Make Email Marketing And Instagram Work Perfectly Together

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You can expect a better result and high traffic to your website when you combine your email marketing efforts with social media. However, you will have to make sure that it is blended perfectly well together and complements each other well. To make sure that these two works well you will need to follow a specific guideline.

Most marketers feel that their marketing channels, each of it, is a part of a greater marketing strategy and therefore needs to work well to achieve their goals. However, the most successful marketers know the trick to leverage each of these channels productively and successfully and make these do what they do best according to their strengths.

Therefore, the first thing that you should know is the strengths of these channels if you want to use any of these marketing channels effectively. Once you know its strength, you will be able to make it work well and use it as desired.

Your knowledge must also include the factors that work well for each medium. Typically, social media may not be the best platform for direct sales, or end of a customer journey or bottom of the funnel conversions though there are a few exceptions to it, such as the Instagram platform.

No matter whichever platform or terminology you choose to use, all social media platforms, as well as the online marketing channels, can be easily linked for the best of results in your marketing campaign. All you have to do is use its characteristic strengths for your advantage.

Strengths of social media

While considering the strengths of social media you must determine what social media is good at. As per the experts, social media is good at the following:

  • Building brand recognition
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Building community
  • Driving traffic back to your website and
  • Increasing conversion opportunities.

However, the riskiest part of social media is that you do not have any control over who sees your messages. If you take a more in-depth look into the matter, you will discover that:

  • The most popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have their signature algorithms that will restrict the organic reach of your posts.
  • You will also come to know that all these platforms are primarily publicly traded companies.
  • Their chief business now is advertising, and these channels are happy to allow you to pay so that you can get your messages out.

However, all these do not mean that these channels will make it simple for you to spread your messages organically.

The difference in email marketing

On the other hand, if you consider email marketing you will notice that it has a big difference with social media. In this form of marketing, you almost control everything rather than the email provider.

Moreover, the social media posts are written in such a way that it generates more engagement among the followers for Instagram or any other social media channels while the subject lines and body copy of the emails are written to encourage opening it and clicking on the links.

In short, you will find that email marketing is good at:

  • Building relationships with customers
  • Converting subscribers into customers
  • Delivering targeted and personalized messages
  • Delivering upsell opportunities and
  • Retaining customers.

This means that the email platform is excellent especially for the bottom of the funnel activities. This is because it will help you to get more customers to the sales page.

Email is the ideal and most preferred way in which most consumers want to receive any transactional or business communications and more in general getting offers and sales messages. Therefore, it is essential that you use it wisely and the wisest way now is to integrate Instagram with your email marketing strategy.

Complementing both

Now you may think that since email and social media channels are used by marketers for two different purposes, how on earth can you make them work together. The simplest way is to treat each of them as complements.

As you may have seen from the above comparison that one is good and the other is weak it is therefore required by you to formulate a plan to make sure that each channel helps to build the other. This process is known as cross-promotion.

You can cross-promote your social media channels in many different ways such as:

  • Using organic social posts and paid social ads to endorse your lead magnets. As your exposure grows with this approach, you will see an increase in the number of email subscribers, provided you have a valuable lead magnet and target them well. There are many new social media apps that will help you in this regards.
  • Creating enticing Instagram posts with proper use of hashtags and captions and you can also create more engaging animated social media posts with just a few clicks and then publish them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so that you can promote your brand.
  • By trying to be more creative when you craft your posts by choosing the best template, adding better texts and your own photos, apply filters for better editing and much more.
  • There are also a lot of apps and you should use more of them such as Facebook web that when integrated properly will allow visitors to sign up for your list directly from social media.
  • You must use and leverage more of the user-generated content across all your channels as that will give you a better opportunity to build a better community. These UGCs can not only be the Instagram images but also different reviews and posts from other visitors to your social profiles but make sure you get permission before using.

Lastly, make sure that you include the social profiles in the email template using the social icons. This will make your messages more effective, subtle, and necessary.

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