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Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: November 17th – November 21st

Written on
November 21st 2014 | Sizmek

A new movie from DreamWorks, a new game from Ubisoft, and new tasty breads from McDonald’s – our ads of the week showcase of how big brands get the small details right. Check out how smart synchronization in these ads brings together animated components in clever and engaging ways. Country: France Advertiser: ... more...

2015 Will Be The Year of Big Data for B2B Marketers

Written on
November 20th 2014 | Erik Matlick

These days, to say that any kind of marketing discipline is “all about the data,” might be met with a resounding “duh!,” but in reality, we’re still getting our arms around what we can actually do with all the data that exists about our customers. Digital marketers in both the ... more...

Programmatic Advertising Surges Even as Challenges Remain

Written on
November 19th 2014 | Dax Hamman

That programmatic advertising is now a booming industry is no longer in dispute. Forrester and eMarketer both predict massive gains for programmatic in the years ahead. BI Intelligence, for its part, anticipates that digital media buying through real-time bidding platforms will rise to over $18.2 billion in 2018. The question is no longer whether programmatic will become ... more...

Video Syndication Then and Now: An Industry Legacy By Default

Written on
November 18th 2014 | Tim Mahlman

It’s 10 p.m. – do you know where your video content is? Traditional video syndication has left the web a veritable minefield for brands trying to find an audience for their videos. It’s an archaic practice in an age where a reputable video appearing on an inappropriate website (or next to ... more...

Russ Mann, Newly Named CMO at Nintex, Talks The Future of Digital Marketing

Written on
November 18th 2014 | Caroline Albanese

Nintex, the world leader in workflow automation, today announced that Russ Mann has joined the company as chief marketing officer. Mann will oversee Nintex’s strategic marketing, brand and demand initiatives as it continues to deliver its workflow automation platform to organizations worldwide. Mann’s appointment comes on the heels of the ... more...

Beyond the Unified Ad Buy: Why Digital Video and Linear TV Must Coexist

Written on
November 17th 2014 | Lorne Brown

With more TV buyers snapping up premium digital inventory, more dollars are shifting to digital, which is disrupting traditional ad sales operating models. Last week, Forrester predicted that digital ad sales will overtake TV for the first time in 2016. Convergence isn’t coming — for many, it’s already here. So, how ... more...

Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: November 10th – November 14th

Written on
November 14th 2014 | Sizmek

Consumers really take charge in this week’s standout ads, each of which delivers a highly interactive ad experience. Quiz McDonald’s about menu items and burger lore; become your favorite assassin, then sit back for the java of your choice brewed to order by Krups. And to think – we used ... more...

When it Comes to Google What’s Good to Know May Not Be Good for Me

Written on
November 14th 2014 | Doug Knepper

I thought to go back on a piece we published some time ago about Google’s ad own ad push entitled “Good to Know” from 2012. At the time they had some snappy ads on the train going into New York City. One is reproduced below.  It broadcasts the idea that Google is ... more...

Why Marketing Automation Fails (And What To Do About It)

Written on
November 12th 2014 | Hana Abaza

Marketing automation is the silver bullet. It will save your failing marketing program and “auto-magically” turn visitors into leads, and leads into customers. Or will it? Between 10 and 20 billion dollars are spent annually on email marketing and marketing automation tools. It seems B2B marketers have bought in with the intention ... more...

Josh Manion, Founder and CEO of Ensighten, Talks Tapping into the Minds of Consumers

Written on
November 11th 2014 | Caroline Albanese

Adobe’s latest announcement regarding Adobe Campaign’s integration in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which helps marketers retarget shoppers who abandon their online shopping carts, but the announcement poses an interesting question – is retargeting really effective, or should marketers be more focused on pre-targeting? While, retargeting is about retroactively reaching people who ... more...

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