6 Easy Ways To Optimize your Site with WordPress

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Search engine optimization has evolved across the years. The level of competition on search engines has necessitated websites to compete at a whole new level. Businesses that fail to compete actively are often left behind to watch as their competitors grow with search engines.

A majority of today’s population use search engines to find businesses around them. Therefore, if you are not placing yourself in a perfect position to be noticed, then you are losing potential clients. The good news is that with effective SEO strategies for WordPress, you can actively compete with your competitors in search engines.

The following six tips can help you stand out on search engines and surpass your competitors.

1. Optimize for mobile

More than half of today’s searches are done using mobile devices. This means that it is more essential than ever to ensure that your websites and pages are optimized for mobile. This will help you be visible to all the searchers even those using their phones. If your site isn’t mobile optimized, a user may end up leaving if it takes too long to load or isn’t aesthetically appealing.

In Google’s effort to provide the best experience to searches, they are ranking sites that are tailored mobile highly in their search engine rankings. Mobile optimization is one of the signals that Google uses while performing their web rankings.

To optimize for mobile, businesses need to make their buttons small enough and responsive so that they can be pressed even on small devices. Additionally, you need to make your screen resolution suitable for the different ranges of screens resolutions in various mobile phones. They are also using shorter keywords which mobile searchers often prefer.

Many WordPress themes are pre-optimized for mobile so keep this in mind when choosing one.

2. Quality content

It is often said that content is the driver of SEO. This is true as quality content can not only lead to better rankings on search engines but also ensure that your website is relevant to searchers. Search engine algorithms often prefer websites with quality content as it fits Google’s objective of providing sites that are relevant and helpful to searches.

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Poor content and blogs can affect your SEO rankings. Once searchers get to your site, if they find the content not to be useful, then they will leave. This affects your bounce rates which search engine algorithms consider when tracking your website.

You need to ensure that you have quality content by tailoring your content around popular keywords. Moreover, try to offer content that is not only entertaining but also informative and interesting. This ensures that searches get the best quality out of their site visits which in turn boosts conversion. Businesses also use multimedia content and add ALT tags to their images.

Creating rich content can be time-consuming. Many businesses are looking to SEO consultant in Toronto to help them create content that will keep searchers coming back. Read more information about how to create valuable content.

3. Themes optimized for search

WordPress has many themes that site owners may utilize to get a strong foundation. Sadly, site owners often have to struggle to choose the most appropriate or the best ideas for their WordPress websites. However, all these can easily be avoided by settling for a WordPress theme that is optimized for search and not necessarily one that you choose based on looks alone.

WordPress themes that are optimized for search have a code already written that allows search engines to crawl and index the content. It also allows all of this to happen at a relatively fast speed.

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4. WordPress SEO plugins

Businesses are taking advantage of the fact that WordPress offers plugins like All in One SEO Plugin and Yoast SEO, among others. These plugins encourage one to add keywords, meta tags, meta description, and a meta title while taking care of your WordPress site. These plugins make SEO easy, even for beginners.

These WordPress plugins can offer a lot of benefits that help businesses compete in the search world. They provide an XML sitemap for sites and usually enhance the on-page SEO. The latter is done by showcasing a preview of a Google Search Result Snippet.

These WordPress SEO plugins help businesses attain a high level of results. They help companies add relevant information automatically and avoid the tedious process of manually adding sitemaps and meta descriptions.

5. Make Content Shareable on Social

Today, almost more than half of the world’s population are at least on one social media platform. Similarly, businesses are turning to them to try and find, connect and communicate with their potential customers.

While this is different from search, tactfully utilizing social media has proven useful to many businesses. The actual traffic from shared links, good reviews and more access to potential customers are part of the benefits of linking sites to social media platforms.

You can add these simple social share buttons to the content on your website. This will help to drive traffic to your site on these social platforms.

6. Web analytics

Performance on search engines is often an evolution. Businesses are taking advantage of vital insights from website analytics. It helps companies to learn more about their visitors and their behaviors, and then adjust accordingly.

Web analytics metrics such as the products that are selling, time visitors spend on their site, conversation rate and so many other metrics can help show you what is working.

A great FREE tool to look at is Google Analytics. It tracks all of this information and is very easy to install on your site. The information and insights can help companies to perform better in a hyper-competitive market.

There is a lot to look at when it comes to website insights, even in Google’s easy to use tool. An SEO consultant in Toronto can help you interpret such insights and use them to benefit your business.

Many companies today are leveraging search engines to improve their performance in their hyper-competitive business environments. Search engines present unlimited potential for companies. Smart business owners are taking advantage of easy SEO on the user-friendly WordPress platform to meet their business objectives.

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