Steven Saus

Steven Saus is a writer and non-traditional student living in Dayton, Ohio. He enjoys making connections between his studies, life experiences, and other random events, which makes him either fascinating or excruciatingly boring at parties. He currently supports his family by injecting radioactive stuff into people, but only to serve the forces of good. Other works of his can be seen at, and he can be reached at

Keeping It Real: Customer Service As Interactive Advertising

Written on
November 6th 2007
  |   Steven Saus

The three days of waiting were finally over.  The oblong box lay diagonally on our porch.  Inside, the special-ordered frame for my wife’s new poster waited for her to unwrap and mount it in our living room wall.   I heard my wife sigh over the slam of my car door. She was already on the porch, examining the damage to the package and the twisted frame beneath.  This was not ... More...