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Transparency–Not Yet Clear if It’s Here

Written on
June 27th 2017 | Adotas

Adotas asked Jason Beckerman, CEO and co-Founder, Unified; Henrik Busch, Blackwood Seven’s managing director and co-founder; and John Donahue, Sonobi’s chief product & marketing officer for their insights and predictions concerning transparency in media. Q: What, if anything, has changed over the course of the last year since the Association ... more...

Is Transparency the Answer to Achieving Accountable and Effective Marketing? The Answer May Surprise You

Written on
June 22nd 2017 | Dilip DaSilva

Recently, Proctor and Gamble called on the media buying and selling industry to get its act together and demanded transparency into the whole supply chain. When I buy Proctor and Gamble’s products, I don’t ask them for transparency into their supply chain. In fact, I buy their products knowing that ... more...

Portrait of an Ad Blocker

Written on
June 20th 2017 | Adotas

According to Kantar Media, connected adults who use ad blockers tend to skew male and are right smack in the young Millennial age group: Males are 28% more likely to have downloaded an ad-blocking app. Adults aged 18-24 are 109% more likely than average to use an ad blocker. Those ... more...

When Will The Google Future Be Here?

Written on
June 15th 2017 | Peter Koeppel

These days, companies like Google are actually working toward perfecting machine learning to apply to applications as varied as cars that can navigate themselves through traffic without errors and image recognition that’s accurate enough to locate an item within the image in a product catalog out on the Internet somewhere. ... more...

Winning the Iron Throne of Retargeting: How Competition Leads to Innovation

Written on
June 13th 2017 | Daniel Surmacz

Spoiler alert: This post is going heavy on Game of Thrones references. Why? Because the marketing world might as well be Westeros. Competition, treachery, and earning loyalty are all at the forefront of our industry. Competition is scary. There is always a risk that someone will do what we do faster ... more...

The Art & Practice of Data-Driven Storytelling: A Q&A with Andy Pocock

Written on
June 8th 2017 | Adotas

Adotas gets insights and answers from Andy Pocock (pictured left), SVP Strategic Business Development, Flashtalking, about the art and science of storytelling in advertising. arketing. How has storytelling changed and what role has data played in that change? A: Storytelling — the kind of storytelling used in advertising to move people one ... more...

The Data Relationship Makeover: What’s Mobile Got To Do With It?

Written on
June 6th 2017 | Stephan Schambach

“In a couple of years, retail will be a smartphone-only business. Seems like a radical statement, but look at the facts. The majority of online shopping is already done on mobile devices, and 79% of smartphone owners have specifically used apps to help with shopping. From progressive web to native ... more...

5 Ways to Get Better ROI

Written on
June 1st 2017 | Rex Briggs

Why read this article: This article will unpack why ROI is not a fixed, or, constant number. In the increasingly real-time marketing world, we need to understand the “message-level” ROI and other dynamics that can dramatically alter your ROI. Years ago, there was a person at Procter & Gamble who carried ... more...

Performance Marketing Goes Mainstream: What You Need to Know

Written on
May 30th 2017 | Jill Hara

It used to be that the terms “performance marketing” and “affiliate marketing” were interchangeable. Affiliate programs, after all, are the original pay-for-performance model, since affiliate publishing partners are paid a commission in exchange for driving impressions and conversions on behalf of an advertiser. But while affiliate advertisers may have been the ... more...

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tech–Time’s Up! Why there must be more women execs

Written on
May 25th 2017 | Deborah Kilpatrick

Q: Why is it important to have women executives in tech? A: It’s no secret that the tech industry is extremely male-dominated. And according to a recent Comparably survey, one in four women who work in the tech industry has been sexually harassed. These statistics should prove to be alarming, ... more...

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