Proven Content Promotion Strategies to Get More Traffic to Your Website


By Clara Beck

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No matter how good your content is, at some point, you might have strived to get your eyes on your blog to drive more traffic. Why does this happen even after spending hours together to create one good eye-catchy content?

There is more, a lot more to go around for content marketing than we think!

If your content fails to grab the minimum viable audience, then you’re gone before you get started.

For any useful content to make it to the top of the search engine results, one needs to follow the proper promotional strategies. Regardless of the industry type, firms can leverage content marketing plans to develop a robust brand reputation, and eventually upsurge the sales rate.

If you are the one planning to turn your piece of content into an excellent page, then we have curated some of the proven content promotion strategies to get more traffic to your website.

Let’s start!

Updating and Repurposing Content

There isn’t any rule to keep your content closed in the original form. Especially, if your firm offers high-quality evergreen content, you must always try to reuse it to reap the most out of it.

So, why don’t you start following the same?

You can do it easily by converting your content into various other forms. Like, turning it into a beautiful infographic, to the podcast may be and the other way around.

This approach helps firms to post multiple versions of the same material in different channels, including YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare, and on many other high-quality sites.

You can also update old posts, or link back to it to keep it fresh throughout. Updated posts are more likely to rank in the top spots of the search engine. Updating any blog usually includes adding new data, images, or current statistics to it. Linking back to the old posts is another most straightforward approach to grow the site’s traffic. This internal linking strategy will not only solve specific needs but also makes the readers spend more time on your website back and forth.

Building Networks through Guest Blogging

Guest posting is an excellent approach to promote a piece of content online. Many websites accept guest posts, which are informative and well written. So, start writing fresh content for different sites with proper backlinks to gain more traffic and improve your brand visibility.

Make a list of websites, whose readers closely match yours, and then compose a thoughtful pitch to the blog owner. Include a review of the article and tell them how it adds value to their site. Once your proposal is accepted, then you can start diversifying your skills. It is one of the easiest ways to connect with the like-minded people, and niche experts with a specific set of followers, which will add considerable value to your content and website as well.

Different Landing Page for Diverse Group

An effective content promotion strategy includes segmenting the contents based on audience needs. It is one of the smartest ways to drive real traffic to your website. Firms must try segmenting their posts or landing pages as the published content may not hold relevant to all the visitors. For instance, the materials related to brand promotion may not interest your current customers as they have already purchased your product. So, create varied content for your audience.

The easiest way is to learn the buyer personas and create content accordingly.

Invest in Paid Advertisements

Paid ads will boost your content promotion to a new level. Although it requires some investment from your end, the outcome will surely make you smile. There are various ways to distribute your content through paid ads, each offering different benefits.

Common methods include,

  • Facebook Ads: It is the easiest one to create, and you can use the same ads for Instagram to reach a large number of the audience quickly.
  • Twitter Ads: These ads perform better for some industry type when compared to Facebook. As these ads become part of regular feeds, it seems like friendly suggestions more often.
  • SEM Ads: Advertising your content in search engine puts your website on the top and thereby drives more traffic to it. You can also join ad networks to make your ads appear on their partner sites.
  • Retargeting Ad: It is one of the beneficial strategies to get an individual’s attention back to your website.

Before beginning with content promotion through ads, you must have a great understanding of your target market. It improves your content visibility quickly with least effort.

Email Marketing Strategies

Whether you send emails to your subscribers once a week or month, email marketing for small businesses is much useful for promotion when done correctly. McKinsey & Co. survey states that email is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

So, start collecting email address from website visitors and grow your mailing list now. You can also avail email lists of your target market from vendors online. Once, you have an email list of your site visitors or prospects; you can then send a weekly follow up in the form the email newsletter. Besides, you can also provide exclusive content offers to your email subscribers. It forms one of the most valuable tactics for lead generation.

Industry Forum and Q&A Marketing

Q&A or industry forum sites such as Quora and Reddit are the active content promotion channels for any market. Since you can target the audience with precision, it can drive a lot of traffic to your website when properly executed. Did you know that Reddit drives more visitors to your site than Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter? The highly engaging user base of these platforms is responsible for this magical outcome.

So, join these forums and identify the related boards where people discuss various topics. Share relevant content or advice with a suitable backlink to the landing page of your website. It helps you in getting quality traffic to your site in a short period. Nevertheless, not to forget, these platforms are quite envious for self-promotion. Therefore, firms must pay heed to the rules of these channels before blatantly submitting the page link. As fresh content rules online space, it’s always recommended to limit your promotion only to highly relevant and striking topics.

Influencer Marketing – Reach out to top influencers!

Use influencer marketing for better results as most of the audiences are crowd followers. The highly influential person can make the people believe or change their views on any given product. They can make any content go viral. Since you will likely have to invest a lot on this plan, you can consider focusing on micro influencers in your niche. Though these experts don’t have millions of followers, they have higher engagement rates as they regularly interact with them.

Start investing in this approach to promote your content and skyrocket your brand’s value with the promised result.

Would you not like this kind of exposure?

Putting It All Together

Try not just limiting your content marketing efforts by simply publishing and pushing it on a couple of social media channels.

Take a smarter route and start distributing your content using good marketing strategies that are shared in this post. Hope these ideas will give you the most mileage for content promotion actions when coupled with a compelling and fitting message for your audience. So, nurture your target audience, pay heed to your contents, and give them reasons to spend time on your posts. Although you might see some downfalls in the beginning, if you execute these tips consistently, you will be amazed to see the results!

Author Bio:

Clara Beck is a Business Manager at Thomson Data based in Plano, Texas.  She’s best known for writing about small businesses, entrepreneurship, and technological innovations. Connect with Clara on LinkedIn.