Graham Clark and Max Fresen

Graham Clark, Director CRM & Multichannel Experiences, Roundarch Isobar

Graham brings 27 years experience helping clients across the world enable world class customer experiences utilizing digital, contact center, mobile, social, branch/store, kiosk, field, channel partner through digital, voice, video and text media. His experience includes pioneering customer experience optimization and innovation in telecommunications, media and entertainment, financial services including credit card, banking, wealth management, investment and insurance, healthcare, hi-tech, travel, hospitality, transportation and tourism in the USA, Europe and Asia. Graham is a recognized leader, industry author and speaker in data driven digital experiences and CRM strategies and has led a number of national and local CRM organizations include CRMA and TAG/CRM.

Joining Roundarch Isobar in 2012 to strengthen our focus on data enabled digital strategies, multichannel customer journeys, messaging, loyalty management and personalized presentation Graham is also responsible for enhancing our alliances with technology and solution partners in these areas and is a member of our global leadership forum helping promote CRM strategies to our global organization and clients.

Max Fresen, Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Roundarch Isobar

With over 18 award-winning years in the digital space working as a creative with brands like Sony, adidas, Samsonite, JBL, Coca-Cola, and Dunkin' Donuts, and over 10 years spent as a developer creating complex front-end experiences and content management systems, Max brings a wealth of insights and rare expertise to the agency. Since joining us in February of 2011 as Executive Creative Director for Roundarch Isobar’s national organization, he has played a substantial role in redefining our Creative group as one built for the future, and has driven the entire organization to focus on doing Great Work. His passion for telling brand stories through innovative and engaging experiences that resonate with exactly the right audience in exactly the right moment and place has made him a standard-bearer for Convergence, using the entire digital spectrum of Bought, Owned, and Earned properties as a marketing framework.

It’s Not Big Data Vs. Creative: It’s Big Data AND Creative

Written on
December 24th 2013
  |   Graham Clark and Max Fresen

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article, originally published on Feb. 6, 2013, placed at No. 18 in our 20 most popular articles of the year. ADOTAS – For decades, the marketing industry has been dominated by the creative disciplines. Customer Experience has focused on creative professionals producing high-impact visual presentations that grab and sustain attention. As the digital media industry has emerged over the last 20 years, it has followed the lead of ... More...