Video Optimization – Q&A with Kevin Jones

Contributor: Kevin Jones, Senior Director of Media Buying at Digital Remedy

Where are advertisers failing when it comes to video optimization? 

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A missed opportunity for advertisers is sticking to one KPI and not worrying about a secondary one. If video completion rate (VCR) is performing well, but viewability is low (or vice versa), the performance metric they are looking at could be deceiving in relation to the full picture of campaign success.

What should advertisers consider when looking at optimizing for different formats? 

It is essential for an advertiser to determine what exactly they are looking to get out of a video campaign in order to determine the best format to move forward with. Different formats serve different purposes, and each tactic works best for certain end goal that a particular client may have. Some of those goals work best with a combination of formats. Taking the time to consider what you are trying to achieve will help weed that out.

What is one thing that will trip advertisers up when it comes to optimizing video across different formats? 

Different video formats such as OTT, Pre-roll, Outstream have very different CPMs and benchmarks to measure against, so we typically do not see many buys that simultaneously leverage each of those formats at the same time.

However, when it comes to optimizing video across mobile and desktop, the only thing that could “trip” advertisers up would be mobile app viewability measurement because even though viewability itself is extremely high, measurement is still not where it needs to be.

What should advertisers look for in an agency partner when it comes to video campaigns?

We always recommend that an advertiser partner with a reputable platform and inventory management team, and an agency could be one of those. At Digital Remedy, we have direct and curated deals with the top inventory sources, allowing us to provide clients with strategic partnerships that are rooted in transparency for successful campaign delivery. This access allows us to consistently deliver on client KPIs, often at a reduced cost.

How has mobile evolved when it comes to video optimization? 

The big vendors for viewability and fraud have continued to increase their measurement for both of these items, opening the door for better optimization. However, it is still very low compared to what is going on with desktop.

About Kevin Jones

With 11+ years at the organization, Kevin Jones is one of the longest-serving members of the Digital Remedy team. As Senior Director of Media Buying, Kevin works with advertisers to determine the best course of execution to achieve their digital KPIs. He specializes in analyzing the full picture of campaign success by managing inventory, strategic partnerships, and industry best practices to continuously optimize and deliver for clients.