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Mobile Shopping Survey & “Devices and Demographics: Q4 2014″ from Fluent

Written on
February 26th 2015 | Adotas

Fluent conducted a survey of more than 5,000 American adults to discover how they used their smartphones over the last 12 months, find out whether they have embraced shopping on smartphones, and gain insight into how brands can improve their handheld shopping experiences. KEY FINDINGS: 1. More than half of respondents said they ... more...

Social Engagement: The New Ad Metric For Millennials

Written on
February 25th 2015 | Razmig Hovaghimian

In 2006, not-so-coincidentally the year that Twitter was invented, the Advertising Research Foundation defined engagement as “turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context.” We all know the brands we represent need to engage with their customer base – but we also need to be watching ... more...

Crossing the Channel Part 3: Ad Viewability as the New Currency

Written on
February 24th 2015 | Katrin Ribant

As you may recall, in our first installment of Crossing the Channel, we examined the display ecosystem from a bird’s-eye view. This time, we’ll take a deeper look into the world of ad viewability – an area of particular concern for our industry as of late. First, let’s address a question ... more...

The Value of Going Beyond Core Customer Targeting

Written on
February 23rd 2015 | By Pete Bishop ChoiceStream VP of Ad Operations

Brands know their audiences; there’s no contesting that. The services and products that they sell are designed in the very first place to meet the needs of a core customer group that is well defined by a few common attributes. While the most digital advertising campaigns often involve a very ... more...

Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Feb 16-20

Written on
February 20th 2015 | Sizmek

Get ready for an uprising! First, there’s the revolutionary ad for The Hunger Games-Part 1 Mockingjay. The entire campaign creates a user-generated rebellion that mimics the core themes from the film. Then, watch bad coaches break a few bats (and all the rules) and finally treat yourself or that special ... more...

Duke University Dukes It Out With Data on Mobile Advertising and More

Written on
February 19th 2015 | Adotas

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business surveyed 288 chief marketing officers and discovered that “companies under-utilize the marketing analytics that they’ve requested and have available for decision making.” According to Christine Moorman, a professor at the school of business and director of the research. “It’s clear that using marketing analytics ... more...

Ad Fraud Rates: The Real (Better) Story

Written on
February 18th 2015 | Kalia Doner

ComScore’s CEO, Serge Matta, offered some good news about online ad fraud rates in a revealing interview he gave to Beet.TV. Turns out the problem is already being remedied by premium publishers, and the trickle down effect is also in play.  Matta said in the interview that almost 80% ... more...

Facebook’s® Marketing Partnerships: BLiNQ Media Joins ‘Em & Likes ‘Em

Written on
February 17th 2015 | Adotas

The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program was created to help businesses scale their marketing efforts on Facebook. The structure gives partners one badge to signify that they meet or exceed Facebook partner standards. It also organizes partners based on specific areas of expertise: Ad Technology: Scale ... more...

Crossing the Channel Part 2: TV & Online Video

Written on
February 17th 2015 | Katrin Ribant

In our first “Crossing the Channel” article, we broke down the complexity of the Display ecosystem. Now we’ll look into the channels of video and television. More precisely, we’ll take a nuanced look at how marketers can design ways to measure performance across video and TV that includes other relevant ... more...

Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week for Feb. 9-13

Written on
February 13th 2015 | Adotas

In the entertainment industry, marketers are always looking to create a big splash or immersive experience that will draw audiences into their ads. This week’s campaigns show how it’s done! Whether you’re a movie lover, TV addict or a sports fanatic, these ads will leave you begging for more. ... more...

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