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They’re Here! SMS, Chatbots & a Halo of AI

Written on
March 23rd 2017 | Oisin Lunny

Marketing is one of the most fluid disciplines out there—why? Because it ebbs and flows along with customer preferences and current technology trends, both of which are constantly changing. Key traits of a good marketer include adaptability and flexibility, for this very reason. As we kick off the New Year ... more...

How Blockchain Will Affect Programmatic Advertising

Written on
March 21st 2017 | Shereta Williams

What is blockchain? This is a question that many executives involved with programmatic advertising may soon ask as blockchain emerges as a technology with the potential to be disruptive. Similarly to how programmatic is changing the way TV advertising is bought and sold, blockchain may revolutionize programmatic by opening it ... more...

The New Age of Transparency

Written on
March 16th 2017 | Adotas

Unified, a company offering business intelligence for social advertising, has released its latest report on social advertising transparency, The New Age of Transparency, which looks at the top data challenges facing social advertisers. “As the fastest-growing part of the paid marketing mix, social advertising is expected to accumulate an impressive 40 ... more...

How Foreign Advertisers Can Tap Into the Chinese Mobile Market

Written on
March 14th 2017 | Adotas

Adotas asked Yoni Eyal, General Manager of ironSource in China, to unravel the mysteries of that country’s mobile market. Q: How can mobile app companies and brands reach Chinese audiences? A: For foreign advertisers looking to penetrate the Chinese market, there are several key issues to be aware of: obviously ... more...

Mobile World Congress Recap

Written on
March 13th 2017 | Mandeep Mason

”The Next Element” is about making it happen. With over 100,000 people in attendance, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was once again bursting at the seams. The event ended, not so ironically, with the much-anticipated IPO of Snap Inc., the mobile-first ‘camera’ company boasting an impressive 160 million daily active users. ... more...

A Tech Marketer’s Guide to Surviving Digital Transformation

Written on
March 9th 2017 | Guy Blackden

Like it or not, digital transformation is happening, so keep your wits about you. New tech entrants are bringing solutions to market quickly. Smaller players are outmaneuvering legacy companies, which are acquiring startups to adapt. The increasing pace and scale of change creates significant challenges for tech marketers. Simultaneously, digital transformation is ... more...

Yahoo’s State of Native Report & Infographic

Written on
March 7th 2017 | Adotas

Leveraging data from more than 74.5 billion native ad impressions across its extensive network of more than 3,400 publisher properties, Yahoo’s The State of Native report provides marketers and advertisers with a unique look at the market and offers insights to help them get the most out of native. In ... more...

When does an influencer really have influence? Offline, more than you know

Written on
March 2nd 2017 | Kevin Knight

Why your most powerful influencers might not be online. A recent study reveals what all marketers already know: only four percent of consumers trust traditional advertising and marketers. Forward thinking marketers pivoted away from traditional methods, and many found an influencer network to work with, filled with individuals who possess all ... more...

TV ACR (Automatic Content Recognition): Do you recognize what it can do?

Written on
February 28th 2017 | Adotas

With TV ad spending totaling $70.60 billion in 2016, one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers is how to maximize the potential of their ads and get the best ROI. And with the influx of Smart TVs on the market that have this technology installed, ACR is gearing up ... more...

Video Header Bidding: What You Need to Know

Written on
February 23rd 2017 | George Levin

Q: Why is 2017 a major turning point in the “cure for header bidding,” with video leading the charge on the programmatic front? A: Video is the most valuable real estate on a publisher’s website. Premium video demand significantly exceeds supply. That means publishers who have this supply deserve the ... more...

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