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Lu Kai shrugged and said, “It’s difficult … the moment you walk into the company, the boss should know. There are hints on her computer, which is terrible. Everyone knows wherever. “The person to take over?” Jiang Yukun’s brow frowned. From these words, he can already see that many problems have come. Obviously, behind these mobs, there is a force supporting the good. But what is it for? Is it for the benefits that the mines around Zhenyang can bring. Lin Wenfang was following closely, while still conducting complex electronic warfare operations. Recommendations are also being made to almost every 220-901 Exam member of the entire Mech unit. If at this time someone maps the travel route of all the players on the map, he will be surprised to find that all the players are scattered, except for a few people who focus on clearing the Cert enemies in some areas or the guys stationed at key locations. Drive through and pass through the streets and wipe out all the enemies along the way. “It’s done!” Even on the battlefield of gunfire, Ding Tian couldn’t help yelling when he heard An Liesi say so. As long as Anlys turned to Fuxing Group for assistance, Lin Wenfang’s plan was half done. “Here!” Lin Wenfang stood up and made a military salute.

After such adjustments, Huoyu had a reborn change. Now, occasionally Huo Yu dares to appear directly on the screen in the office. Whether it is Lin Wenfang or Yue Yuyin who occasionally pays attention to the operating status of Tianyao Information, he will pretend to chat with a friend and open a fire. Yu’s conversation window. Huoyu will also slightly change the beautiful face created for mars and use it. It’s almost like a video conversation with a few old friends. The taste of Huoyu is also changing as more and more content is observed and there are more and more frames of reference. Lin Wenfang didn’t say anything, but went on to adjust the program parameters. “Yao Le, give you two and a half hours. I just finished 200-355 Exam the work just now.” Yao Le. As Flynn said, the “Weiyuan” stayed in the port of Rejac for another day, and only opened the next night, leaving Rejac. During this period, another group of sailors were added to the “Weiyuan”. These sailors 300-070 Exam were recruited by Flynn from the port of Reyak, 24 hours about one third of the number of crew members on the original ship. Compared with the Tianchi Mountain Base, which is preparing for the battle in full swing, the research institute located at the most core position has a strange atmosphere. The soldiers are under pressure. The research institute must do some preparations. Most of the peripheral research projects have been completely stopped. The technical data have been backed up so that they can be reopened after the war. Part of the equipment has been packed in a highly protective aluminum equipment box, neatly next to the other side of the aisle near the exit of Examinations the institute, and some personnel have taken off their white coats and put on training clothes.

Although it doesn’t look like a fighter at all, it is easier to move. “It’s okay. If Lin Wenfang doesn’t object, I can stay here. Do you really think I can’t do without Fosun Group?” An Lian said happily. Lin Wenfang and Yue Yuyin shrugged together in tacit agreement. The 200-105 Exam fire Test feather combat equipment itself Online weighs more than three times that of Lin Wenfang’s mech. Such weight was concentrated in the sword of “Fire Feather”, which was Free Braindumps enough to knock the mech controlled by Lin Wenfang into flight. “Give up any action on the institute immediately.” G ordered plainly. Mrs. Xi has understood that she would not swim if she called anyone. This young officer represents the will of Lieutenant General Zhu Zheng. Even the Federal President’s personal questioning may not shake Zhu Zheng’s decision. Ten chemical plants exploded at the same time and caused a large number of highly toxic chemical fumes to leak; this is no longer a trivial matter. According to preliminary statistics, in this accident, the number of workers and nearby residents who died directly from poisoning exceeded 1,000 people, and the inhalation of highly toxic chemical fumes caused a variety of physically disabled workers. And residents, the number reached thousands, and the body suffered slight discomfort. The number of residents who have not yet known what hidden dangers are countless. 300-135 Exam Test Such a major accident has not happened in Moonsea Federation Practice Test for decades. Zhu Xi said she would do it this way … that would really get it. I don’t know why, Lin Wenfang has quite confidence in Zhu Xi: only referring to war.


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