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Five Ways Brands Can Prepare For a Successful Holiday Shopping Season Through Social Media

Written on
November 5th 2014 | Folke Lemaitre

If you have done any shopping during the months of November and December, then you’re all too familiar with the chaos that has come to define the holiday season in retail. And if you’re one of the many businesses trying to capitalize on the likely high sales volume, it’s vital ... more...

The Digital Ad Model is Broken But Strategic Creativity Can Fix It

Written on
November 4th 2014 | Troy Kelley

All successful advertising is comprised of two key components: a great creative concept and a powerful business solution.  These elements are inseparable.  In fact, if done correctly, it’s nearly impossible to determine where one ends and the other begins. And yet, at most agencies today, creative and strategic thinking are treated ... more...

Vidible’s Co-Founder Tim Mahlman Talks Challenges And Solutions In Video Advertising

Written on
November 3rd 2014 | Caroline Albanese

Tim Mahlman, the co-founder and president of Vidible, is directing a company with an expected 300% growth this year. Over the summer,  Vidible served over 2.5 billion video impressions in August and averages 3,000 videos ingested into the platform per day. The company currently houses over 250,000 videos in its system with ... more...

Airline Seats in 2015: Why Publishers Need to Pursue Dynamic Pricing in Video

Written on
November 3rd 2014 | Brian Stempeck

Look around at the seats the next time you fly. Chances are, you won’t see many empty ones. In part, that’s because airlines work hard to sell most of their inventory. But they don’t just do it by slashing prices. On the contrary, airlines today are flying mostly full planes ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 27th – October 31st

Written on
October 31st 2014 | Sizmek

Decision. Decisions. This week’s ads are all about giving users fun and engaging options right in the ad experience. Choose your soul mate razor, for example, or your perfect hair color, your favorite superhero or your preferred treat to dunk in a glass of milk. Sizmek ads make these kinds ... more...

Honda’s Double-Sided Story on YouTube Allows Users to Switch Between Perfectly Parallel Lives

Written on
October 30th 2014 | Adotas

­­ This may be the coolest ad you’ll see on YouTube today. Honda and Wieden + Kennedy London created the incredibly innovated “doubled-sided story” on Youtube to promote its two cars, the Civic and the Civic Type R.  The dual-sided story is three minutes long (six if you want them separated) and ... more...

How to Data Mash For Some Frighteningly Accurate Results

Written on
October 30th 2014 | Katrin Ribant

We’re entering what looks to be a promising holiday shopping season this year, and, as you can surely tell by looking in store windows, it’s starting earlier and earlier. Halloween, traditionally having served as a barometer for what might happen over Black Friday and Christmas, is growing in importance and ... more...

Five Things a DSP Should Look For In a Mobile Ad Exchange

Written on
October 29th 2014 | Simone Miller

In a market crowded with options, choosing a mobile ad exchange can be an overwhelming task. Integrating with a mobile ad exchange extracts significant resources from both the DSP and the exchange itself so it’s important to research an exchange’s available features—and determine their value to your organization—before committing that investment. ... more...

When It Comes to Premium, Publishers are Leaving Revenue and Performance to Chance

Written on
October 28th 2014 | Denise Colella

While Advertising optimization is typically the responsibility of ad operations, it is the underpinning of publishers’ entire businesses. Publishers that deliver to the goals of the advertiser maximize revenue from the campaign and instill loyalty, potentially leading to the investment of more media spend. And yet, many of these same ... more...

The Wrong Way to Describe the Difference between Apples and Orangutans

Written on
October 27th 2014 | Kurt Heinemann

‘What’s your mobile strategy’ is not the right question Lumping smartphones and tablets together in the same category is hazardous. Marketers need to stop thinking of these two as as twin siblings. Rather, we should consider them what they are: second cousins once removed. Yes, they belong to the extended mobile ... more...

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