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Professional Referral Channels: The Future of B2B Lead Generation

Written on
April 4th 2014 | Dick Beedon

ADOTAS – There seems to be a consensus that referrals are the best form of leads. They close faster, buy more and stay longer. In fact, great sales people have been good at generating referrals for what seems like forever. Until recently, large corporations have struggled to figure out how ... more...

This Week’s 5 Best Video Ads: Nike, King’s College, Danish Tourism, Google, Snickers

Written on
April 4th 2014 | Unruly Media

ADOTAS – Danes get saucy on holiday, Google goes Pokemon for April Fools, and construction workers offer a pleasant surprise to female passersby. Yes, it’s just another week in AdLand. These are the ads that have been setting pulses racing this week. Enjoy! 5. Nike Football, “Risk Everything” All of a sudden, ... more...

Video Content Marketing and the Rise of OTT Distribution

Written on
April 3rd 2014 | Ben Chodor

ADOTAS – The explosion in interest around content marketing has permeated every type of content, including video. If your company is creating video content, from an educational series to the coverage of a one-off live event, you should think about the new channels that enable live distribution to the masses. ... more...

Marketers: Don’t Confuse Flash with Substance

Written on
April 3rd 2014 | Laurie McGrath

ADOTAS – Movie critics are a tough bunch. They rarely, if ever, are impressed with “movie magic” such as computer-generated imagery and gee-whiz special effects. In their minds, if the script is weak, no amount of technical prowess will save the film. So it is in the marketing world. Otherwise ... more...

The 3 Keys to Mobile Success: Creative, Relevancy, Attribution

Written on
April 3rd 2014 | Henry Li

ADOTAS – While many industry insiders have declared that 2014 is the year when mobile advertising will finally realize its potential, some marketers remain hesitant to adopt the medium as a primary tool for driving consumer engagement. Yet there’s reason to be optimistic about mobile’s future – a recent eMarketer report ... more...

OPINION: Viewability Challenges Remain for Moving TV Dollars to Digital

Written on
April 2nd 2014 | Sean Wagner

ADOTAS — On Monday,  the Media Ratings Council (MRC) announced that their advisory against buying media on “viewability” has been lifted. According to much of the subsequent industry discussion, the largest obstacles have been removed for brand advertisers moving TV dollars to digital. Now that advertisers can tell whether an ... more...

Today’s Burning Question: Reaction to the MRC’s Ad Viewability Decision

Written on
April 2nd 2014 | Mike Daly

ADOTAS — Earlier this week, the Media Rating Council (MRC) announced that it has lifted its advisory on Viewable Impressions for display advertising, giving a green light to the industry to begin transacting on the new metric for the first time. In collaboration with the IAB’s Emerging Innovations Task Force, ... more...

Cross-Screen Engagement: 3 Things Every Marketer Needs to Know

Written on
April 1st 2014 | George Burciaga

ADOTAS – Mobile has firmly established itself as an essential part of just about every marketing mix. However, while mobile represents an important piece of the marketing pie, it’s essential to remember that not everyone is fully on board with mobile yet. Just under half of all Americans still don’t ... more...

What Goes Around Comes Around in (1:1) Marketing, Too

Written on
March 31st 2014 | Mark Klein

ADOTAS – After years of dreaming and taking incremental steps, the technology and infrastructure are finally in place to help marketers treat their customers as individuals, just as Marshall Field did in his department store 125 years ago. Without the modern conveniences marketers use today (email, electronic media, and telemarketing), Field ... more...

Foursquare Checks In: Expands into Latin America, Unlocks New Markets

Written on
March 31st 2014 | Richard L. Tso

ADOTAS – Remember Foursquare, that scrappy company that made headlines when it first burst on the social scene, allowing consumers to check-in at locations around the globe before Facebook began offering similar features on its platform? With gamification elements that encourage social sharing and online conversations about the businesses and ... more...

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