The Importance Of Instagram Analytics And the Supporting Tools to Use


There can be various reasons for you to Instagram. It can be a business promotion, website promotion, promoting your photography, simply sharing things with friends, enjoying your view of pics getting viral, passing the time while socializing and so on. Whatever reasons you have to spend time on Instagram, one thing is common for all. You need attention for your posts, and you want viewers to view your posted pictures, like them, share them, comment on them, and follow your IG profile. 

For all these things to happen, you try so many tips and tricks. But do you measure your efforts and analyze what your ROI is? Well, if you are not measuring you are probably exerting more force on things that are not important compared to some things which must be done more. To analyze you need good analytical tools. 

The requirement of an analytical tool to plan Instagram use

Analytical tools are the things which would tell you that your efforts are yielding you in the way you desired or not. Also, analytics help you decide the future course of action to reach your target audience. You can evaluate what you are doing right and wrong, and can change your path of action accordingly to give you better results in using Instagram for social media marketing. If you were using a set of keywords as tags for the posts, which are not fetching your desired results, you might change them after viewing analytics data. Here are discussed some analytical tools for Instagram users, which would help you decide your next posting style and keyword selection based on the data fetched by the tools.

  1. Instagram Insights

Business profile users of IG have one advantage. They can use Instagram’s analytical tool besides the above-mentioned tools. However, there are a few restrictions about it.

  • You can use the tool only on the app and not on the desktop site.
  • You can see details and data from the time you switched to the business profile. No data before that would be made available.

But the advantage is that you can buy real Instagram views and see who clicked your profile, your posts, what are the demographics of the audience when they are coming online, and what kind of post they show interest in, etc. 

  1. Hootsuite

Some of the analytics you enjoy with Hootsuite is as follows:

  • You can see data of the past
  • You can compare the data over various time phases
  • You can always generate custom reports
  • Performance of particular posts can be evaluated
  • You can monitor customer service conversation timing of your account
  • You may rank comments on Instagram sentiment wise

Other analytical tools lie social listening are also present therein Hootsuite. An advantage of this tool is that it’s not just for Instagram, but support many other social media platforms, and can be used to analyze data for all.

  1. Iconosquare

This third party tool gives a special free business report on your Instagram performance. Based on this report, you can evaluate where you are succeeding and where you are lagging in marketing and branding. For this, your last 30 days of posting and the profile is accessed by the tool. The free trial of the pro dashboard of the tool would give you access to followers statistics, data about stories, and the engagement data. This tool is for analyzing Instagram and Facebook accounts.

  1. Union Metrics

This tool is trustworthy because it uses the private API of Instagram to access analytical data and graphs. This tool is for analytics only. It does not offer management capabilities or scheduling. Therefore the automated insights, reports, and hashtag analysis can be done through this.

  1. Keyhole

This is a competitive tool that helps in comparison by helping you see analytical dashboards of your competitors. But to see the data of an account, you will have to specify that account here. That’s because, after the upgrade of the Instagram API in 2018, the user data of unspecified accounts has turned anonymous in search queries. Keyhole also has a hashtag analytics tool. This fetches hashtag reports and tracks hashtags in real time. 

  1. Hype Auditor

For spying on competitors and evaluating their steps, this tool is a nice one. It doesn’t use the API of Instagram. Instead, it uses data that is made available publicly. It generates free reports about an IG account you would like to know about and tells all about its followers.

How may the result from the above tools help you?

The various tools would give you various reports. You may use one or a few of them to verify the reports and believe in them. But when you have the reports, you get a direction. You know what to do next, and how to plan your next IG promotion and marketing campaigns so that you can get better results. In the process, you would get some resistance. Time is a factor here. You may not be ready or happy to wait for a long time to reap organic results. However, you still would need real organic results and viewers for success. 

Hence, to increase numbers of likes and eventually the numbers of followers on your Instagram account you might have to try services giving you fast, and real IG likes from real users with real interests. Don’t worry about that though; as there are available real good competitive services like that to shorten your waiting time with the promotions, and still give you organic results.


Monitoring your activity and reaction of people on Instagram and all other social media is one of the most important things you should do to get success in social media marketing. People apply these to get success fast and get good traffic through these potential sources. And you too can give your business online shape and recognition in this way if you consistently monitor your visitor behavior through such analytical data. To start with getting one or a few tools from these and see how you are doing on Instagram.


Author Bio –

Ariya Stark has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit buy real Instagram views for more information.


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