Tips to Increase Website Traffic in 2019


By Amit Kothiyal

At times it seems extremely challenging to get those first 100 visitors to your site and it can be very frustrating. This is especially true when you don’t know if the path chosen is correct or wrong, since you are new to the world of Digital Marketing.

Don’t be overwhelmed as you are one of the majorities of such marketers and business owners. Yes, 61% of the companies cited ‘generating website traffic’ as the biggest marketing challenge.

Out of everything else, getting qualified site traffic and keeping them captivated long enough on your site has emerged as one of the most crucial Internet Marketing objectives in 2019. If marketers generate a good volume of relevant traffic then the conversion potential shoots up dramatically.

So, here’s your go-to guide to increase website traffic in 2019:

  1. Roll Out a Newsletter

If you have not realized the importance of having newsletter sign-up form on your website yet, it’s high time that you utilize its features and implement one. E-mail newsletters are considered as one of the strongest marketing tools with the highest ROI generating capacity.

More than anybody else, Newsletter subscribers are most likely to visit your site on multiple occasions. After all, they have shown faith in you with their email address, haven’t they?

However, sending plain basic newsletters to get them to visit your website won’t help in any way. Ensure your newsletter is a canvas full of high-worth content, even if it is curated or repurposed.

It is important to remember to provide a backlink that takes them to your site.

  1. Boost Traffic with Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup is globally becoming a go-to tool of web publishers and SEOs in certain categories. Structured data markup can be used on any website’s HTML to create rich snippets information in the search results.

Rich snippets are improved search engine listings that can upsurge your click through rate. For instance, if you have reviewed a particular service provider, by adding review data within your markup, you can share information with Google that will enable them to display the rating percentage or stars.

However, the question that arises to our minds is how can you implement structured data on your website?

Understanding and implementing structured data manually can be quite tricky. But, Google comes to the rescue by offering an easy route to implement the primary features quickly and easily. It’s the structured data markup helper that helps you to shortlist the kind of markup you wish to create.

  1. Nail On-Page SEO

On-page SEO consists of various components. In order to have your content rank higher, you need to incorporate each of them in your SEO strategy. This begins with ensuring that the quality of your content is top-notch and free of grammar or spelling errors. Creating high quality and compelling content will appeal to both readers and search engines.

Besides this, to let the audience connect with your content, you need to offer the bridge which can be done through keyword placement and research. Search engines like Google want to endorse websites that are valuable to their readers.

Therefore, you need to generate content that answers a question, provides clarity on a topic, fills a need, and rightly engages.

Also, your keyword placement, meta-descriptions, permalinks, and headlines should strike a balance between providing relevant information a search engine needs, and persuading your potential audiences to click through your site.

  1. Follow the Traditional Email List Pattern

Your money is within the list – just in case you haven’t paid enough attention to it. While this is a popular saying, it still holds true to date as it would years ago. The only difference is that the “list” has evolved.

To build an email list for email marketing purpose can consume a lot of time; hence it is important to work on it since day one. Email marketing is one tool that will help you to keep driving your site traffic to your store as far as your customers stay subscribed.

You can create an email list by adding an email pop-up option, which leads to signup forms to your website.

Remember, the best campaigns begin with the best lists; so working on a targeted email list needs to be on your priority list. The sooner you start, the better it is.

  1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an effective way to generate traffic to your site – you only need to invest time to draft an article. As long as you are writing for a website that has a substantial reach, it should generate a good amount of traffic for you.

Even better? Get connected with some of the popular blogs and bloggers to seek permission for letting you write a guest post. Most website owners do not mind having people contribute content for them.

At first, you might have a hard time convincing website owners, but it’s all worth it even if one of the industry influencers agrees.

  1. Participate in Expert Quote Round-Ups

If someone approaches you with a concept in mind and seeks your opinion for an article, don’t hesitate. Give them your point of view. Ask them if they can link back to your website with your quote, and that usually shouldn’t be a problem for anybody.

At the same time, if you are working on a piece to be published on your site, get in touch with the industry experts and ask them for their opinion with a quote. Even if a few of them agree, you’ll gain from the unique insights they’ve accumulated over the years.

Let’s check some of the ways you can benefit through expert quote round-ups:

  • You gain high credibility if they happen to share your post
  • If you give your quote for their article, and if they link back to you, this will give you a boost in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs)
  • This will bring you huge referral traffic from their reputable channels and invariably promote your website
  1. Interview Influencers and Thought Leaders

One of the best ways of improving website traffic is to offer a reason to your users to visit. When you post valuable content that is churned out of an interview with industry influencers and thought leaders, you are creating a path for new readers to join in. This in turn, strengthens your relationship with the existing readers.

