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Yahoo’s Next Move: How the Acquisition of Flurry Amps up Mobile Ad Play

Written on
July 24th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

Just on the heels of Yahoo’s lackluster Q2 earnings call last week, Re/code broke the news that Yahoo will be acquiring mobile analytics and ad marketplace company Flurry for as much as $1 billion although actual financial details have not been disclosed. This purchase coincides with Marissa Mayer’s vision to ... more...

Invest in Mobile Technologies for Increased Customer Loyalty

Written on
July 23rd 2014 | Joey Shevelson

More marketers and product professionals are placing increased importance on emotion in customer engagement strategies, with good reason. Writers and researchers like Dan Ariely of Duke University, Daniel Kahneman of Princeton, and Antonio Damasio, of the University of Southern California have reported findings that make research into human decision-making relevant ... more...

Want Greater Direct Mail Success? Use Big Data to Determine Your Ideal Target Audience

Written on
July 22nd 2014 | Robert Cordray

Digital marketing may be the new buzzword, but the undeniable fact is that direct mail marketing still works. And the better a business knows its potential clients and customers, the more successful the direct mail marketing campaign will be. The challenge is to dig down past the surface demographics to uncover ... more...

Mobile Programmatic 101: The Potential (And Challenge) of Mobile

Written on
July 22nd 2014 | Richard L. Tso

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about programmatic advertising, how it doing for the ad world what the automated assembly line did for the automobile manufacturing industry. Last year when programmatic first burst on the scene, the IAB reported that approximately 20 percent of all digital advertising was sold by one ... more...

What is Mobile Ad Mediation and How Does it Work?

Written on
July 21st 2014 | Kathie Green

Most mobile publishers have more inventory than they can sell through one ad network or their direct sales team. To maximize fill rates and sell more of their inventory, most publishers work with multiple ad networks at the same time. Ad network performance can also vary for a given publisher, ... more...

Three Ways Advertisers Should Leverage Mobile Ad Networks

Written on
July 18th 2014 | Scott Kellstedt

Can ad networks really be ace players in the mobile space? While buyers and sellers alike are busy navigating the mobile ecosystem, mobile ad networks are facing a perception problem. As more vendors appear in the growing mobile space, mobile ad networks are often perceived to be there to simply fill ... more...

A Peek Into the Future: Where Programmatic TV is Headed

Written on
July 17th 2014 | Jason Burke

When Terry Kawaja speaks, the ad world listens—and for good reason. His insights lack preconceived notions and biases—assets in a potentially controversial piece like his latest on the Future of TV. Terry speaks of the current conversations happening in silos: Linear TV folks dismissing the relatively smaller ... more...

Data Visualization Can Unlock Digital’s Advertising Confusion

Written on
July 16th 2014 | Christopher Hansen

Which would you rather read: USA Today or the phone book?I’m going to bet nearly 100 percent of people would take the first choice and flip through the newspaper with colorful charts and graphs over a brick of monotonous listings. The paper is just easier to read and process. It’s ... more...

Mobile Ad Spend Will Surpass Print This Year as Overall Ad Market Hits $180 Billion

Written on
July 15th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

The mobile revolution is finally paying off for publishers and brands that have made investments in beefing up advertising on smartphones and tablets. According to a new report released by eMarketer, in 2014 the overall advertising market will increase by 5.3 percent to a staggering $180.12 billion, attributable to growth ... more...

Why Social Media Isn’t Dead

Written on
July 14th 2014 | Michael Fisher

Since social media’s inception, companies have adopted strategies to both reach their audience and increase sales. However, a recent Wall Street Journal article said that marketers are increasingly disillusioned about the connection between easy metrics, such as Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers, with sales. It’s an age-old struggle, but also ... more...

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