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The Ins & Outs Of Retargeting

Written on
February 9th 2016 | Peter Koeppel

Internet shoppers have become an increasingly difficult crowd to woo. It’s partially our faults, of course — they’re being shown so many messages that it can be hard for them to focus on any single one. Even so, online marketers can use the power of repetition to capture those ... more...

AppsFlyer: The State of App Marketing

Written on
February 8th 2016 | Adotas

AppsFlyer’s State of App Marketing report for the second half of 2015 takes a close look at data by operating system as well as by region, revealing differences in some of the daily behavior between iOS and Android users in different parts of the world… In today’s hyper-competitive mobile landscape, those ... more...

Regulatory Trends You Need to Keep on Your Radar

Written on
February 5th 2016 | Albert Luk

An Adotas.com Q&A with Albert Luk, VP of Operations and General Counsel of Jumbleberry, on the top regulatory trends that will shape the ever-changing advertising and marketing industries. Q: How will new regulations affect affiliate marketers in the upcoming months? A: Affiliate marketers should expect to be immersed in a new regulatory ... more...

Q&A: Why Digital Marketing Is Valuable to the Radio Industry

Written on
February 4th 2016 | Pat Higbie

Adotas Q&A with Pat Higbie, CEO and co-founder, XAPPmedia Q: Why do you believe digital marketing is valuable to the radio industry? A: Magna Global forecasts that digital advertising will generate more ad revenue in 2016 than any other media category—including television. And a majority of it will be mobile. Between 2016 ... more...

Worried About Ad Blocking? Get L.E.A.N., Not Mean

Written on
February 3rd 2016 | Diaz Nesamoney

The L.E.A.N. (Light, Encrypted, Ad-choice supported and Non-invasive) Ads initiative from IAB Tech Labs is perhaps the best attempt at solving the ad-blocking dilemma. How often have you gone to a Web site to see an ad block your view of the page, or waited patiently for a page to load ... more...

App Indexing: How to make your in-app content searchable

Written on
February 2nd 2016 | Marla Schimke

Until recently, in-app content has lived in a universe all its own—unseen by major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo! and therefore, unseen by many. Zumobi, a mobile content marketing platform, working with Google’s App Indexing was recently able to improve a major U.S. retailer/Fortune 500 company’s search ranking by ... more...

Breaking News: IAB Annual Leadership Meeting Highlights & Insights

Written on
January 29th 2016 | Jeremy Ostermiller

Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO, Altitude Digital and Manny Puentes, CTO, Altitude Digital provide an up close and insightful look at what’s been going on at the “IAB Annual Leadership Meeting: The Next $50 Billion”. ________________________________ Q: What’s the most common topic of conversation at IAB this week? What marketing challenge is on everyone’s ... more...

A Study in Brand Transformation–Interrupt Advertising Interrupted

Written on
January 29th 2016 | Adotas

Skyword’s A Study in Brand Transformation examines how marketers are handling the shift from interrupt advertising. The rapid decline of interrupt advertising has forced marketers to begin looking for other ways to reach and connect with consumers. Many brands are turning to sustained storytelling as the primary way to engage with ... more...

Kinetic Social’s Q4 Social Trends Report

Written on
January 28th 2016 | Adotas

Kinetic Social has released its Q4 2015 SOCIAL TRENDS REPORT, looking at spending and performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Q4 is an exciting time of year in the advertising space. The speed of work picks up significantly as brands clamor for share of wallet in the biggest consumer ... more...

Relax, Ad Blockers Won’t Kill Your Online Publishing Biz

Written on
January 27th 2016 | Tony DAnna

In the continuing discussion on the effects of ad blocking, here’s one more perspective on the issue. At a time when developers are releasing tools that allow consumers to block advertising, the opportunity to monetize content is becoming endangered. This new environment requires publishers to pivot to a new model and ... more...

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