How to make money with email marketing

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Are you in the field of marketing and looking at some of the best marketing strategies? Or are you an unemployed individual looking out for your options to make some bucks? In both cases, you need to know that email marketing is one of the most effective strategies in the world of marketing. People might tell you several different things against the concept of email marketing such as that nobody pays attention to promotional emails anymore, or that people unsubscribe to newsletter right after getting free goodies and so on. It won’t be wrong to confess that those things are true, but that is not the complete truth.

There is definitely more to this story and people do not tell that quite often. The hidden part of the story is the number of conversions that businesses get merely through email marketing. A lot of people decide to buy the product after getting the promotional or introductory email from the brand. However, there is a proper strategy to be followed if you want to make money through email marketing.

Have a product to promote and sell

How else do you think it is going to work? You must have a product to sell of which you can make a promotional email and send it to your recipients’ list. Skip this point if you are a business considering email marketing for your product’s marketing. However, if you are an individual, you first need to have a product to sell. Otherwise, drop the idea of email marketing and making money through it at all. It is quite simple to understand. Email marketing is done or the products which exist and are supposed to be sold.

Affiliate with someone else and sell their products

Another strategy you can use is the affiliate marketing strategy a lot of brands opt for collaborating with affiliate marketer. In affiliate marketing, the person works with a certain brand and targets his audience towards them via different means. A lot of people use social media but email marketing is a better and more effective way. You can send out emails to your followers and readers of your blog and target them towards the brand you are affiliated with. It is one of the most cost-efficient marketing planning. All you have to do is target the right people through email and write an impressive content. Affiliate marketers make money in the form of commissions that is decided in the beginning by both the parties on each conversion through them.

Upsell premium or exclusive products

People like to enjoy exclusivity and premium offers. If you introduce exclusive and premium products to your email recipients only, you will be able to increase your revenue as well as the number of people wanting to subscribe to our newsletter. It is an excellent consumer strategy. Everyone can easily get all your products or services through the shop or any other public means. However, the people who have subscribed to your newsletter must feel special and get the feeling of exclusivity. To make it possible, you must introduce some sort of exclusive offers and products only for the people who are subscribed for the newsletter.

Target related products

It is also called cross-sale of related products. It is one of the best ways to immediately convince the recipient to buy the product you are marketing. In cross-selling, you are supposed to send the email about your product right after their purchase or search of a correlated product. If the customer is really satisfied with his previous purchase, he will definitely look into your email offer.

Reminder email about the most sold product

Every brand has one product which is sold better than the rest. Keep a track of the product which is bought repeatedly by all the customers and then make sure to send gentle reminders about its restocking, discount offers, and any other related thing through email. These reminders work the best and people end up repurchasing it simply because of the reminder.

Keep a track of cart abandonment

If you are an e-commerce store, make sure that you have a solid effective plan for cart abandonment cases. Often consumers step away from a purchase right after adding things to their cart simply because they were not ready for it. Keep a track of such cases and then send the customers highly relevant and convincing emails to make them finish their purchase. According to a study, people who get more than one follow up emails regarding their unfinished purchase tend to complete it as compared to those who get only one follow-up email.

Email marketing is a great way to make money and can be used by businesses and individuals. Discussed above are some of the best ways to make email marketing highly effective in terms of earning money.

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