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How to Manage Mobile Latency

Written on
October 4th 2016 | Adotas

An Adotas Q&A with Kai Sung, CTO at Manage, explores the variables that impact mobile latency: ad size, connection speed, format, caching, server proximity and downstream click experience. Q: What are some of the challenges unique to mobile when it comes to ad viewability? A: While it’s taken for granted that consumers ... more...

If It Can’t Be Measured, It Can’t Be Improved: The Ongoing Case for Performance in Digital

Written on
September 29th 2016 | Mark Hassin

According to IAB, the share of performance-based advertising as a percentage of US online advertising revenues increased from 41 percent in 2005 to 66 percent in 2015. In performance-based campaigns, marketers must predefine key performance indicators (KPIs) based on customer goals, then plan media spend accordingly and design creative assets ... more...

What is value exchange and how is it an answer to ad blocking and fraud?

Written on
September 27th 2016 | Adotas

An Adotas Q&A with Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group, explores this way marketers may be able to cope with ad blocking and reduce fraud. Q: What is value exchange and how is it an answer to ad blocking and fraud? A: Value exchange advertising puts people in ... more...

Advertiser Perceptions Report: 2016 Upfront/NewFronts Have Renewed Influence On Advertiser Spending

Written on
September 26th 2016 | Randy Cohen

Advertiser Perceptions finds new priority on live presentations, heightened interest in where networks go next with content, data, and addressability. A new study by Advertiser Perceptions finds the 2016 Upfront/NewFronts presentations and supporting pre-event communications made a significantly greater impact on advertisers compared to 2015. One-third of advertisers are committing ... more...

Going Native: What Makes It Work, What Makes It Fail

Written on
September 22nd 2016 | Adotas

An Adotas Q&A with Bryan DeLuca, Director of Content and Publishing for IEEE GlobalSpec, explores native advertising, content creation, and the pitfalls and pinnacles of moving from traditional to native advertising. Q: What are the benefits and obstacles of traditional versus native advertising? A: Both of these platforms ... more...

3 Steps for Evaluating the Best Results Across Retargeters

Written on
September 20th 2016 | Daniel Surmacz

Performance-based solutions are on the rise across e-commerce marketers, and retargeting tools are driving up conversion volumes and bigger ROIs than ever. But how are results actually measured? It is simple when you’re using one tech provider, but gets a little complicated when you implement multiple retargeting strategy. In such ... more...

OOH! Out-of-Home and Mobile/Location-Based Marketing

Written on
September 16th 2016 | Adotas

Adotas explores the convergence of OOH (out of home) and mobile/location-based marketing in this Q&A with Mike Gamaroff, EVP of Channel Strategy at SITO Mobile. Q: Which is your favorite medium between mobile and outdoor? A: Neither. I have moved between both digital and outdoor; not only because ... more...

Revealing Untold Secrets for True Omnichannel Marketing

Written on
September 15th 2016 | Lisa Rapp

Okay, okay, I get it, it’s not always easy. True omnichannel marketing requires a top-down approach with a profound dedication to leveraging the best strategies and overseeing complex details to develop a personalized experience with your audience across every channel. It’s also true that many companies are divided into silos ... more...

Elevate Your Content Marketing with Better Design

Written on
September 14th 2016 | Matt Wellschlager

Many marketing departments, especially in the B2B world, are currently focusing their efforts on optimization and selling content ROI internally. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with either of those things. But this narrow focus does create a few issues. Why You Need To Change Your Marketing Focus The first issue is ... more...

Dmexco: Why Europe is Critical for Crossing the Chasm

Written on
September 12th 2016 | Chantelle S. White

For years, there has been a chasm in the digital marketing industry. On the one side sits the agencies who focus on the process of creating advertising, while on the other side – often far away – sits the ad tech vendors who develop the technology which powers much of ... more...

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