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Why You Need to Get Ready for IPv6

Written on
August 25th 2014 | Joshua Bergeron

Remember all those dire warnings a few years back about the Internet running out of IP addresses? Experts said a connectivity crisis was looming unless companies quickly adopted IPv6, a new Internet protocol with a capacity of no less than 340 undecillion addresses. Today, the headlines on IPv6 have died down ... more...

Android Wear: Where Mobile is Headed

Written on
August 21st 2014 | Robert Cordray

Mobile technology is perpetually re-inventing itself. Beginning with smartphones, it scaled upward to encompass tablets and is now exploring form factors that include the best features of laptops and desktops. Wearable technology is yet another mostly unexplored niche, and Android Wear is set to bridge the gap between today’s offerings ... more...

What’s New With Facebook?

Written on
August 20th 2014 | Peter Koeppel

“This is a good quarter for us,” stated Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on a conference call with analysts recently, “But there’s still so much room to grow.” Evidence of it being a good quarter – and a good year – for the online media giant is clear. Its revenue rose 61% ... more...

The Myth of Flawed Retargeting

Written on
August 19th 2014 | Sam Barnett

A few days ago I read a piece entitled ‘Retargeting is Flawed; The Future is Pretargeting’, it suggested that the targeting of the future will be based on what we are about to do, not what we’ve just done. When this is widely used it will be a great addition ... more...

Automotive Ad Industry’s Challenge: Amplifying Long Form Native Ads

Written on
August 18th 2014 | Helen Mussard

One of the greatest native ads ever – voted as The Greatest Ad Of All Time in 1945 – ran just once, in an American bi-weekly magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, in 1915. Most closely fitting within the “advertorial” category of native advertising, but appearing before that term had ... more...

Wearables 2.0: The Key to Real-Time Personalized Healthcare

Written on
August 15th 2014 | Marylee George

The Wearables-era is coming…and it’s sure to be huge. How huge? The personal-wearable technology market is expected to exceed $6 billion by 2016. Increasingly, however, this growth will be driven not by consumer-demand for entertainment but the insatiable human need to control body and health. Start-ups such as Fitbit and Jawbone ... more...

Seven eCommerce Tips to Pass the Back to School Marketing Test

Written on
August 14th 2014 | Paras Chopra

It might seem early, but the back to school marketing blitz is already gearing up. There’s a reason it comes so early: some estimates suggest back to school season accounts for more than $72 billion in consumer spending. Backpacks, calculators, sneakers and staplers are on the list of must-haves for millions ... more...

Three Ways to Fight Fraud and Stop Wasting Money

Written on
August 13th 2014 | Gil Resh

Fraud is a plague spreading through the online advertising industry that is about as difficult to fight as online piracy – you can shut down one site and another will pop up in its place within seconds. Fraud is a pervasive problem because there is money to be made in ... more...

How Social Networks Could Help Brands (and make a lot of money in the process)

Written on
August 13th 2014 | Rick Liebling

As social networks like Twitter and Facebook evolve into advertising platforms, they also have a unique opportunity to help brands by providing them with information they can use to target a number of very important cohorts. In doing so, I believe they could increase their ad revenue as well, by ... more...

Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi, Talks Understanding Successful Content Branding

Written on
August 12th 2014 | Ken Willner

As Chief Executive Officer, Ken Willner leads an experienced team in the development and growth of Zumobi’s mobile media business. Prior to Zumobi, Ken was Vice President of Advertising and Media at AT&T Wireless, where he developed a number of innovative marketing programs to stimulate consumer adoption of mobile content ... more...

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