Email Marketing: 6 trends To Survive In 2019



The email has become very popular and is considered to be one of the most effective forms of communication. Today almost everyone on the Internet has an email account. In such a case email marketing is a very effective strategy for advertising and promoting the products and services of the companies. 

A survey conducted by Pew Internet proved that 82% of the adults are Internet users, and email marketing is the quickest and cheapest way for businesses and companies to promote their products. 

Therefore email marketing refers to a marketing plan or strategy in which the product and services of a company, business, or startup are promoted using Email. Today almost every user has an email account, and he or she uses it for various purposes. 

The users can get the details and information about a product or a service as an email which is sent by the advertiser. This process is done instantly as the user can check email messages anytime and anywhere. The ads sent by the advertisers are catchy and attractive. They provide all the details along with a link to their official website. If the user likes a particular product, the user can directly click on the link instead of searching elsewhere. 

Given below are 6 trends to survive with email marketing in 2019


  • Mobile Optimization: 


It is important for marketers and advertisers to create emails which can support mobile phones and not just laptops or PCs. According to research, it is said that around 55% of the users who have an email account prefer to check their emails through their mobile phones. Therefore it becomes necessary to create emails which could support any kind of device such that the user can view the ad instantly without any trouble.


  • Email Content: 


It is said that nowadays, users prefer to look at text emails only. However, this depends from person to person. You can also include images, videos, and GIFs, but it should be catchy and entertaining. The language used should be formal, and all the important details regarding your product or services should be specified. If you include videos, it should be ensured that the video is of good quality and that it does not cause any damage to the device on which it is opened or viewed.  


  • Privacy And Security: 


Hacking, piracy, and misuse of data are very common incidents across the world. The Government is taking measures to eradicate such issues. Many privacy policies and security plans have been implemented to protect personal data and prevent loss of data. In such a case, marketers and advertisers should be careful regarding such issues and should not indulge in such activities as it will affect their business. All the necessary measures should be taken to prevent such issues for the success of the marketing strategies. 


  • Building a bond with customers: 


It is important to build a relationship with customers. The advertisers should make catchy and attractive advertisements and circulate them. But it is important to know about the preferences of the customers. The users might have a look at the email sent, but some of them would not open the email if they are not interested in purchasing the product. Therefore it is important to know the likes and dislikes of your customers and advertise your products accordingly to make profits. 


  • User Interactive Emails: 


Customers generally like interactive emails about products and services of a particular company. The advertisers and marketers can create emails which have the aspect of interaction included in it. The advertisers can think about some question and answers, quizzes, multiple choice questions which are in relation to their products and services. All these tricks can be included in the email. When the email is sent to the customers, it might excite them because of the interactive questions about the products. If they find the quiz fun and interesting, they will definitely think about purchasing your products and services.


  • Targeted Audience: 


Marketers and Advertisers should create emails to target a particular group of audience. This means that your customers and clients would receive emails about products and services in which they are interested in.  

It has been proved that generating targeted emails can release half of the income for the business. It is important to engage only the customers who are interested in and value your services. Targeted emails are considered to be very effective and is a must for business.


Email is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies to promote a company’s products or services. It proves to be effective only if all the aspects are analyzed properly, and the right method is followed.  It is necessary to follow all the steps involved in composing an email. There are various email marketing tools available. You can use those tools and generate a good amount of revenue for your business or company. You must know the recent trends in email marketing to make profitable use of this strategy.

All the above-mentioned trends are very important and should be followed by business or companies, especially the ones who are just about to enter the digital world. It is important to create attractive ads mentioning all the important details and information about your products and services. It is important to target a particular audience who are interested in purchasing your products and services and also to provide them with high-quality products and services. You must analyze the different marketing tools available and use the right ones to improve the growth of your business or company. Through email marketing, good revenue can be achieved as your ads and messages are delivered instantly without any delay.


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