Note! N95 masks cannot be reused after alcohol disinfection


Recently, the shortage of N95 masks caused by Wuhan pneumonia has been very popular. A series of questions about the purchase and use of N95 masks have also caused a lot of attention.

A few days ago, there was a saying on the Internet that as long as the N95 mask is not deformed seriously, it can be worn for 3 days when someone sneezes at you. On the third day, it still has 94% of the defensive effect. The N95 mask is used for 7 days. Blower or alcohol disinfection can continue to use.

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In response, many media including official media have responded and answered:

1. For the use of N95 masks, the US Centers for Disease Control issued a document stating that under special circumstances (such as insufficient supply of masks, etc.), it is possible to “extend the use period” and “limited reuse” under strict specifications.

“Extended use period” means not to take it off once to contact different patients, and “limited repeated use” means that it can be reused a certain number of times under certain conditions.

“Reuse a certain number of times” means that if the manufacturer specifies the number of times it can be reused, then the manufacturer shall prevail; if the manufacturer does not specify, then “not more than 5 times”. 7 days greatly exceeded this number.

2. Blowing or spraying alcohol with a hair dryer may cause deformation of the mask and damage to the filter fibers, which will destroy its protective effect.

Therefore, even in the face of the shortage of N95 masks, netizens should not lose the big ones because of the small ones, and should replace the N95 series masks in time.


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