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How Fallout Shelter Schooled App Marketers on Native, In-App Experiences

Written on
April 26th 2016 | Cara Scharf

The mobile industry is in a race to develop technologies and techniques that will deliver a new generation of native, in-app experiences, with millennials and Gen Z’ers as prize targets. Using fresh, first-person data from in-app behavioral signals to create experience-enhancing content and calls to action is where the magic ... more...

Interaction 2016: Online Consumer Behavior Globally

Written on
April 25th 2016 | Adotas

Insights from 45 Markets Reveal Opportunities and Challenges for Reaching 2.3B Online Consumers. GroupM, a media investment group, has published Interaction 2016, an annual report offering insights into digital advertising globally. It covers consumer behaviors, technology and marketplace trends, as well as figures on the number of consumers online, the amount ... more...

Up Close & Personalized: How, Why, When, Who

Written on
April 22nd 2016 | Adotas

An Adotas Q&A with Dynamic Yield CEO Liad Agmon explores the increasing emphasis on personaliztion in online marketing and where it’s headed…and where it should not go. Q: How has “personalization” changed in recent years? A: Personalization — that is, intelligently leveraging consumer data to suit each visitor’s unique needs and ... more...

You Can Achieve 100% Viewability on Mobile–Really!

Written on
April 21st 2016 | Adotas

Frederic Joseph, CEO of US S4M (Success for Mobile) and Global COO, S4M, explores the possibility that attaining 100% viewability on mobile can become an industry standard. Q: How is 100% mobile viewablity possible and why is it important? A: 100% viewability on mobile is reachable when you can asses that 100% ... more...

Music Streaming & Ad Revenue: Downloads, Battles, Growth & More

Written on
April 20th 2016 | Peter Koeppel

Last month, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that streaming music had finally overcome digital downloads in revenue production. Streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music now represent over $2 billion in income for record labels and artists, a number that has been steadily growing for the ... more...

U.S. Paid Search Spend Sees First Drop in Six Years: IgnitionOne’s Q1 2016 Digital Marketing Report

Written on
April 19th 2016 | Will Margiloff

U.S. Paid Search down 5%; Impressive Rise in Mobile Impressions; Facebook Dominating Programmatic Display. IgnitionOne, a global marketing cloud company, released its Q1 2016 Digital Marketing Report, demonstrating both steady trends and surprising changes in digital advertising metrics. Q1 marked a drop in U.S. paid search spend for the first time ... more...

Four Points to Consider When Refining Programmatic

Written on
April 18th 2016 | Vin Turk

Programmatic advertising takes the term “data driven” to a whole new level. While many advertisers are using first and third-party data to target their campaigns, they may not be leveraging their data to the fullest possible extent. It’s more than just putting the data into play – it’s really delving ... more...

Ads and App Monetization – Three Things You’re Still Doing Wrong!

Written on
April 15th 2016 | Aurelie Guerrieri

Do you feel like you have app monetization under control? Or is it that thing that keeps you up at night, a constant worry you might be doing it wrong, letting it eat up your time and resources as you blindly try to figure it out? Missed monetization opportunities ... more...

Balancing Your Customer Revenue Mix Can Make You a Rocket – or Leave You Running in Place

Written on
April 14th 2016 | Shauli Rozen

CMOs in customer-centric organizations are at the heart of driving company growth. They act as the voice of the customer and need to make sure investment is directed at growing the customer base, while keeping existing customers happy and engaged. Investment, however, is a zero-sum game, and the reality of ... more...

Mobile Marketers: What To Keep In Mind When Expanding In Emerging Markets

Written on
April 13th 2016 | Marco Veremis

According to the GSMA, smartphone penetration will reach 65 percent globally by 2020 and much of this adoption will take place in emerging markets such as India, Brazil and parts of Africa. Knowing this, brands need to be aware of how to engage with potential customers in markets where consumers ... more...

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