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How CPG Brands Can Harness Personalization to Engage Consumers

Written on
September 19th 2017 | Diaz Nesamoney

I have recently spoken to many CMOs and Chief Digital Officers of CPG companies (our friends in the UK and elsewhere call them FMCG). They are fascinated by the concept of data-driven dynamic creative and personalization. After decades of blasting consumers with one size fits all messaging—not just on TV and ... more...

More Data, More Problems: Trust, Transparency & Targeting in 2017: Bazaarvoice + AdAge Report

Written on
September 14th 2017 | Adotas

A joint study from Bazaarvoice and Ad Age research shows that data sources, freshness and quality are unclear among both agency and brand-side marketers. Bazaarvoice, Inc., a provider of consumer-generated content (CGC), advertising, and personalization solutions, announced the results of “More Data, More Problems: Trust, Transparency & Targeting in ... more...

High impact units/HTML5 and IAB’s New Ad Portfolio

Written on
September 12th 2017 | Adotas

An ADOTAS Q&A with Christophe Menard (pictured left), General Manager of Sublime Skinz Inc (USA), explores the new IAB ad standards, the transition to HTML, and how that affects online publishers and advertisers. The IAB New Ad Portfolio replaces all the previous creative display guidelines for mobile and desktop – including ... more...

How the AI Revolution Leads to Innovation in the Ad World

Written on
September 7th 2017 | Adotas

AdYouLike is one of world’s largest artificial-intelligence-driven ad platforms. Adotas and General Manager U.S. and Chief Revenue Officer at ADYOULIKE Francis Turner (pictured left) sat down to discuss how artificial intelligence is changing the ad world. Q: What are your thoughts on the state of innovation within the adtech industry? A: ... more...

A Closer Look at Cross-Device Data: Deterministic vs Probabilistic

Written on
September 4th 2017 | Chris Miglino

As online users bounce from desktop to mobile, cross-device tracking is now more than ever a crucial component for any digital marketing strategy. But how can you accurately pinpoint where your audience is? That is where deterministic and probabilistic data comes in. Often used as the foundation for cross-device tracking, it ... more...

Optimizing Digital Marketing & Retargeting Investments: The CMO’s Test

Written on
August 31st 2017 | Andrew Fegley

The Merkle Digital Marketing Report was recently released. After reading the report, one data point in particular resonated with me: Google Paid Search Spend Up 23% in Q2 2017 So marketers have upped investment in paid search to drive website traffic. This trend doesn’t come as a surprise, since paid search ... more...

The Productivity Paradox of Programmatic: How to Thrive While Transforming

Written on
August 29th 2017 | Mike Driscoll

One of the more memorable characters in A&E’s Mad Men was not a man, but a room-sized IBM mainframe, installed at Sterling Cooper as a symbol of the computer age. The agency believed, as many firms did in the early 1970s, that information technology would revolutionize worker productivity. Yet as ... more...

Going Global: How Fintech Deals with Challenges and Opportunities

Written on
August 24th 2017 | Adotas

Recently Adotas caught up with Scott Galit is the CEO of Payoneer (pictured left), to discuss how fintech can help affiliates, publishers and advertisers master the challenges of the global online marketplace. Q: What are the global opportunities for affiliates, publishers and advertisers? And what role do ad networks play? A: For ... more...

Google, Facebook & The Domination of Digital Advertising

Written on
August 22nd 2017 | Peter Koeppel

There was no more obvious takeaway from recent second quarter 2017’s earnings reports than that Google and Facebook are giant players in the digital ad space—and are only getting bigger. Facebook trumpeted $9.3 billion in earnings during last quarter, an increase of 45 percent year over year, and Google’s parent ... more...

Focus on the Human Element to Fix Ad Fraud

Written on
August 17th 2017 | Marco Ricci

Recent headlines have forced advertisers and agencies to give ad verification a second look. With $16 billion set to be lost to fraud this year, it’s not surprising that marketers now want more reassurance that their digital media buys are actually being seen by their intended audience. While it’s long overdue ... more...

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