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This Week’s Best Video Ads: Batman, World Cup, Unsung Heroes, World’s Toughest Job

Written on
April 18th 2014 | Unruly Media

ADOTAS – People are interviewed for a fake job, an unsung hero becomes the talk of the web and the U.S. embraces soccer. Yes, it’s just another crazy week in AdLand. But which ads have been setting the web alight over the last seven days? Which commercials have got everyone ... more...

Inside Beckon’s Latest $8 Million Round to Help Marketers Manage Big Data

Written on
April 17th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

ADOTAS – It’s pointless to fight the ad industry’s shift towards programmatic and data-driven marketing. The rise of algorithms and ad delivery automation has made it pretty darn alluring and easy to get highly-targeted digital campaigns up and running very quickly, all the while pumping out valuable metrics and data ... more...

Facebook vs. HasOffers, & Why the Mobile App Tracking Landscape Needs to be Disrupted

Written on
April 17th 2014 | Jose Reyes

ADOTAS — On April 15, HasOffers and Kontagent had to deal with more than just paying taxes: they’d also been forced to drop support for Facebook mobile ad tracking due to a violation of policy for retaining too much user data. This was a surprise to many in the industry ... more...

Has Google Grid View Killed the Subject Line?

Written on
April 16th 2014 | Matt Keiser

ADOTAS – Hallelujah! With the most recent improvement to Gmail, Google has done more than just introduce a new way for users to engage with the marketing messages that arrive in their inbox. They’ve made possible something that email marketers everywhere have only dared dream of: optimizing to the open in ... more...

Amazon.com: From Retail Powerhouse to Multimedia Monolith?

Written on
April 16th 2014 | Peter Koeppel

ADOTAS – Since its inception, Amazon.com has been known as one of the first highly successful, “big box” retailers online – and while it is still one of the “big boys,” times sure have changed. Fortunately, Amazon is taking steps to change with those times. With physical products like books, CDs ... more...

Three Decision Points on Programmatic Media Buying

Written on
April 15th 2014 | Bill Guild

ADOTAS — Many brands and agencies are wrestling with decisions about programmatic media buying: whether to do it, what to do, and when to do it. I frequently speak with people seeking guidance on this topic. Like Socrates, I usually avoid advising them one way or another. Neither “you should do ... more...

The Death of CPM

Written on
April 15th 2014 | Brian Barnum

ADOTAS – As the success of ad tech has continued to surge in the past year, one of the questions that has been on everyone’s mind is: Are the old metrics still working? In general, the consensus seems to be “no.” As user behavior changes, our understanding of how to measure ... more...

Today’s Burning Question: Key Takeaway from the New IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report?

Written on
April 14th 2014 | Mike Daly

ADOTAS — U.S. online ad revenue surpassed broadcast TV ad revenue for the first time in 2013, rising to $42.8 billion compared with broadcast’s $40.1 billion, according to the new IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report released last week. For Today’s Burning Question, we asked our community of industry thought leaders: “What’s your key ... more...

Mobile App Personalization Shifts Into High Gear

Written on
April 14th 2014 | Richard L. Tso

ADOTAS – Apps continue to rise in popularity. It seems as though there are apps for everything these days, from utility apps that help make people’s lives easier like Mint, which aggregates bank account balance; weather apps that incorporate social elements and crowdsourced reporting; and even ones that help users identify and ... more...

5 Tips for Improving Ad Engagement and Driving ROI

Written on
April 11th 2014 | Sid Bhatt

ADOTAS – Today’s consumers are multi-screen addicts. For example, they may begin a search on a smartphone, move to a desktop computer to gather more information and then finish the task on a tablet. According to a recent report by AdReaction, 41 percent of screen time is simultaneous usage of ... more...

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