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Mobile Marketers: What To Keep In Mind When Expanding In Emerging Markets

Written on
April 13th 2016 | Marco Veremis

According to the GSMA, smartphone penetration will reach 65 percent globally by 2020 and much of this adoption will take place in emerging markets such as India, Brazil and parts of Africa. Knowing this, brands need to be aware of how to engage with potential customers in markets where consumers ... more...

Ad Blocking 360

Written on
April 12th 2016 | Adotas

An Adotas Q&A with Roy Rosenfeld, CEO, Stands, explores adblocking and the conflicting needs that publishers, advertisers, and users face. Q: What do you think is the main driver for ad-block adoption? A: Privacy and the user experience. Just try browsing the web for a week with an ad blocker and ... more...

When It Comes to Ad Blocking, Publishers Need to Consult Consumers

Written on
April 11th 2016 | Stephen Gill

Ad blocking has become a passionate topic across the industry, inspiring fiery keynotes from the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Randall Rothenberg and driving broader mainstream press explorations about what consumers’ increasingly loud actions mean about the future of digital publishing and advertising. Discussions to date have made general assumptions about why ... more...

2016 Marketing Signals Report: Can You Make Sense of Your Performance Measurements?

Written on
April 8th 2016 | Adotas

In early 2016, Origami Logic conducted an online survey investigating the ways today’s marketers quantify marketing signals and optimize marketing performance. The 2016 MARKETING SIGNALS SURVEY REPORT offers insight into the channels, optimization drivers, and measurement barriers that impact marketers most, along with the potential opportunities marketers may be missing. ... more...

To Offer Great Customer Experiences, Marketers Need Analytics

Written on
April 7th 2016 | Michael Jones

Consumers have never had more choices. Purchase paths have never been more complex. And customer expectations have never been so high. So marketers can no longer follow traditional strategies. A single shopper’s average purchase decision-making process now spans a 35-day period. It includes roughly nine visits to at least ... more...

SXSW: Has It Jumped the Shark?

Written on
April 6th 2016 | John McCarus

Before you think about planning for SXSW 2017, read these takeaways from John McCarus, Chief Strategy Officer, at Federated Media. Q: What were some of the biggest trends at SXSW Interactive this year? A: VR is actually here! Samsung drew major lines and encouraging reviews for their new entry-level headsets starting at ... more...

The 2015 Advertising Fraud Report from DataXu

Written on
April 5th 2016 | Adotas

New report reveals how advanced fraud protection protects advertisers’ budgets. DataXu, a provider of programmatic marketing software, released a full year of data around its 97% Fraud-Free Guarantee in the first installment of its Programmatic Quality Report Series, The 2015 Advertising Fraud Report. The company analyzed all campaigns run through its ... more...

Looking For Programmatic Everything in 2016? Keep Waiting

Written on
April 4th 2016 | Jeremy Ostermiller

Programmatic technology has revolutionized the digital ad world, to the point where many are expecting similar waves of change in the traditional media world. Programmatic tech and audience data models have the power to disrupt the print, radio, TV and out of home markets and also serve as a foundational ... more...

Three Reasons Audio Ignites the Advertising Mix

Written on
March 31st 2016 | Bret Kinsella

Let’s discuss audio as a marketing channel. Historically, its been referred to as radio; however, so much of it is now online that radio waves only figure into part of the equation. Internet radio, music streaming services, podcasts, navigation apps and digital assistants are all pushing audio content into more ... more...

Header Bidding: Don’t Believe the Hype

Written on
March 31st 2016 | Romain Job

Header bidding — also known as pre-bidding, advance bidding, holistic yield management and even “tagless integration” (even though it requires tags to function) — can be a great way for publishers to maximize the sale of unsold inventory left over from guaranteed campaigns and programmatic deals. However, publishers should not ... more...

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