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Joe Kuchta serves as Chief Client Officer of Sandbox Group LLC and served as its Principal. Mr. Kuchta serves as the Chief Executive Officer of GA Communication Group (Goble & Associates, Inc.) and served as its President since 2000. Mr. Kuchta served as Goble's Creative Director. Nearly 10 years ago, he left Corbett Health Connect as Group Creative Director (after having launched Cozaar & Hyzaar…& working on such brands as Augmentin, Depakote & Ultane). He is an expert strategist with a creative flair. He served as an Advertising Manager at Abbott Laboratories, responsible for launching a multitude of products into the diagnostics arena. His hands-on contributor to all business, marketing & creative strategies. His sharp ability to cut through the clutter to core market & creative issues makes him a superb partner & invaluable mentor. He has been a Director of Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization since January 2010. Mr. Kuchta is a full-fledged Second City improv graduate.

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