(Coronavirus) N95 masks may not be the best, this mask is very effective


“Did you order a mask? I just ordered a box.” “I didn’t buy N95 online, what should I do?” In order to prevent China’s new Coronary Pneumonia virus (new coronavirus), everyone has set off a rush to buy masks. Both the emergency department and the infecting doctor emphasized that general medical grade masks have sufficient protection, and although N95 masks have stronger anti-virus capabilities, they have certain skills to wear, not everyone can wear them, and they are not easy to wear. The method is worse.

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Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the Department of Disease Control and Prevention has determined the first domestic case of New Coronary Pneumonia infection outside the country. In addition, it is currently at the Spring Festival and the return of people to the hometown is also a sensitive period for the spread of the disease. Masks for domestic epidemic prevention have formed a panic buying spree.

Wear a mask to protect against viruses

Lin Yanren, director of the emergency medicine department of Changhua Christian Hospital, pointed out that because severe special infectious pneumonia is mainly transmitted through droplets, as long as the patient sneezes, the virus may spread with the droplets, so wearing a mask is the focus of epidemic prevention, especially now. During the influenza epidemic, people who already have a fever, cough and other cold symptoms should wear masks to protect themselves and others.

N95 is good, but not necessarily applicable

It is understood that N95 masks on the Internet have been sold out of stock. However, Wang Xiaowei, a physician at the Department of Infection at Xinguang Hospital, pointed out that although N95 is a higher-grade medical mask, it has certain skills when worn, and it is not easy to wear. If the people cannot use it correctly, it will not only fail to achieve the protective effect, but may Cause the virus to spread everywhere.

🎭Medical masks are the most convenient and effective

Among the currently available masks, cloth masks are not recommended for anti-virus. The filter layer of activated carbon masks is mainly used to adsorb organic gases and odorous molecules. It is not used to filter dust or block the penetration of bacteria.

Wang Xiaowei believes that medical masks can achieve good protective effects, which can be roughly divided into general medical and surgical masks. People often buy “general medical masks”. They can be divided into three layers. The outer layer is a colored non-woven fabric. After anti-splashing treatment, it can prevent droplet infection. The middle is an electrostatic filter layer, which can filter, It absorbs bacteria, and the inner layer is made of water-absorbing material, which can absorb the mouth foam of the mask wearer.

Remember to cover your mouth and nose completely

The medical mask is very convenient to use. Open the mask first, the color is on the outside, the nose bridge is on the top, hang the elastic band on both ears, fix the nose bridge on the nose bridge, the mask is fully spread out and pulled to the chin, then press the nose bridge Film, completely covering the nose and mouth.

Wang Xiaowei found that many people often pull down their masks under their noses or even their chins. This way there is no way to prevent viruses or bacteria; if they can’t find a mask, they can cover their mouths and noses with their sleeves to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria.

Replace every 4 to 6 hours

Masks also have an expiration date, and they are not used to the end. If a person coughs or sneezes frequently, they need to change the mask as soon as they feel wet. Usually a mask needs to be replaced for about 4 to 6 hours. In addition, remember to wash your hands when you touch the mouth and nose.

Ways to discard masks

The way of discarding the mask is also particular. You should roll up the outward-facing side, so that the part that may be infected with the virus is facing inward, and then discard it. However, there is a risk of contact with the pathogen when rolling, and you must wash your hands after discarding the mask.

For their own health, both doctors suggested that unless necessary, people should go out of the hospital during this period, remember to wear a mask when going out, and wash their hands frequently is a self-protection measure to prevent the invasion of viruses or bacteria. This is also the SARS period of the year. When riding public transportation, everyone wears a mask and is one of the keys to successful prevention.


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