Interviews and influencers’ quotes are exactly the kind of content that will popularize your site and build brand authority in the industry. Create a list of professionals or influencers you think would be willing to contribute something valuable to your content. Then reach out to them and request for an interview on a relevant subject.

This will not just build the credibility of your site, but will also help in increasing traffic. This is not just because the audiences are keen on listening to what the person has to say, but because there’s a high possibility that your thought leader or the influencer will share the same interview/article on their social media handles and website.

  1. Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to get website traffic flowing. By pinning your blog content and products several times a week, Pinterest traffic has the potential of overpowering dynamos like Facebook and Twitter.

It just takes one single pin to go viral and also to get a pile of traffic to your website. If you plan to share a blog post, try pinning all the images within the post. How is this helpful? It gives you multiple chances to have a pin light out.

One of those pictures from the article could potentially outpace the rest. As a result of this, you could redirect more traffic to your site.

  1. Get Active on Quora

One of the ways to drive traffic to your site quickly and easily, that too free of cost, is by utilizing Quora’s massive following. If you are not active on Quora yet, check out their site, find relevant questions to your niche or business, and answer each one of them thoroughly. Towards the end, remember to drop relevant sources and call-to-action.

  1. Use the Popularity of Reddit

Reddit is yet another strong platform that has a massive reach in the online world. Leverage the same by getting active, commenting, engaging, and posting regularly. Avoid spamming, especially when you have just started.

Use utmost discretion and composure to radiate a subtle online persona for your brand online. But to begin with, build a track record of compelling posts before starting to promote anything.

  1. Get Active on Online Communities and Interact with Experts of your Niche

While this may sound cliché, but strengthening your presence on online communities, and building personal relationships with experts from the same industry, will result in attaining referral traffic and drive business growth.

By engaging in online communities of your niche, you engage with people of the same interests, and this in turn will improve your web presence through their portfolios and connections. These online communities will provide a good opportunity for you to engage with potential visitors, to offer services, to address their queries, to educate them, and to build your own reputation.

  1. Make the most of Facebook and Twitter

If you think you are creative and can maintain consistency, then social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are meant for you. If you make use of the right keywords and build quirky yet interesting tweets, you can attain a lot of click-throughs from just the searches.

For instance, if you write an article about SEO and Google, use the right Hashtags at the end of the tweet (#SEO #Google) and whoever searches for those keywords will be able to view your Tweet.

Similarly, considering that every second person on EARTH owns a Facebook account, there’s no need to emphasize its importance.

  1. Master Instagram Marketing

As time is passing by, Instagram is becoming more and more important as a marketing channel because of its business-friendly features and massive audience size.

On one hand, you can increase website traffic by posting the link in your bio, but you can also do so by reaching out to the affiliate members who can market your products and services in exchange of a commission.

You can also boost traffic by generating traffic ads. Besides this, you can even add links to your Instagram posts, stories, and photos. This helps to get more followers on Instagram and increase overall conversions basis the Instagram posts you create.

  1. Stay Focused on Long-Tail Keywords

Gone are the days when the focus was laid on a single keyword for every individual page. Just make sure that your posts consist of all the relevant phrases and terms related to your subject. Long-tail keywords are used explicitly for niche markets.

However, to increase your overall web presence, you’ll need a good combination of long and short-tail keywords. But, remember to focus on keywords relevant to your specific brand and industry versus common keywords.

  1. Focus your Energies on Creating Appealing Content

The content on your website, be it in the form of images (videos, pictures, or memes), texts (blogs or articles), or audio (podcasts) should be well-researched, relevant, and engaging. Ask yourself this question before publishing any content –

  •         Does your content resonate with your audience?
  •         Does it generate enough interest to create a repeat visitor?

You need to consider if your content is falling into the following categories: Share-worthy and Fresh. Remember that content counts, and it is one of the most crucial factors in increasing your web presence.

Get going for long term ROI

These tips will help improve the volume of qualified traffic your site witnesses over the long-term. While some of these tips and strategies won’t be an instant fix, but with time, you’ll be surprised at how quickly a few of them start to generate considerable digital marketing results.

Author Bio:

Google Analytics & E-Commerce Analytics certified, Amit Kothiyal has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing. He has helped numerous brands establish their online niche with his out of the box internet marketing strategies and lead generation capabilities. He is proactive on Twitter to share his experiences with similar kind of professionals across the globe.


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