Promoting catchy video content in B2B businesses


By Robert Jordan

Video content has long been the center of attraction for the online audience. As a marketer, you would have even promoted much online video content, but the key here is to develop content which can resonate and connect with the audience.

With the enormous number of video content available online, audiences are finding it difficult to choose the best one. This calls to action for creating content which is both entertaining and educational.

Find some interesting video content types that can raise your brand awareness:

1. Educational content:

Brands need to create awareness about their products and services so that the message can reach to an extensive audience and later to the potential customer. Educational content conveys detailed information about the product to the customers. The product tutorials explain the basic and in-depth features of the product. Marketers should focus that educational content does not become too preachy and over empowering. It should be informative and act as a guide for the customer for having a wonderful learning experience about the brand. Educational content subtly markets your product, with the precise information about the product.  

Here is an example of an educational video:

Educational videos will continue to play a significant role in the coming years, and as a marketer, you have to hit the bull’s eye by developing content which acts as an edutainment for your audience.

The purpose which educational video content achieves are:

  • Answers audience question
  • Builds trust in the brand’s authority
  • Resolution of a complex topic
2. Subject matter expert’s opinion matters video content

People all over the world love to hear from experts on subjects which interests them. Short videos can be uploaded where there are one-on-one interviews with subject matter experts. Questions which are relevant and useful for the viewers can be asked.

Interviews have always helped in the brand building process of a product as it provides valuable insights and in process promotes the product. These videos can be recorded or made live as per the requirements of the marketing strategy. It has been seen that live video works better than recorded, as viewers can ask their questions with experts answering them on the spot thus making it an interactive and lively session.

3. Engaging video content

The video content does not always need to show your serious side; it can be interactive and entertaining for driving up the engagement level with the audience.  Video content which cheers up audience can increase the viewership level and also brand awareness among the audience. Most of the marketers consider video content as one of the building blocks in a content marketing strategy. This short, engaging video content has the ability to hold the attention of the audience. The video content which is less than one minute having some basic facts and tips gets more viewership from the potential customers.

4. Sharing useful hacks

Hacks or tactics has been one of the efficient video promotional strategies of marketers. For this reason, many marketers will incorporate video content including useful tactics for shooting up the popularity level of the content. Hope and excitement are some of the common emotions which are used to make viral video content. When any hacks or tactics are discussed in the videos, it gives hope to the viewer for resolving the challenges which they are facing, or it builds up excitement to resolve an issue in a completely different manner.

5. Inspiring content

We all get inspired by someone or by an incident. Inspiring content has the ability to pull the audience. In the current global scenario, brands are run by the emotional decisions by the consumers. As we know most of us like spending time with people who make us feel comfortable, in the same way, we like using a brand with which we can associate and can feel a connection.

6. Developing unique and entertaining content

Unique and entertaining content has the ability to attract good web traffic. With the availability of much advertising content on the internet, a unique one is always a crowd puller as it entertains customers in its special way. A unique video content refreshes the minds of the viewers, and people find it interesting and exciting to view. In today’s scenario where customers are losing their attention within a short span of time, a different video content adds an exciting flavor to video content marketing.

7. Showing the product in action

It has been found that if both video and content are available on the same page, then the majority of the people would like to view video content for knowing more about the service. 

It is better to show products in action in the video content to build up interesting content. Viewers get a better idea about the products or services through this process. The majority of the video content which displays the product features hits the right chord with the customers as the content is informative and engaging. Marketers can first give a sneak peek of the product in the video content of the landing page then in another video, there can be a complete description of the product. It can show how valuable the product is and what can you expect from it in the real-life scenario.

8. Value proposition content

One can create video content, showcasing the value proposition which the product or service has to offer. Before buying any product most of the consumers, want to know the benefits which they will get from that specific product. They also want to know the extra features which are not available in other products. Thus marketers can create video content specifically describing the value proposition which the product has to offer. As videos reach a large group of audience, it becomes crucial for marketers to develop unique and alluring content.

The unique service or the value proposition which the product offers has to be highlighted in the best possible way in the video content so that message can be conveyed to the target audience.


All these video content are helpful in B2B businesses, as it gives a unique marketing approach for targeting the audience. As a marketer one can first start promoting video content by making educational video content and video tutorials. In the later process, they can shift to interviews, entertaining videos and webinars.

B2B marketing requires a professional approach so that one can connect with high-end customers. Video content provides a fresh outlook to the marketing process and can prove to be an effective approach for targeting a new audience. So, develop a unique and engaging content to reach your potential customers and get extensive viewership.

About the Author

Robert Jordan, a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, currently working as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc. Have expertise in setting up the lead flow for budding startups and takes it to next level. Have a deep interest in SEO, SEM & Social Media related discussions. Always open for new ideas & discussions.


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