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The Biggest Challenges in Programmatic Advertising

Written on
December 9th 2016 | Adotas

At the Digiday Programmatic Summit in Palm Beach, Florida, last month, attendees from agencies and brands were asked to jot down their biggest challenges in programmatic advertising. The mind map (below) lays out their major concerns. Among the big programmatic issues for brands and agencies are the number of vendors, ... more...

AI-Based, Self-Optimizing Consumer Marketing: Good for marketers, not for politics

Written on
December 8th 2016 | Pini Yakuel

The general elections are a lot like an A/B test. But…if life were an AI-driven self-optimizing campaign, everyone would end up happy. (The country as a whole? Not so much.) Maybe I’m overly obsessed with marketing, but I can’t shake the thought that the presidential elections are a lot like ... more...

It’s That Time of Year: A Mobile Ad Guide to Capturing Holiday Dollars

Written on
December 5th 2016 | Adotas

Adotas Special: By Richard Kosinski, President and Chief Revenue Officer of MediaBrix (pictured left). With the holidays fast approaching, two interesting reports highlighted the importance of having a sound mobile ad strategy this holiday season. Facebook reported that consumers continue to make more purchasing decisions on mobile during the holidays, ... more...

Ad Tech’s Next Steps: 7 Intriguing Predictions for 2017

Written on
December 1st 2016 | Adotas

Rob Jonas, SVP Revenue, at Factual (pictured below left) shared with Adotas his predictions about the ad tech industry for the coming year. Programmatic and its inexorable climb to 100 percent. Agencies are saying it openly now: “programmatic will be 100% of media buying in the next three years” and ... more...

Horizontal or Vertical? How branding value is amplified or compromised using different mobile video ad formats

Written on
November 29th 2016 | Adotas

In the world of digital advertising it can seem difficult to know which way is up! But a new study from MediaBrix, Neuro Research – Brand Receptivity in a Mobile Environment, reveals that user engagement is both amplified and more meaningful when the delivery method is a vertical and embedded ... more...

Performance Measurement: How you doin’?

Written on
November 23rd 2016 | Adotas

An Adotas Q&A with Traci Will, Senior Director of Media Sales Analytics at Gamut and CoxReps, part of Cox Media Group, explores the most important metrics on the digital landscape and how campaigns can increase their success rate by evaluating the right metrics from the get-go. Q: What role does data ... more...

5 Ways Publishers Can Use Location Data

Written on
November 22nd 2016 | Antonio Tomarchio

Most publishers understand the promise of location data, yet many have struggled with the question of how to apply and monetize such data in their own businesses. The confusion is so pronounced that the IAB released guidelines earlier this year for buying and selling location data. The IAB’s reasoning was location-targeted ... more...

Audience Targeting: How Accurate…and Useful…Is Your Data?

Written on
November 21st 2016 | Adotas

Earlier this Fall, Telmar, which provides strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers, released Audience Effects, an advanced application that helps planners tap hidden audience segments that offer the greatest potential to enhance a brand’s performance. The system identifies the best audience segments ... more...

Text-To-Video Technology: Content & Ads Get Moving

Written on
November 17th 2016 | Adotas

Wise Data Media Launches Wise Content, Text-To-Video Technology That Transforms Story Telling Capabilities. Wise Data Media, a data-driven, cloud marketing and prediction management platform provider, announced the launch of Wise Content, a text-to-video technology that creates a new medium for information quickly and efficiently. This system delivers content that is fully ... more...

The Future of Advertising? How the IAB’s Dynamic Ads Standard Changes the Game

Written on
November 15th 2016 | Diaz Nesamoney

In recent years, programmatic media platforms have revolutionized the world of media buying and selling. Meanwhile the missing piece in the personalized digital advertising puzzle – programmatic and dynamic creative – has been evolving much more slowly. This is about to change. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently introduced a revolutionary ... more...

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