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CMO Council Study Finds Marketers Fail To Leverage Visual Content

Written on
August 6th 2015 | Adotas

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but, according to Liz Miller (pictured left), Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, marketers have not turned a strategic lens on optimizing the return from their visual media content investments. While 65 percent of senior marketing executives ... more...

Hotwire Reports: Marketers Need to Break Out of Silos

Written on
August 4th 2015 | Adotas

One campaign, many channels. Marketers are lectured to about this all the time, but is it actually happening? According to senior marketers the answer is no; 46% admit campaigns tend to run in isolation, while nearly a third (30%) say their campaigns are not designed for multichannel. Rebecca Honeyman, VP and ... more...

Want to Sell Globally? Why You Need Translation Management Software

Written on
August 4th 2015 | Judd Marcello

As a modern marketer, you’re likely already taking advantage of marketing automation and CRM software to help you understand your prospects and customers. You also probably have a content management system to generate and manage content, and email and social media technology for content distribution. Tools such as these give ... more...

Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week July 27th-31st

Written on
August 2nd 2015 | Sizmek

Vive la video! Our star ads this week all come from our French team who show us how to keep users engaged, informed and entertained with video and interactive features – without ever leaving the page. Campaign Name: Peugeot WebStore Interactive Video Country: France Advertiser: Peugeot Media Agency: ... more...

Q2 2015 State of Mobile Advertising: Opera Mediaworks’ Report

Written on
July 31st 2015 | Adotas

Quick Quiz: What is most people’s first app of the day? What’s the last? Answer: Social Media is the first “App of the Day;” Entertainment dominates evening hours. However…the app category with the highest loyalty, or frequent and consistent use, is news & information. That’s just part of the ... more...

Programmatic TV Ad Sales: It’s a Different World Than Digital Display & Video

Written on
July 30th 2015 | Adotas

Adotas talks with Shereta Williams, president of Videa, about the sometimes-confusing world of programmatic advertising sales on TV. Q: How does programmatic advertising for TV differ from video and digital display? A: Programmatic TV advertising is done through the automated buying and selling of linear TV ads that leverage audience data, ... more...

The True Impact of Flash Bashing

Written on
July 29th 2015 | Andy Kahl

Recently we wrote about the new feature in Google’s Chrome browser that will automatically pause Flash advertisements to save battery life. Since then, Facebook’s security chief called for the end-of-life for Flash, and Firefox temporarily blocked Flash completely, citing security concerns. We thought we’d more closely examine how blocking or ... more...

Don’t be Dated When it Comes to Data: 8 Types You Should Understand

Written on
July 28th 2015 | Diaz Nesamoney

Today, we have more data sources than ever before, so it’s critical for marketers to familiarize themselves with the ones that are most valuable and most relevant for their brand. Whether these terms are new to you, or you just need a quick refresher course, the list below is a ... more...

Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week July 20-24th

Written on
July 27th 2015 | Sizmek

This week, it’s video FX galore in our best-of lineup. These advertisers are using video in super-creative ways, to deliver product info, drive emotion and engage interaction. Enjoy the show! Campaign Name: Vodafone Smart 6 Country: Turkey Advertiser: Vodafone Media Agency: Mindshare Built Using: Ad Builder for Flash Link to ad: Dazzling ... more...

Brands and Retailers Are Searching, Searching: Who Will Find the Pot of Gold?

Written on
July 24th 2015 | Jonathan Opdyke

Q: What do the findings in Searchmetrics’ SEO Survival Guide/2014 Ranking Factors Study mean for brands and retailers looking to have an equal level of visibility outside of Google, Amazon or eBay and will there be a shift in visibility for these search players on mobile? A: The findings back up ... more...

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