WHO: New coronavirus may never disappear


On the 13th local time, WHO held a regular press conference on New Coronary Pneumonia. Michael Ryan, WHO health emergency project leader, said that New Coronavirus may become a long-term problem. It is difficult to predict when the virus can be overcome. It may become never Epidemic viruses that will disappear. Michael Ryan takes AIDS as an example. Although HIV has not disappeared, humans have found treatments and prevention methods, and people no longer fear AIDS as before. Michael Ryan expressed the hope that highly effective vaccines can be developed and distributed to everyone in the world.

Maria Van Kokhov, technical director of the WHO Health Emergency Program, said that some countries have proven that public health measures can control the virus and curb its spread to a sufficiently low level so that society can return to work and reopen.


Before researching the vaccine, everyone should always do a good job of protection, wear protective masks and other protective equipment when going out, it is best to use N95 series masks or disposable medical masks to avoid infection


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