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iPinYou Releases 2015 Report: Key Trends & Insights of Programmatic Advertising in China

Written on
March 27th 2015 | Adotas

iPinYou has released a 2015 Report: Key Trends & Insights of Programmatic Advertising in China. As the largest DSP in China, iPinYou has served over 3,000 clients in the past seven years. In 2014, iPinYou boasted a 52.8% market share in China in the programmatic buying space domain. Last ... more...

Warning: The Danger of Treating Online Content Like Offline

Written on
March 26th 2015 | Andrew Heckler

As we look around the web, we find that most digital media and content companies are treating the online experience in the exact same fashion as they have done offline. In the evolution of tech; first we had the phone, then fax, answering machines, voicemail, then e-mail, text, messaging, social ... more...

Publisher Trends: Letting Go of the Link

Written on
March 25th 2015 | Christian Jorg

Since the dawn of digital, publishers have been challenged to reinvent content strategies, and then reinvent them again, in order to stay competitive in the dynamic landscape. Throughout, the success of the publisher has centered around a consistent question: How does one drive more, longer visits to an online destination? ... more...

Adadyn Launches Platform to Open Programmatic to Mid-Size Advertisers

Written on
March 24th 2015 | Adotas

Ozone Media, a leading global advertising technology company, today announced the commencement of its rebranding as “Adadyn” to better reflect the launch of its new technology platform. Geared toward simplifying the marketing technology ecosystem for mid-size advertisers and agencies, Adadyn removes the barriers of entry into programmatic and works with all ... more...

Sizmek Presents: Ads of the Week March 16th-20th

Written on
March 23rd 2015 | Sizmek

Engagement is all about storytelling, they say. And this week’s ads cover all the genres. HBO presents a compelling montage of dramas, Ariston immerses us in cozy family life, and both KDDI and Paramount take the comic route, complete with unique formats and goofy characters. Creative like this guarantees a ... more...

The IAB Mobile Programmatic Playbook is Available

Written on
March 20th 2015 | Adotas

The IAB Mobile Programmatic Playbook is now available. This playbook, says Rob Kramer co-chair of the IAB’s Mobile Programmatic Buying Working Group and General Manager of Mobile at OpenX, is the first IAB programmatic document that covers all aspects that are unique to the mobile programmatic environment so that ... more...

ROI OF CUSTOMER IDENTITY MANAGEMENT: Personalized Engagement for Short- and Long-Term Gains

Written on
March 19th 2015 | Adotas

Janrain and the Altimeter Group issued a white paper, Marketing’s New Imperative: Customer Identity Management. Andrew Jones, former analyst for the Altimeter Group, has created a three-part series highlighting the main points in the paper. This is PART  TWO: ROI OF CUSTOMER IDENTITY MANAGEMENT Consolidating customer identity makes insights actionable across ... more...

Condé Nast Entertainment Partners with Rapt Media to Create Interactive Video Experiences

Written on
March 18th 2015 | Adotas

Rapt Media today announced an agreement that will enable Condé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ) to enhance both CNÉ’s original digital video programming as well as its advertising offerings. CNÉ is a division of Condé Nast that focuses on the development, production, and distribution of original television, feature film, and digital video ... more...

In-Image Advertising Increases Viewability Measurement Accuracy

Written on
March 17th 2015 | Gail Gardner

Nothing works as well as an image for attracting attention. SocialBakers study of 5000 brand pages showed that Photos Make Up 93% of The Most Engaging Posts on Facebook. Engagement increases conversions and turning images into in-image advertising offers unequaled opportunities for increased ROI. As Dennis Clerke, president of monetization, NetSeer ... more...

Sizmek Presents: Ads of the Week March 9th-13th

Written on
March 16th 2015 | Sizmek

What’s your hook for user engagement? Maybe it’s with gorgeous photography and a choice of tempting vehicles or eye-catching animation to create immediate intrigue? Perhaps it’s the relevance of providing real-time, localized pollen count in the banner creative? These smart ads offer great inspiration for your next campaign! Campaign Name: ... more...

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