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Are Users Disabling Your Push Notifications? Here’s the Fix

Written on
June 5th 2015 | Laxman Sankaran

Have you ever gotten a text or an email from a friend letting you know that those shoes you’ve been eying for weeks finally went on sale? It’s a great feeling to know that you have people looking out for you and helping you take advantage of promotions on the ... more...

Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week June 1st- 5th

Written on
June 5th 2015 | Sizmek

What makes an ad impossible to ignore? A smart combination of format and eye candy. Each of this week’s ads has the combo down – pairing cool expandable units with riveting imagery ranging from shapeshifting cyborgs to easy-on-the-eyes supermodels. _________________________________________________________________________ Campaign Name: Terminator Genisys Country: ... more...

The New Media Buying Formula: Upfront + Programmatic

Written on
June 4th 2015 | Kathy Leake

How marrying the longer term buy and real-time executions can work for a brand. As the tenor of this year’s Upfronts has made clear, the media marketplace has evolved dramatically and the inventory landscape is shifting. As a result, the way we plan for our clients and our brands is ... more...

Viewability Plus Intent = Genuine Value

Written on
June 3rd 2015 | Dennis Syracuse

The search for more and more data about our customers was the ad-tech industry’s primary focus for many years, but these days, data quantity is not our problem; that was last year’s buzzword and has become this years “issue.” Now it’s time to figure out how to ensure the quality ... more...

Why Marketing Technologists Should Think Beyond Technology

Written on
June 2nd 2015 | Matt Feodoroff

All too often, the success of content marketing is measured in its metrics. How many social shares did this article get? How many visitors did this booth attract? How many clicks did this native advertisement generate? In the rush to justify digital advertising budgets, the human reaction to content marketing ... more...

Do You Have the Right Touch?

Written on
May 31st 2015 | Jie Cheng

Why the Right Touch Should Rule over First or Last – and why every touch point is the right touch. Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff recounts the story of America’s first astronauts, exploring the mental and physical traits required of the “Mercury Seven” in the early years of the space program. ... more...

Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week May 25th – 29th

Written on
May 29th 2015 | Sizmek

Exiting a webpage entirely is asking a lot of a consumer. So these ads take a different path – showing just how immersive in-ad experiences can be! _________________________________________________________________________ Campaign Name: San Andreas Shakeover Country: UK Advertiser: WBRelease Media Agency: WB Pictures Intl ... more...

Crossing the App Gap

Written on
May 29th 2015 | Daniel Meehan

Google recently implemented two main changes to its search algorithm: For the mobile web, they instituted lower rankings for URLs that don’t adhere to Google’s mobile-ready guidelines. For apps, they started indexing for users who have the apps installed and are also signed in. That raises the question: Besides search, how ... more...

Programmatic TV: Why Agencies Should Start Watching & Investing

Written on
May 28th 2015 | John Holmes

Programmatic television is the future of advertising. By purchasing TV inventory programmatically, brands can pair the full-screen sight, sound and motion experience of television with the advanced audience segmentation that has for years made online advertising so attractive. Yet many agencies hesitate to start reaping these rewards. For some, the issue ... more...

Why Attribution is Key to Optimizing Marketing Budgets

Written on
May 27th 2015 | Deepa Sureka

What’s in your marketing toolkit? These days, brand marketers are under more pressure than ever to validate budget and demonstrate ROI. In fact, managers, directors, vice presidents, all the way up to CMOs of major corporations face these challenges everyday. How can marketing professionals defend spend while at the same ... more...

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