Jay Miletsky

Jay Miletsky is the CEO and founder of MyPod Studios, an online video network that servers as a gated community of pre-screened, pre-approved content across numerous categories of interest. He is responsible for MyPod's strategic growth and creative direction, with plans to introduce new networks and expand it's considerable reach. An online marketing veteran with over 18 years experience, Jay was previously the CEO and founder of Mango Marketing, developing branding strategies for a diverse set of clients including the NBA, Hershey's, JVC, Kraft and others.

Jay is a published author of 10 globally distributed books, published by both Pearson Education and Cengage Learning. His titles include "Perspectives on Marketing," "Perspectives on Branding" and a widely adopted college textbook titled "Principles of Internet Marketing." He has further been quoted and listed as a contributing author in numerous other titles.

A frequent seminar speaker and university lecturer, Jay has recently developed the course selection for a Certificate program in Online and Social Media Marketing for Pratt Institute, where he has joined the faculty as an adjunct professor.

The Advertising Value of the Video “Gated Community”

Written on
March 15th 2012
  |   Jay Miletsky

ADOTAS - Over the years I’ve gotten very used to getting my news online, mostly by my daily visit to NYPost.com. The site is great – I can read today’s stories, go back into the archives, follow links to other news on other sites – all in all, it’s a great resource. But it was a recent delay at an airport that made me see what I was missing. My ... More...