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5 Ways Publishers Can Use Location Data

Written on
November 22nd 2016 | Antonio Tomarchio

Most publishers understand the promise of location data, yet many have struggled with the question of how to apply and monetize such data in their own businesses. The confusion is so pronounced that the IAB released guidelines earlier this year for buying and selling location data. The IAB’s reasoning was location-targeted ... more...

Audience Targeting: How Accurate…and Useful…Is Your Data?

Written on
November 21st 2016 | Adotas

Earlier this Fall, Telmar, which provides strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers, released Audience Effects, an advanced application that helps planners tap hidden audience segments that offer the greatest potential to enhance a brand’s performance. The system identifies the best audience segments ... more...

Text-To-Video Technology: Content & Ads Get Moving

Written on
November 17th 2016 | Adotas

Wise Data Media Launches Wise Content, Text-To-Video Technology That Transforms Story Telling Capabilities. Wise Data Media, a data-driven, cloud marketing and prediction management platform provider, announced the launch of Wise Content, a text-to-video technology that creates a new medium for information quickly and efficiently. This system delivers content that is fully ... more...

The Future of Advertising? How the IAB’s Dynamic Ads Standard Changes the Game

Written on
November 15th 2016 | Diaz Nesamoney

In recent years, programmatic media platforms have revolutionized the world of media buying and selling. Meanwhile the missing piece in the personalized digital advertising puzzle – programmatic and dynamic creative – has been evolving much more slowly. This is about to change. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently introduced a revolutionary ... more...

2016 Lead Scoring Survey Report from Demand Gen Report

Written on
November 10th 2016 | Adotas

Data-driven approaches to lead scoring are beginning to bear fruit, with the added benefit of better aligned marketing and sales teams. B2B organizations such as Extole are seeing big payoffs when it comes to aligning marketing and sales teams on the behaviors that matter to score leads. This, in turn, ... more...

The Power of Real-Time Conversation Data: Happy Holidays!

Written on
November 8th 2016 | Amit Avner

The classic challenge of brand advertising is to reach audiences at scale, when they’re paying attention. The stakes are always high, but the game gets much more intense every year around the holidays as more brands compete for a dwindling share of audience attention. Your marketing can gain an edge ... more...

Rubicon Project Flounders While Shops that Offer a Unified Solution for Ad Serving (Like Pubvantage) Take Off–Watch that header bidding!

Written on
November 3rd 2016 | Adotas

Rubicon Project, which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world, reported its results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2016. At the heart of the data was an acknowledgement of the struggles businesses like Rubicon Project are having in the face of competition from more agile ... more...

The Art of Nailing the Data RFP

Written on
November 1st 2016 | Mike Williams

One of the biggest trends this year is that marketers are deciding to take their programmatic operations in house. To paraphrase Ross Perot, this is a giant sucking sound that can be heard all across Madison Avenue. A survey this year by the Association of National Advertisers found that 31% ... more...

Using Competitor Data To Dust ‘Em: Insights From Hitwise Whitepaper

Written on
October 27th 2016 | Adotas

Last December Connexity acquired Hitwise, which records behavioral and media consumption patterns from 20 million websites and 500 million web searches. This is integrated with Connexity’s own data that tracks retail purchase behavior from over 100 million shoppers interacting with 175 million products. While in the past companies have been ... more...

Ad-Blockers: Let’s Call Them What They Are!

Written on
October 25th 2016 | Adotas

Q&A with Michael Korsunsky, Chief Marketing Officer, MGID Q: Why do you think ad blockers are so popular? A: The use of ad blocking software grew 41 percent last year, with 198 million active users worldwide, according to a study conducted by Adobe and PageFair. Frankly speaking, there is good reason for ... more...

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