Jeff Seacrist

Jeff Seacrist is VP of Product Strategy at Webtrends. He is s responsible for ensuring that Webtrends solutions effectively meet our client's ever-evolving digital marketing needs. An early pioneer and recognized leader in web analytics, Jeff joined Webtrends in 2000, launching one of the industry's first SaaS solutions for digital intelligence.

Big Data In 2014: The Year That Fuels Actionability For Marketers

Written on
January 20th 2014
  |   Jeff Seacrist

ADOTAS — Big data isn’t a new concept for marketers. Companies collect and store massive amounts of data every day – often more than they need or know what to do with. But as the data continues to grow, marketers are still searching for new ways to collect the right data, gather insights and take action – all within a very short window of opportunity to engage a prospect or ... More...