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Kevin Knight is Chief Marketing Officer of Experticity, which connects brands to the trusted experts who help people decide what to buy. Before joining Experticity, Kevin was global head of creative and brand strategy at Pinterest, leading the team that worked with top brands to craft successful Pinterest marketing strategies. Before joining Pinterest, Kevin worked at the Facebook Creative Shop in New York City, developing some of the most successful advertising campaigns on Facebook. He also used to work in marketing at Google and Microsoft and the Office of the Governor of Utah. Kevin earned his BA at the University of Utah and an MBA from MIT. He's a Salt Lake City native who now lives in Oakland, California with his wife and three kids.

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A Bold New Visual World: Why The Future of Advertising is Images

The popular idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” is no offhanded or inflated saying. Variations of this timeless and still-relevant concept date back to advertising copy from the early 1900s, and in some cases its origins are attributed to an unknown Japanese...