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Altimeter Releases Study–From Web Traffic to Foot Traffic: How Brands and Retailers Can Leverage Digital Content to Power In-Store Sales

Written on
October 2nd 2015 | Adotas

A Q&A with analyst Rebecca Lieb and Jeff Fagel, CMO of Cofactor, on a new Altimeter Study: From Web Traffic to Foot Traffic: How Brands and Retailers Can Leverage Digital Content to Power In-Store Sales. Q: What companies provided information for this report? REBECCA LIEB (RL): From Web Traffic to ... more...

The Second Wave of Automation: What’s Up With Programmatic Ad Buys Now?

Written on
October 1st 2015 | Romain Job

Accounting for more than half of media buys online, programmatic has become the backbone of the digital advertising industry. Yet the largest part of the traded inventory remains the part of lowest quality. Many publishers remain reluctant to put their best asset into the programmatic machine. Some advertisers have started ... more...

How Artificial Intelligence Changed Digital Marketing Forever

Written on
September 30th 2015 | Manoj Ramnani

Think of the rise of Big Data as the “Big Bang” of digital marketing. Before it, digital marketing and its analog counterpart were the sums of gut feelings, psychology textbooks, and only a broad understanding of “what happened before.” Then, BANG! Online commerce arose…and there was more customer ... more...

Targeted TV in a Digital World

Written on
September 29th 2015 | Scott Stansfield

Ad-Tech is turning advertising on its ear, especially in TV. Everyone knows digital ad tech targets audiences and tracks online advertising; but now there’s TV ad tech and it’s changing the world of network and cable TV advertising by offering enhanced ways to measure an audience and to use targeting ... more...

Blocker’s Remorse

Written on
September 23rd 2015 | Adotas

As part of Adotas’ ongoing exploration of Online Advertising: Life After Mobile Ad Blocking, here’s a look at one blocker’s remorse. Marco Arment (pictured left), an iOS and Web developer, co-founder of Tumblr and creator of Instapaper, has pulled his newly launched ad-blocking app, Peace, from the AppStore, saying that ... more...

Instagram Blows the Doors Off Twitter

Written on
September 23rd 2015 | Adotas

Instagram, headed by CEO Kevin Systrom (pictured left), was bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. It now has more than 400 million users–100 million of them signing up in the past nine months. Twitter has just 316 million monthly active users and we bet it wishes it had ... more...

How Mid-Sized Merchants Can Harness the Potential of Big Data

Written on
September 22nd 2015 | Ken Burke

As the Web plays an ever more central role in shopping, more data than ever is available to help merchants deliver the relevant experiences that spur sales and foster brand loyalty. Analyzing and giving shape to that data – and turning it into actionable results – is the crucial next ... more...

Sizmek’s Picks: Ads of the Week Sept. 14th-18th

Written on
September 20th 2015 | Sizmek

This week’s ad picks show off multiple rich media approaches that align perfectly with each brand and ad message. We start with a superb example of “less is more” creative and build our way up to a hilariously “more is more” experience with the Minions. Enjoy! Campaign Name: ... more...

5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Advertising Online

Written on
September 18th 2015 | Robert Cordray

The world of e-commerce can be a cutthroat; it’s filled with hungry entrepreneurs aspiring to be the next dot-net billionaires and large existing brands that have unlimited resources devoted to squashing newcomers. If you want to one-up your competitors, avoiding even the smallest of marketing mistakes is essential. Here’s a ... more...

Q&A: Exploring the Marketing Power of Mobile Internet Radio

Written on
September 17th 2015 | Pat Higbie

Pat Higbie, CEO, XAPPmedia answers our questions about the surprising reach of Internet Radio Q: Marketers might not be aware that there more users of Internet radio than Facebook in the U.S. Why do you think has a greater reach? A: Audio is a universal entertainment media. From birth we are introduced ... more...

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