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Five Things Agencies Should Look for When Choosing a Programmatic Solution

Written on
September 11th 2014 | Brian Stempeck

1. Look for Aligned Incentives: There is a healthy tension in any healthy marketplace where buyers want to buy for the lowest price, and sellers shoot for the highest. As agencies move into the programmatic waters, they may be tempted by the siren song of the “all-in-one” solution, or technology ... more...

New Facebook Right-Hand-Side Ads Prove Bigger is Better

Written on
September 11th 2014 | Sam Barnett

At the end of June Facebook started rolling out their new bigger right hand side (RHS) ad size boasting that, in their tests, it increased engagement by up to 3x. Up to 3x increase might be a bit generous but performance on US retail campaigns on RHS has definitely improved ... more...

iPhone 6 Has a Larger Screen For Better Video and NFC Integration

Written on
September 9th 2014 | Caroline Albanese

During their press conference, Apple announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, featuring two new models with stunning 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays, and with an all-new dramatically thin and seamless design. The larger screen is part of an ongoing trend of consumers spending more time interacting with media on ... more...

Digital Advertising for Political Campaigns: The Political Playground of Dynamic Creative

Written on
September 9th 2014 | Jaime Singson

Most political campaigns still infiltrate the TV airwaves with ads in the run-up to primaries and general elections. TV ads serve an important purpose, but there’s nothing that screams “old school” like a TV ad.  Political campaigners have fortunately converted to the power of digital advertising, and the online battlegrounds ... more...

The Common Sense Guidelines for Mobile Branding

Written on
September 8th 2014 | Joe Zahtila

Mobile advertising, particularly mobile banner advertising is often seen as a direct-response medium. However, experience and research demonstrate that the right approaches can help advertisers build their brands with mobile banner advertising. By the same token, the wrong practices can hurt one’s brand. In order to foster consumer attitudes toward your ... more...

The Future of Machine Intelligence in Mobile Advertising: Building Trust between Consumers and Their Mobile Devices

Written on
September 5th 2014 | Martin Rugfelt

According to a recent eMarketer report, global e-commerce sales are expected to increase this year by 20.1% to $1.5 trillion – a growth stemming from what the research is largely attributing to sales on mobile devices. While these numbers are hugely impressive, they do not come as a surprise — ... more...

How to Motivate, Maintain and Convert Internet Radio Listeners

Written on
September 4th 2014 | Pat Higbie

With U.S. mobile advertising spending expected to reach $17.7 billion in 2014 (source: eMarketer), the ability to effectively engage mobile users is becoming crucial. It’s one thing to serve impressions on mobile. It’s another to create two-way engagement that provides measurable benefits to advertisers. Thanks to digital audio services ranging from ... more...

Navigating the Labyrinth of Click Fraud and Mis-clicks: It’s all About Secondary Engagement

Written on
September 3rd 2014 | Dustin O'Dell

Click Fraud, clickbots, botnets, “Fat Fingers”, these are a few of the terms you will hear when you talk to skeptical brand managers about mobile advertising and the dreaded fraudulent activity and mis-clicks that can occur. Mis-clicks (fraudulent or incidental) are often part of the blame for keeping mobile budgets ... more...

Is Data the Holy Grail for Mobile Advertising?

Written on
September 1st 2014 | Ryan Kirk

Every second of the day mobile devices create copious amounts of actionable data for marketers. These data include call detail records, Short Message Service (SMS) data, and geo-location data. The volume of mobile data and the speed at which it is created continues to increase as the global population increases, ... more...

Taking the Next Step: Launching your mobile advertising campaign

Written on
August 29th 2014 | Jon Nolz

The increasing use of mobile devices, mobile web, advancement of network technologies, and multiple advertising platforms, creates new opportunities in the advertising market. Gartner expects global mobile advertising spending to reach $18 billion this year, up from the estimated $13.1 billion in 2013. By 2017 it’s projecting the market will ... more...

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