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The Age of Enlightenment Has Arrived for RTB

Written on
August 4th 2014 | Steve Yi

Data-driven targeting is old hat in many corners of the advertising world. Advertisers now draw on limitless forms of data to target the best consumer at the most opportune time and speak to them in the most appropriate way. Yet RTB has still not fully shaken off its dubious reputation ... more...

Multi-Screen Ad Unit by YuMe Powers Applebee’s Unified Video Campaign

Written on
August 1st 2014 | Richard L. Tso

YuMe, a digital video brand advertising technology company has just launched Ngage, an interactive ad unit that easily embeds interactive content around video ads. One of their premier customers Applebee’s used the Ngage ad unit to promote its “Flavors of Southwest” campaign with some pretty promising results – the campaign ... more...

Consumers Are Loyal to Only Five Brands According to New Study by Silverpop

Written on
July 31st 2014 | Richard L. Tso

Coke or Pepsi? Levis or 7s? Tide or OxyClean? Take quick a look at the items around your house. Do you prefer to only purchase a particular brand of detergent, soda or jeans? If you do, you’re not alone – new research by behavioral marketing company Silverpop (an IBM company) reveals ... more...

Marketers Should Not Push Aside The Small Details

Written on
July 30th 2014 | Shawn Myers

In today’s fast-paced marketing world, the data you have on customers’ preferences, habits and history is gold.  But, how much data should you keep and how much is feasible to leverage in your campaigns? Think about the old proverb about the nail. “For the want of a nail, the shoe ... more...

Implications of the Meeker Report: The Rising Role of Translation

Written on
July 29th 2014 | Nataly Kelly

At the end of May, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Internet expert Mary Meeker released her annual Internet trends report. As in years past, the report underscores the increasingly global nature of the Internet. Businesses now understand that by virtue of having a website that can be found by potential ... more...

B2B Marketing Needs More Domain Expertise

Written on
July 28th 2014 | Ben Maitland

There is another death in the industry. According to Russell Glass’s latest post, RIP, Mr. B2B Ad Campaign. He argues that the traditional B2B buyer’s journey is shifting to an ‘always-on,’ multi-channel strategy, describing how, “prospects search on Google, visit vendor websites, consult product review sites, engage on social media, consult ... more...

Bringing Order to Digital Marketing Data Chaos

Written on
July 25th 2014 | Tracy Hansen

Obtaining a single view of the customer has been at the core of marketers’ quests well before the Digital Era. The complete picture of the customer is critical to Marketing’s long-term success, better personalization and segmentation. However, siloed data sources, the ubiquity of mobile devices and the inability to correlate ... more...

Yahoo’s Next Move: How the Acquisition of Flurry Amps up Mobile Ad Play

Written on
July 24th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

Just on the heels of Yahoo’s lackluster Q2 earnings call last week, Re/code broke the news that Yahoo will be acquiring mobile analytics and ad marketplace company Flurry for as much as $1 billion although actual financial details have not been disclosed. This purchase coincides with Marissa Mayer’s vision to ... more...

Invest in Mobile Technologies for Increased Customer Loyalty

Written on
July 23rd 2014 | Joey Shevelson

More marketers and product professionals are placing increased importance on emotion in customer engagement strategies, with good reason. Writers and researchers like Dan Ariely of Duke University, Daniel Kahneman of Princeton, and Antonio Damasio, of the University of Southern California have reported findings that make research into human decision-making relevant ... more...

Want Greater Direct Mail Success? Use Big Data to Determine Your Ideal Target Audience

Written on
July 22nd 2014 | Robert Cordray

Digital marketing may be the new buzzword, but the undeniable fact is that direct mail marketing still works. And the better a business knows its potential clients and customers, the more successful the direct mail marketing campaign will be. The challenge is to dig down past the surface demographics to uncover ... more...

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