Nancy Hall

With over 14 years of interactive marketing experience, Nancy Hall is the vice president of platform services for ValueClick Media, leading the goCart retail advertising product. goCart blends data and online advertising tactics to effectively increase sales, ROI and average order value in addition to decreasing cart abandonment. Using data from thousands of campaigns across dozens of verticals, goCart provides retailers cross-campaign learnings and insights to make retail campaigns more effective.

Nancy is a noted speaker on retail advertising, most recently presenting at ad:tech San Francisco in April 2011.

Construing Consumer Motivation Through Data

Written on
June 29th 2011
  |   Nancy Hall

ADOTAS – In the offline world, when a customer walks into a store, an expert salesperson can size her up immediately — her clothes, accessories, cell phone and car keys are all indicators of her past purchases, interests and lifestyle choices. Armed with instantaneous info, the salesperson quickly determines the approach most likely to motivate that customer to action. The sort of personal, interactive contact between sales people and customers that ... More...