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Ernie Mosteller is a video and film director who gets great performances from kids, adults, clowns, cinematographers, editors, animators, real people and the occasional frog. An ex-interactive creative director and creative director, he understands traditional and new media — how they’re alike, and more importantly, how users use them differently. He has directed hundreds of national and international commercials, and if pixels had any weight at all, a ton of web content. He has also created web and social media strategies for major brands. He writes and speaks extensively on the power of content in today’s media landscape.

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Thrive+ Speaks Out! *Exclusive Interview*

The latest controversy launched on Reddit by an anonymous poster criticizing the Thrive+ video agency/SSP has exploded across the adtech universe and has raised the topic of adtech cyber bullying and the appropriate use and purpose of ads.txt. I reached out to interview Fiona...