John Philpin CEO of Lyris

John Philpin has responsibility for Lyris’ global leadership, business execution, and driving the company’s growth.. Philpin was most recently senior vice president of Engineering at Lyris, leading the design and development of The Lyris’ digital marketing platform to deliver value and meet the highest performance standards for customers worldwide. A British national and U.S. resident, he brings a wealth of experience in business transformation, software, and technology to Lyris, spanning large enterprises including Citibank, General Electric, and Oracle, as well as early-stage technology companies, small businesses, consulting organizations, and governments. Philpin’s ultimate passion is the customer and considers this focus to be core to success. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of East Anglia, UK. - See more at:

Publishing Is Dead? Long Live Publishing!

Written on
February 23rd 2015
  |   John Philpin CEO of Lyris

To misquote Mark Twain “The reports of the death of music have been greatly exaggerated.” For 20 years - long before the iPod came along – there has been a meme circulating on the Internet that ‘music is dead’. Yet music is not just surviving – it is thriving. •   True – HOW we listen to and absorb music has radically changed. •   True – HOW artists make money out of their music ... More...