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What You Need to Know About the Amended Yahoo / Microsoft Deal

Written on
April 17th 2015 | Adotas

Adotas is pleased to present a Q&A with adMarketplace’s President and Chief Operating Officer Adam Epstein about what the amended Yahoo/Microsoft deal means to online advertisers, ad networks, and publishers. Microsoft Corp and Yahoo have amended a 2009 search partnership. The result is that Yahoo now has more control over how ... more...

Viral Video Ads: What it takes to capture 18 million views

Written on
April 16th 2015 | Adotas

Every week Visible Measures compiles a viral video chart–and AdAge publishes it. Nothing could make it clearer that you have to tell a compelling story with can’t-take-my-eyes-off-it visuals if you are going to capture the nation’s–heck, the world’s–attention. Here are two that topped the chart this week. They are vivid ... more...

Why Viewability Insight Without Action is Futile

Written on
April 15th 2015 | Roger Williams

“Without knowledge action is useless, and knowledge without action is futile.*” In advertising, insight from viewability reports simply isn’t enough; businesses must use this knowledge proactively to deliver what advertisers need. The ability to create actionable data was identified as the most important factor for success in a study ... more...

Viral Video Champs: Who’s making ads that get all the attention?

Written on
April 15th 2015 | Adotas

If you want your online video ads to take flight, you have to tell a compelling story with can’t-take-my-eyes-off-it visuals. Here are three video ads that lit up screens recently. Visible Measures tallies the stats and AdAge releases the info. For a complete list click here. #1 Take It–from ... more...

Native Advertising Grows Up

Written on
April 14th 2015 | Matt Feodoroff

A recent report from MediaRadar revealed that, over the course of 2014, the amount of native ads purchased by brands rose significantly. By creating advertisements that closely resemble the content that viewers hope to consume, the goal is that the ad experience will be less disruptive and result in higher ... more...

Crossing the Channel Part 5: Web Analytics, Ad Servers, or Tag Management?

Written on
April 13th 2015 | Katrin Ribant

The last Crossing the Channel column discussed the framework for the collecting digital KPIs, highlighting Web analytics, ad servers and tag-management systems. Today we will look at each of those in greater depth, including the steps you should take as you implement each. Web Analytics at the Center Typically, companies will use ... more...

Sizmek Presents: Ads of the Week–April 6th -10th

Written on
April 10th 2015 | Sizmek

The creative teams behind this week’s ads really know how to turn motion into emotion using highly engaging video and animation. While sporty car scenes and a sweaty Vin Diesel pump up audience adrenalin, a garden of activity can enthrall and inspire. Next time you want to move your audience, move ... more...

Context is Everything: How to Counter AdBlock

Written on
April 9th 2015 | Todd Garland

Use of AdBlock and similar tools is increasing. AdBlock alone saw a 70% increase in adoption between June 2013 and June 2014. This growth is especially steep in Western countries, with over 28% of Americans reporting that they’ve installed the program. It indicates that consumers are telling advertisers something is ... more...

Hearing the Call: Creating a Mobile-Friendly Site

Written on
April 8th 2015 | Robert Cordray

Google’s Webmaster Tools have long provided webmasters with a blueprint for creating effective sites that rank highly in search engine results. When Google adds new tracking features, it’s a sign of something you should be looking for on your website. Mobile access to websites is becoming increasingly common as more ... more...

Social Login Trends Across the Web: Q1 2015

Written on
April 7th 2015 | Adotas

Jarain has released “Social Login Trends Across the Web: Q1 2015.” After more than 20 quarters of analyzing and reporting on the social login trends and tracking across their customers’ tens of thousands of web and mobile sites, Janrain found that last quarter’s data indicates Google+ might even up the ... more...

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