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This Week’s Crystal Ball: The Future of Mobile

Written on
November 25th 2015 | Adotas

An Adotas Q&A with Marla Schimke, VP of Marketing at Zumobi, on the future of mobile. Q: What is the future of mobile apps? Will we seem them become more interactive, fade-out, gain speed, etc.? A: The future of mobile apps is the brightest it’s ever been. While there is still ... more...

A Marketer’s Guide to Evaluating Programmatic Partners

Written on
November 24th 2015 | Jona Mici

Programmatic ad buying has become an integral part of digital marketers’ media strategies. Marketers can pick from a bevy of vendors to execute their campaign components and goals. However, there are so many choices in the marketplace that knowing who to partner with and how to best leverage their capabilities ... more...

Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Nov. 16th-20th

Written on
November 23rd 2015 | Sizmek

Is it an ad or a mini-playground of content and engagement? This week’s celebrated campaigns take a no-holds-barred approach to rich media, combining multiple interactive and entertaining elements in ads that remain remarkably non-disruptive and sophisticated. ____________________________________________________________________________ Campaign Name: Audi A4 Runout 2015 Country: Australia Advertiser: ... more...

Talking Turkey: Mobile Shopping, Consumer Intent & Black Friday

Written on
November 20th 2015 | Adotas

Scott Shamberg, U.S. President, Performics, talks with Adotas about how to optimize this season’s retail revenue potential. Q: Mobile shopping is on the rise. How will this impact where consumers shop and what they purchase on Black Friday? A: Some analysts are predicting that mobile, for the first time, will drive the ... more...

3 Experts Talk about Holiday Marketing Strategies: Video, Email, More (and a great infographic)

Written on
November 19th 2015 | Adotas

Cyndi Knapic, Animoto Q: Why has video become even more important for businesses this holiday season? A: According to a Google Consumer Study, one in four shoppers (26%) say online videos are their go-to source for gift ideas, and 32% of shoppers say they plan to use online video more this year ... more...

AOL Has Assembled a Mobile Powerhouse – So What’s Next For Marketers?

Written on
November 18th 2015 | Tim Barnes

Summer is typically a slow time for the ad business, but AOL was busy these past few months, completing a burst of deals that saw it take over Microsoft’s display, video and mobile ad business, acquire the mobile ad network Millennial Media, and become acquired itself by Verizon. The deals involve ... more...

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: How to use them effectively

Written on
November 17th 2015 | Adotas

To help convert potential customers, Google has released Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), a way to re-engage consumers that previously clicked on a search or product listing ad. Rakuten Marketing says ’tis the season to use this tool to reach shoppers and sell product. Yuly Gonzalez, Senior ... more...

Why Mobile Publishers Should Deliver 100% Viewability

Written on
November 16th 2015 | Steve Wadsworth

Video ad viewability, or the right of video advertisers to only pay for ads that are actually viewed by consumers, has caused a lot of handwringing in digital media circles this year. While the standards for “viewability” continue to be debated, it is imperative for the future of the digital ... more...

Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week November 9th-13th

Written on
November 13th 2015 | Sizmek

Adventure, comedy or drama, this week’s ads celebrate the power of storytelling! Each of these winning ads contains a unique mood and narrative to get users intrigued and engaged. _________________________________________________________________________ Campaign Name: Fallout 4 Country: UK Advertiser: Bethesda Softworks Media Agency: Target Media Creative Agency: Superhero Publisher: IGN Built ... more...

5 Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls of Customer Intent Data

Written on
November 12th 2015 | Joshua Reynolds

The idea of “intent data” and “customer intent” is nothing new. As long as there have been marketers, they’ve been trying to decode when and why consumers choose to buy. Nevertheless, intent is suddenly in vogue. Everyone’s talking about it, from execs at industry powerhouses such as Google and Adobe to ... more...

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