Why Instagram TV Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy


Just recently, Instagram released its latest app, The Instagram TV also known as IGTV. With its vertical format, its aligns for both video creation and consumption for your phone. This move is Instagram’s attempt to dethrone YouTube (that has a large platform in engaging users.)

The introduction of IGTV can completely change the social media marketing game for most brands. But what sets it apart and why are most brands making the most of it now?

If you’re ruminating whether or not you’ll add IGTV in your marketing strategy, here are a few reasons why you should take the leap:

1. Videos are the future

According to Wordstream, a third of overall online activity is spent watching videos. Not only that, but over half of the video content is usually viewed on mobile devices. These figures are expected to rise by 2021, wherein 78% of the total mobile traffic will be coming from video.

So, the numbers don’t lie. As a digital marketer or a business owner, you should make videos a focus of your content marketing strategy. Also, see to it that the content you’re creating is optimized for mobile to gain more traction.

2. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment

If you’re already using video in your content marketing strategy, then you might already be put off with the total costs it involves. Factor in elements such as lighting, sounds, filming, editing software and hardware and everything comes with a price.

The good news about IGTV is that you won’t need any of these if you want to get started. With its vertical format, it’s easier even for entry-level video makers to unleash their creative side with just a smartphone in their pocket.

After all, the channel is tailored precisely for that. While expensive equipment can still be used, it’s not a necessity anymore. As long as you have a smartphone, there are free apps that will help you get started in no time.

3. It’s easy to use

A mobile video’s very nature is rough and ready. It allows you to shoot content like never before without the need of any complex set-up.

While more experienced videographers will want to show their expertise through stunning high-quality videography, you can still come up with highly engaging and entertaining video content even without it.

4. As an early adapter, you might get the limelight later on

IGTV is still relatively new, and because of this, not many people and brands are uploading content in the app. As a result, there’s only limited content available to those who are viewing videos, and you’re likely going to be discovered if you upload your material on IGTV. Thus, it generates more brand exposure further down the line.

5. You can create your video series

IGTV is a modern version of your television, so approach it in the same way by sharing a weekly or monthly segment periodically.

Be consistent at all times because people love predictability. When you publish episodes of your content, whether its a video blog, info series, or whatever you can come up with,  eventually your audience will grow accustomed to it and will keep on coming back to watch a show on your channel.

Setting a regular schedule gives your audience something to look forward to and excited about.

6. Share and promote your podcasts

Why not consider creating a podcast that’s directly related to your business and publishing it on IGTV?

Don’t hesitate to post these audio clips. You can give commentaries on relevant topics, interview special guests, and discuss industry events.

7. Produce tutorials to highlight product features

You can show the pros and cons of various product features on IGTV. Afterward, you can embed these videos on your site and relevant blog posts. That way, you’ll better promote your IGTV channel, and helping your customers have a clearer understanding of what exactly they’re buying.

8. Let followers into the inner workings of your business

IGTV is an excellent way to make your followers feel more connected by showing them what is precisely happening behind the scenes. No edits, just raw clips of what is happening.

By giving your audience a glimpse of what’s really behind the camera, it strengthens their respect for what you do, building strong brand loyalty. So don’t be afraid to shoot behind-the-scenes footage, edit a couple of commentaries, and publish it. Your most loyal fans will love you for it, and even other businesses can find inspiration as well in what you do.

9. Directly engage with your followers through Q&A sessions

You’re probably receiving a lot of comments in your posts, and it’s quite exhausting to answer the same questions and inquiries over and over. What you can do though is to collect your followers’ questions and address them directly on IGTV.

By answering your audience’s questions and concerns, you’re improving your brand’s overall engagement by answering questions and offering solutions. Doing so adds a human touch in your brand.

10. Collaborating with influencers made easier

Influencer marketing is already big on platforms like Instagram. Therefore, you can connect and collaborate with relevant influencers in your industry through IGTV. It allows you to connect with a much wider audience because most influencers have already a unique following, so you don’t have to build your audience from scratch entirely.

IGTV is an excellent platform to make video interviews with the relevant influencers in your niche. Ask them questions that in one way or another, provide value to your audience. It spices things up from time to time, making your videos interesting, as your audience will hear from a new voice.

Over To You

IGTV integrates the power of Instagram and Youtube on a single platform, allowing you to come across unique opportunities for growth and promotion. Since this new feature is still in its early stages, adapting IGTV in your current marketing campaign will help you rise on top of your competition and improve your overall performance.

About the Author

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, an Instagram Marketing Agency in New York. He is dedicated to helping businesses triumph over the ever-changing marketing landscape through the effective use of one of today’s most effective marketing platforms – Instagram. He crafts results-oriented solutions that are tailor-fit for each client his team works with.


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