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Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week May 18th-22nd

Written on
May 21st 2015 | Sizmek

How will you spend your weekend? Whether you’re into cinema or TV, buying cars or racing them – these interactive ads offer up tempting ways to kill some of that free time. Campaign Name: The D Train Country: US Advertiser: IFC Films Media Agency: ... more...

Pixalate Releases Global Seller Trust Index

Written on
May 20th 2015 | Adotas

Pixalate, Inc.,the leading data intelligence platform, today released its April 2015 Global Seller Trust Index™– the rating standard for programmatic advertising. It includes the addition of Malware Risk Exposure™ and Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Verticals. These enhancements allow media buyers to objectively measure inventory quality and security risk of sellers. ... more...

IZEA Wizardry: Connecting social media content creators with the world’s biggest brands

Written on
May 19th 2015 | Adotas

Bringing social media content creators and leading brands together has been a challenge says IZEA founder and CEO Ted Murphy. “I wish I could say it’s been an easy path, but the reality is that it’s has been a long struggle to convince brands and agencies to let social media ... more...

Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week May 11th-15th

Written on
May 18th 2015 | Sizmek

The web is a noisy place, with every ad competing for attention against other ads, apps, and in-your-face content. These ads rock the challenge and rise above the noise using cool features, smart creative and gotta-try-that interactivity. Campaign Name: Citrix: Workspace Country: USA Advertiser: Citrix Media Agency: Y&R: ... more...

Data Leads the Way: 5 Steps to Individualize Your App

Written on
May 15th 2015 | Pierre Barbeau

When mobile marketers set out to build an app, they usually begin with feature functionality. Does the app work? Does it do all of the things we want it to do? However, once the app is in the hands of clients, marketers might be in for a rude awakening if ... more...

Will Digital Advertising Force Traditional Advertising to Find its New, True Mission?

Written on
May 14th 2015 | David F. Giannetto

The value of traditional advertising is under heavy siege. The maturation of the Internet, with its focus on banner ads and click-through rates, plus the trend towards personalization and companies’ use of social media as discounting and couponing platforms all but finished the job. But there’s one role that traditional ... more...

3 Fast Ways Mobile Ad Strategies Can Go Native

Written on
May 13th 2015 | Eddie de Guia

We tend to think of native advertising as it most often appears: in-stream social ad content or sponsored content in media publications. However, the emergence of native ads for any mobile app or website has made native a far-reaching and incredibly effective tool for advertisers. Native ads in apps and on ... more...

Programmatic Isn’t Set It and Forget It: 3 Major Misconceptions of Automated Guaranteed Ads

Written on
May 12th 2015 | Todd Garland

There’s no doubt that programmatic advertising’s star is rising. The industry, which didn’t really exist five years ago, is predicted to reach $20 billion by 2016. 2014 saw programmatic ad spend top $10 billion, taking its first real steps into the mainstream spotlight. As with any new and popular ... more...

Sizmek Picks: Ads of the Week May 4th – May 8th

Written on
May 11th 2015 | Sizmek

Been to the new Sizmek Showcase yet? Well, this week’s ad picks are a mini-tour, highlighting just four of the many features from our creative library. Whether it’s expandable video, sync ads, 3D cubes or weather targeting, there’s a cool feature out there to bring any idea to life. Campaign Name: ... more...

Hidden Threats to Measurement Neutrality in Digital Advertising

Written on
May 8th 2015 | Ephraim Bander

When the FCC approved new Net Neutrality rules earlier this year, it paved the way for a fully “open internet” and equality across content. But in the digital advertising world, neutrality—at least with respect to measurement and analytics—is a concept we’re still working on getting right. Currently, many so-called third-party ... more...

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