Shekhar Deo

Shekhar Deo co-founded EngageClick with Manoj Rajshekar, a fellow student he met in the graduate engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University. The duo launched EngageClick in Palo Alto in 2012.

Shekhar has extensive product development experience in distributed systems, clustered systems, and data storage technologies from his prior roles at NetApp and Cisco. He received a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from VIT University in India, and an MS from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.

The Hidden Meaning of Facebook’s Ad Relevance Policy

Written on
October 2nd 2014
  |   Shekhar Deo

Facebook recently unveiled a new policy that asks users to assess which ads they like or dislike, in an effort to serve up more compelling ads. On the surface, this change makes perfect sense as a way for Facebook to please its users and thus expand its advertising empire. Yet the hidden message between the lines for advertisers should be crystal clear as well: Provide more targeted and captivating ads, or ... More...