Paul Cook

Paul Cook, CEO and founder of TagMan, is a marketing technologist and entrepreneur with over 13 years of online experience in tagging and campaign management. Following an early career in media sales, both online and offline, he founded one of the first companies to offer post-click/post-impression tracking solutions. Paul’s passion to make implementing new SaaS marketing solutions pain-free lead to TagMan, which he launched in 2007. Paul provides the commercial drive and technology vision for the company. Paul is based in TagMan, Inc.'s New York office.

Manage Your Site’s Tags for Better Business

Written on
December 9th 2011
  |   Paul Cook

ADOTAS – Managing a website’s tags — used for various campaigns such as web analytics, email, search, ad servers, online testing, behavioral targeting and social media — is a costly and complex affair. But most companies don’t realize just how much their business can be hurt by not properly implementing or managing those tags. What Are Tags? When it comes to tracking the effectiveness of campaigns, IT staff often has to add several tags to a ... More...