Glenn Pingul

Glenn Pingul is VP of Products & Mobile Strategies for Globys. Prior to joining Globys, he served as VP of Marketing for Mixpo and VP of Product Management at Corbis. His background also includes extensive marketing strategy, communications and branding through executive positions he has held at companies such as T-Mobile USA, Nordstrom, AirTouch Wireless (Verizon Wireless), and Starbucks. Glenn holds an MBA from Cornell University and a bachelor's degree in marketing from Seattle University.

Back to Basics: Leveraging Data to Deliver What the Customer Wants

Written on
December 3rd 2012
  |   Glenn Pingul

Have you ever walked onto a car lot and been instantly approached by an overly anxious sales rep? As soon as they shake your hand, they’re dragging you to see the latest and greatest (and usually the most expensive) inventory on the lot. They ask your name and inquire about your current vehicle and before you know it, they’re handing you the keys to test drive a two-seat convertible (even ... More...