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Frans Van Hulle
Frans Van Hulle is CEO of ReviMedia, which has developed a proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP®, that verifies, scores and delivers leads in under a second to buyers, giving them complete insights into source and quality of the traffic. Buyers can also choose which sources they want to block or prioritize, therefore giving them the opportunity to gain more control over the buying process. Frans is a “serial entrepreneur” with more than 12 years’ experience in the online marketing business, focusing on launching international business ventures.  In 2000, he co-founded Emexus, a mobile services company that quickly established itself as a global leader in mobile marketing and entertainment.  In 2005, following Emexus’ success, Frans moved his operation from Amsterdam to New York City, where the company earned over $20 million in revenues.  When Emexus was purchased by 2waytraffic, a Sony Pictures company, Frans continued on as Managing Director of Mobile Content for North America. Frans relocated to Panama in 2008, where he founded Agro2, an agribusiness focused on sustainable agriculture and bio fuel production.  In 2010, Fransco-founded ReviMedia with Bas Offers, based on the idea of building a lead generation platform from the ground up, that specializes in developing and executing direct response marketing campaigns. Frans is an active investor and is always exploring possibilities for new business ventures, such as domain acquisitions and development.

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