to assess which ads they like or dislike, in an effort to serve up more compelling ads. On the surface, this change makes perfect sense as a way for Facebook to please its users and thus expand its advertising empire. Yet the ... more...

Seven Surefire Strategies to Retain Your Clients

Written on
October 1st 2014 | Dave Currie

It took weeks (if not months) to land that important client. You did your research, circled the company until you found a point of entry, and made the call. Then, of course, the “selling” started. You got to know the company, its goals, and its pain points — all while ... more...

The Best Presentation Software: Keynote vs. PowerPoint

Written on
September 30th 2014 | Robert Cordray

When many people have to create a presentation, their primary option is usually Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether the presentation is required for work or for school, PowerPoint is the most popular option. However, over the past few years, competition has increased dramatically. Currently, data visualization and innovation are growing aspects of professional ... more...

Billboard and CLIO Rank Music’s Top Commercials

Written on
September 29th 2014 | Adotas

Today, CLIO Music and Billboard present three exclusive song charts that rank the impact of advertisements on song popularity, powered by Shazam. The charts will be celebrated at the 55th annual CLIO Awards on October 1. Singer Aloe Blacc, who tops the Breakthrough chart with “The Man” for Beats by Dr. ... more...

How One-Touch Payment May Solve Retail’s Mobile Challenge

Written on
September 29th 2014 | Bryan Finke

PayPal recently released a one-touch payment method that aims to make the checkout process simple on mobile devices. The e-commerce company is one of many to attempt to tackle the mobile commerce problem. Despite solutions like this, mobile shopping has yet to hit a critical mass. Consumer frustration is to ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: September 22nd – September 26th

Written on
September 26th 2014 | Sizmek

Motorbiking across ice floes, saving humanity from self-destruction, flying bullets and fiery explosions – there’s a lot of adrenalin pumping through our super-creative, super-interactive ads this week. After the high-speed intensity of our ad picks from NBC, CW and Hero, you’ll probably want to curl up with a McDonald’s muffin ... more...

Behavioral Optimization: The Next Step in Performance Display Advertising

Written on
September 26th 2014 | Lewis Tong

Behavioral optimization is the logical extension of behavioral targeting, which itself was an evolution of a practice initiated from direct mail. As behavioral targeting became more sophisticated online, it became possible to build audience models to understand the value of online behaviors for specific advertisers, but the application of these ... more...

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