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The Best Presentation Software: Keynote vs. PowerPoint

Written on
September 30th 2014 | Robert Cordray

When many people have to create a presentation, their primary option is usually Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether the presentation is required for work or for school, PowerPoint is the most popular option. However, over the past few years, competition has increased dramatically. Currently, data visualization and innovation are growing aspects of professional ... more...

Billboard and CLIO Rank Music’s Top Commercials

Written on
September 29th 2014 | Adotas

Today, CLIO Music and Billboard present three exclusive song charts that rank the impact of advertisements on song popularity, powered by Shazam. The charts will be celebrated at the 55th annual CLIO Awards on October 1. Singer Aloe Blacc, who tops the Breakthrough chart with “The Man” for Beats by Dr. ... more...

How One-Touch Payment May Solve Retail’s Mobile Challenge

Written on
September 29th 2014 | Bryan Finke

PayPal recently released a one-touch payment method that aims to make the checkout process simple on mobile devices. The e-commerce company is one of many to attempt to tackle the mobile commerce problem. Despite solutions like this, mobile shopping has yet to hit a critical mass. Consumer frustration is to ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: September 22nd – September 26th

Written on
September 26th 2014 | Sizmek

Motorbiking across ice floes, saving humanity from self-destruction, flying bullets and fiery explosions – there’s a lot of adrenalin pumping through our super-creative, super-interactive ads this week. After the high-speed intensity of our ad picks from NBC, CW and Hero, you’ll probably want to curl up with a McDonald’s muffin ... more...

Behavioral Optimization: The Next Step in Performance Display Advertising

Written on
September 26th 2014 | Lewis Tong

Behavioral optimization is the logical extension of behavioral targeting, which itself was an evolution of a practice initiated from direct mail. As behavioral targeting became more sophisticated online, it became possible to build audience models to understand the value of online behaviors for specific advertisers, but the application of these ... more...

Why Marketers Should Look Beyond Borders, and How To Get There

Written on
September 25th 2014 | Heidi Lorenzen

The digital age has changed marketing forever, amplifying its reach and the voice of the customer. Opportunities presented by real-time data, marketing automation and identity management platforms have enabled marketers to shift from a campaign-centric to customer-centric view of their potential markets. Now as marketers look beyond borders for their next ... more...

How to Align Advertiser Goals With Publisher Pay

Written on
September 23rd 2014 | Harmon Lyons

Many marketers today are implementing attribution systems to help them determine which channels or publishers contribute to conversions. Attribution systems certainly go a long way in helping advertisers understand how best to spend their marketing dollars. But there’s a bit of a problem, and it’s worth thinking about. Attribution systems can ... more...

Three Ways David Can Beat Goliath Through Small Biz Content Marketing

Written on
September 23rd 2014 | Colby Horton

Small to midsize businesses and startups are strategically poised to take advantage of content marketing. Successful content marketing hinges on uniqueness, and independent companies should have an abundance of originality at their disposal. By nature, small businesses have less red tape and bureaucracy. They are nimble, agile and ripe for maneuvering ... more...

With Connected Devices, Is the Mobile Advertising Future Mobile Or Cross-Screen?

Written on
September 22nd 2014 | Jim Caruso

Brands’ interest in mobile advertising is increasing dramatically, but a mobile phone is far from the only connected device that a consumer encounters throughout his day. As the list of potential ad delivery mechanisms grows, brands are trying to figure out whether they should focus strictly on smartphones and tablets ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: September 15th – September 19th

Written on
September 19th 2014 | Sizmek

In rounding up this week’s ads of the week, we asked: how do marketers keep feature-rich ads from being just plain-old busy? These ads showcase super-interactive formats that let the creative shine! Country: United States Advertiser: Norwegian.com Media Agency: Visit Norway | Innovation Norway Creative Agency: Mister-H Publisher: Facebook Built Using: Sizmek Social Link to Ad: Click Here This ... more...

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