Recognizing the Biggest Instagram Marketing Trends of 2019

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Instagram marketing techniques and trends are always changing as an increasing number of brands try to capture the attention of their target audiences. Marketers need to be aware of what their audiences are taking a liking to so that they can leverage the opportunity for driving engagement and boosting conversions. Some of the most trending customer behavior on Instagram in 2019:

Stickers Are the New Language of Instagram Engagement

With the number of Instagram likes declining, and the users more focused on viewing Instagram Stories, it is as if Stories is emerging as a social media channel by itself. As per, Stories are attracting more than 400 million users daily; thus, marketers need to focus on these users. Instagram Stories stickers are appealing and not to mention a free and fun way of engaging with followers and increase brand loyalty. In 2019, it is expected that many more types of widget stickers, including branded stickers, are going to be launched following the huge success of ‘Countdown” sticker for Instagram Stories.

Increasing Focus on the Authenticity of Influencers

There is a rising popularity of Instagram influencers who come across to followers as authentic because they are interested in the real stories behind the success of the influencers, not posts that are so perfectly posed and edited that they can only be false. When influencers come across as real human beings with their own share of personal issues and concerns, they come across as being more believable. With marketers expected to spend in the region of 10 billion on influencer marketing, brands are expected to associate themselves with influencers who come across to their followers as authentic, transparent, and hence, trustworthy personalities. Marketers should ideally consider long-term associations with influencers so that acceptance by their followers for Instagram is enhanced and authentic relationships can form.

Emerging Preference for Micro-Influencers

As far as Instagram marketing is concerned, bigger is not necessarily better as a large number of brands are shying away from working with mega influencers and displaying a preference to align themselves with influencers with fewer than 100,000 followers. Sometimes even “Nano” influencers with as few as 1,000 followers are being engaged for campaigns and sponsored posts. The thought process behind the association with smaller influencers is that they come across as more authentic and are far cheaper to boot. It is also a strategy that can be effective for micro-brands that want to compete with the biggies with better audience targeting and products that are customized to specific target audiences. Brands desiring to connect with followers wanting a more personalized content will be the biggest beneficiaries of this marketing strategy.


As Instagram keeps on increasing in size, marketing strategists are predicting that it is likely to become another Facebook. It is increasingly looking likely that marketers will be looking to track ROI from each and every activity on Instagram, perhaps even to the extent of analyzing which content is generating the maximum traffic, engagement, and sales. As Instagram marketing becomes increasingly complex, it is possible that dedicated Instagram marketing platforms will become the mainstay of small and large businesses both.

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