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Colin Jeavons is the CEO of Vertical Search Works, a search technology company that leverages its proprietary services to deliver more valuable results for advertisers, publishers, and consumers across targeted vertical industries. Colin has over 27 years of experience in the publishing, digital media, advertising, and technology industries. Prior to his current position, Colin was CEO of Parliamentary Communications, the largest political communications group in Europe. At Parliamentary, he launched various political sites in the UK, such as ePolitix.com, before leading the sale of the network. During this time, Colin also led the creation of the organization’s digital content management system and a new digital advertising model that served as a precursor to Google AdWords and AdSense. His successes continued to extend to political media organizations and digital ad agencies, where he developed an in-house paid search ad model that enabled commercial content to complement online editorial content.   This led to the founding of his second company, FirstLightEra, which built and deployed a plug and play ad model for publishers to increase digital ad revenue from search-based advertising. In 2010, Colin led the reverse merger with the NASDAQ-traded company, Convera Corporation, to create what is now Vertical Search Works.

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