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The global epidemic situation continues to spread and escalate, and masks have also developed into a global “hard currency”, and countries all over the world have panic of “mask scarcity”.

People queued up for masks madly, merchants peddled at high prices, mask prices soared dozens of times, and the story of “a mask is hard to find” was also staged overseas. In order to prioritize the needs of their own masks, many countries such as Germany, Russia, and South Korea have greatly restricted the export of masks and other materials.

Although the global demand for masks has skyrocketed, it is difficult to quickly expand the production capacity of masks. Among them, the meltblown cloth called the “heart” of masks is in short supply. The price of raw materials has soared more than 20 times in 2 months, resulting in limited mask production capacity; there are more factories The news of plant shutdown due to “scarf melt-blown” and cost pressure.

Global masks are urgent, the epidemic situation in overseas countries is still spreading, and it is still unknown when to win this war against human epidemic.

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If you are a virus carrier, please choose N95 without exhalation valve, do not spread the virus

Please buy the N95 that is officially produced and meets the test standards! Beware of fakes!

Masks are not a panacea, but wearing them correctly and frequently washing and disinfecting can greatly reduce the chance of infection. You can choose the mask that suits you best according to your environment (probability of infection). Although the N95 has the best protection function, it is not suitable for everyone. Many people feel very uncomfortable wearing N95, can not insist on wearing, in such cases, it is better to choose a surgical mask. Wearing a mask is better than not wearing it.

Finally, cut down on going out and do n’t go to crowded places!

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