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SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Announce Nominees

The South by Southwest Interactive Festival today announced the finalists for the 18th annual SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards, taking place the evening of March 17, 2015, on the sixth floor of the Hilton Austin Downtown. Previously called the SXSW Interactive Awards, the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards embraces ... more...

Why 2015 Is The Year For Mobile Advertising

Written on
January 26th 2015 | Chris Cagle

It’s that time of the year again. With 2014 behind us, we have come up with a few predictions for 2015 regarding the mobile advertising industry.  Mobile is continuing to disrupt the industry, and the most successful marketers in 2015 are the ones that will embrace what mobile has to offer, ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads Of The Week: January 19th – January 23rd

Written on
January 23rd 2015 | Sizmek

This week’s ads are mobile in more ways than one – featuring campaigns from around the world and showcasing an array of mobile ad formats and concepts. Turkish Airlines takes us globetrotting with celebrity athletes, BMW shows off its latest mobile innovation, Vodafone promotes the power of mobile advertising, and ... more...

What To Expect From Mobile Marketing in 2015

Written on
January 22nd 2015 | Matt Feodoroff

There is probably only one truism in digital marketing, and it’s that things change quickly. Just a few short years ago it was hard to be sure if mobile marketing would ever really catch on. Today, the notion that marketing doesn’t work on mobile sounds almost ... more...

Mega Collision of 15 Monster Trends in 2015

Written on
January 21st 2015 | Naseem Javed

No matter what your position, location, size of your operation, the following 15 trends starts to collide and open up amazing and instant opportunities for you. And yet, if you are not fully prepared to recognize and adjust accordingly, they will bite you like a big great white shark in ... more...

Education is 2015’s Unexpected Fraud Challenge

Written on
January 20th 2015 | Ian Wallin

Recently, Integral Ad Science surveyed members of the online advertising industry – including agencies, brands, DSPs, networks, publishers, and trading desks – to better understand their concerns for the year ahead. Not surprisingly, ad fraud topped the list. All agree that it’s a significant issue; ... more...

50 Shades of Influencer Pet Peeves

Written on
January 19th 2015 | Holly Pavlika

This year is going to be a big year for social influencers. While social shopper marketing is a relatively new industry, social influencers can bring new audiences, build brand loyalty and create great content that gives context to a brand. Often, their audiences are bigger than ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads Of The Week: January 12th – January 16th

Written on
January 16th 2015 | Sizmek

An array of perfect pairings ties together our delightfully creative ad picks this week. Whether consumers are looking for that perfect ring, the ideal automobile or a uniquely customized new year’s resolution, these ads create engaging experiences and positive associations for these four global brands. Country: North America Advertiser: Tiffany & ... more...

Understanding The Structure of Big Data

Written on
January 16th 2015 | David F. Giannetto

To identify the real value of an influencer (or similar complex questions), the entire organization must understand what data they can retrieve from social and mobile platforms, and what can be derived from big data. They must understand the structure of big data itself. Social platforms make a significant amount of ... more...

How Anyone Can Clean Up Their Email List in Six Easy Steps

Written on
January 14th 2015 | Robert Cordray

No matter what your overall digital marketing strategy is, you can’t undersell the importance of email marketing. And while there are a number of exceptional software programs that do amazing work, there’s always need for a human to get in there and clean up the email list once in a ... more...

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