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Three Marketing Lessons from Pokémon Go (and it’s not about AR)

Written on
July 26th 2016 | Anna Pratskevich

Like many middle schoolers in the 90s, today’s millennials are enraptured by Pokémon – but this time, it’s an augmented-reality iPhone and Android app that allows players to hunt down monsters in real-life locations, or “Pokéstops.” As with any digital distraction that takes over a generation, marketers inevitably strategize how ... more...

Mobile eCommerce: How It’s Changing the World

Written on
July 19th 2016 | Galia Reichenstein

Q: What trends has 2016 seen for eCommerce in the mobile space, and what do you expect for the remainder of the year? A: We’re seeing big brands invest in apps because apps are playing a critical role in eCommerce. It finally gives brands a platform where they can engage with ... more...

Iab Data Center of Excellence Issues Adaptable Data Maturity Model

Written on
July 12th 2016 | Adotas

New Data Sophistication Benchmark to Pave Way for Improvements. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Data Center of Excellence have released the IAB Data Maturity Model. This new benchmarking system enables brands, agencies, publishers, and data technology vendors to determine where they or their clients and prospects rank in data ... more...

Real-Time Bidding: Growing Stronger, Improving Programmatic Quality

Written on
July 7th 2016 | Erwin Plomp

Q: We’ve seen the adoption of real-time bidding (RTB) increase dramatically in recent years, where is there still room for growth? A: I would say that there’s still lots of room for growth in programmatic as a whole — which is more than just improvements or movement in RTB. A number ... more...

Ad-Blocking: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Written on
July 5th 2016 | Ari Brandt

Q: eMarketer says that more than 25% of internet users will block ads this year. These new numbers from eMarketer come a year after Apple announced the ability for users to block ads on iOS 9. How has the industry responded in the past year? A: One year later, I ... more...

State of In-App Spending: An AppsFlyer Report

Written on
June 30th 2016 | Adotas

New Report on Global In-App Spending Habits Finds That Asian Consumers Spend 40% More In Apps Than the Rest of the World. AppsFlyer, a global mobile marketing attribution analytics company, announced the results of its State of In-App Spending report, with details from in-app purchase (IAP) behaviors of more than 100 ... more...

Gen Z is Making Waves in the Tech World

Written on
June 28th 2016 | Laura Albert

Just as companies once wanted to know everything about Millennial consumers, some have already begun shifting gears and focusing much of their attention on Gen Z consumers. “So,” writes Laura Albert, Marketing Manager, CivicScience (pictured left), “we compared Millennial (18-34 year olds) and Generation Z (13-18 years old) consumers on ... more...

The Chatter on Snapchat

Written on
June 23rd 2016 | Peter Koeppel

There’s been a lot of talk—and a lot of speculation—about Snapchat’s next precarious steps in its rise to becoming a serious ad revenue-driven social media platform. Instead of prepping for an IPO and an influx of public funds, at least for now Snapchat is just looking to bring in serious ... more...

The Attribution Crystal Ball: How to Create Transparency for Your Ad Spend

Written on
June 17th 2016 | Patrick Hopf

Q: What are common attribution models and why did they become so widely used? A: The majority of attribution models can be split into two categories: single-touch or multi-touch. In a single-touch model, one specific ad event such as last-touch is attributed with 100% of the conversion value regardless of how ... more...

The Wearable Computer & Virtual/Augmented Reality: Game Changers for Marketers and Advertisers?

Written on
June 15th 2016 | Adotas

Virtual reality and augmented reality have captured the attention of Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft and Google, among others. Many are saying that VR and AR will be the next big platform and transform digital advertising. Mihir Shah, co-founder and CEO of Immersv, told Marketing Land,“We expect Q4 to be ... more...

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