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Mobile Analytics Just Aren’t Good Enough

Written on
July 1st 2014 | Press Release

- by Slaven Radic, CEO of Tapstream It’s predicted that by 2017, there will be 4.4 billion app users worldwide and 200 billion app downloads.[1] This growth has hardly gone unnoticed, and today, most companies, regardless of the industry, have a mobile strategy to respond to the growing importance of mobile with ... more...

Mobile SEO: Optimizing in the App-Store

Written on
July 1st 2014 | Adotas

By Direct Agents SEO Analyst Alex Levin, and Junior Analyst Brendan Strauss As mobile internet usage is growing by 61% annually, virtually all smartphone users are now using their devices for search, and the once PC-based SEO has had to evolve into the mobile world (Cisco). Mobile SEO is gaining in ... more...

How to Maintain Transparency & Communication with Your Programmatic Vendor

Written on
June 27th 2014 | Bill Guild

ADOTAS (Last of 5 parts) — Have you ever been in a situation in life where you were faced with data, information, a graph – you name it – and you felt utterly and overwhelmingly confused? This brings us to Pain Point 5 in our series, which involves a lack ... more...

The War On Online Fraud: We’re In This Together

Written on
June 27th 2014 | Alec Greenberg

ADOTAS – Fraudulent traffic continues to be a major issue plaguing the online advertising business. And the reality is that every website gets bad traffic, even websites produced by the most legitimate publishers. At the 2014 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, our CEO Tom Phillips delivered a dramatic message to members ... more...

How to Reach Your Programmatic Media-Buying Goals Across All Channels

Written on
June 26th 2014 | Bill Guild

ADOTAS (4th of 5 parts) – Marketers and media planners who run programmatic campaigns across multiple channels may experience what I call the “non-transferable” pain point. When good display advertising performance does not transfer over to mobile, or mobile to video, there is an addressable reason for this. Either the ... more...

In The Big Leagues: AT&T Seeks DirecTV Merger to Decrease Costs, Compete with Google

Written on
June 26th 2014 | Peter Koeppel

ADOTAS – As you likely know by now, AT&T has reached an agreement with DirecTV to purchase the satellite content provider for a deal valued at $67.1 billion. Pending FCC, shareholder and local government approval, the deal would help AT&T make its mark on the video and TV business as ... more...

How to Extend Your Reach and Avoid Oversaturated Audiences

Written on
June 25th 2014 | Bill Guild

ADOTAS (3rd of 5 parts) – Consider this hypothetical scenario: A brand wants to increase product sales, so its agency sets up a conversion-focused campaign through programmatic media buying. Performance slows within a number of days, with conversions plateauing and then decreasing. Because the ad targeted consumers at a high ... more...

The 5 Most Common Misconceptions about Mobile Advertising

Written on
June 25th 2014 | Adam Foroughi

ADOTAS – It’s 2014. Surely brands are coming around to mobile, right? Maybe not. Although Mary Meeker’s latest report did find that mobile advertising grew 47% in the past year, many still believe in the misconceptions surrounding mobile advertising despite this strong outlook. Some aren’t sure how ads help drive mobile commerce, ... more...

How to Correct Inconsistent Results from Your Programmatic Media Buying

Written on
June 24th 2014 | Bill Guild

ADOTAS (2nd of 5 parts) – No one is perfect when they first set out to master a new skill. Programmatic advertising is no different. This is why I have set out to diagnose five common pain points associated with mastering programmatic real-time media buying.  In this post, the second ... more...

How To Stop Video Ad Fraud With Engagement

Written on
June 24th 2014 | Sid Bhatt

ADOTAS – With 25 percent of online ad revenue wasted on fraud and 36 percent of impressions derived from fake or bot sites, advertisers may feel there is little they can do to combat this troubling trend. It is clear that fraud continues to plague the advertising ecosystem. And, as ... more...

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