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Josh Lamb is the chief operating officer, co-founder, and executive producer of The Shadow Gang, a new breed of entertainment studio that creates original media experiences for partners in film, television, publishing, gaming and more, using ‘Galahad,’ the studio’s proprietary, turnkey story distribution platform. In just over a decade, Lamb has proven himself a true leader and business innovator, bringing a fresh vision and bold approach to operations management, business development, and marketing initiatives within industry-leading organizations: at Frito Lay, he built and drove new supply chains efficiencies, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of profit for the company; with Robert Half International, he grew new business by 150% over six months. In 2008, Lamb dumped the traditional business world and dove headlong into the uncharted digital realm with Chicago-based interactive ad agency, Manifest Digital. It was at Manifest that Lamb forecast the death of old business models and first begin developing a whole new, innovate approach for the digital space, through cultivating engaged audiences, which in turn would attract content providers, brand partnerships and new and diverse revenue opportunities. By 2009, Lamb had joined CEO Alex LeMay in co-founding The Shadow Gang, where he and LeMay crafted the core business model and sales strategy around the studio’s groundbreaking and successful ‘GoBZRK’ transmedia experience, as well as their cutting edge story distribution platform, Galahad. Lamb continues to spearhead all TSG core business development, operations and investor relations, and has established strong connections in the Publishing, Talent, Television, and Motion Picture industries, leading to strategic partnerships with media distributors and major brands.

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