Impact of AI on Conversion Rate Optimization


By Anne Taylor

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Currently, the topic of AI is the rage all across the globe. Every day a new AI application comes out of nowhere and threatens the existing or traditional models. AI is slowly gaining the upper hand, so much so that 80% of the marketers believe that AI will successfully overtake their industry by 2020.

The same can be said about conversion rate optimization. Initially, people, marketers in particular, heavily relied on A/B or multivariate testing to convert visitors into customers. However, it is not the same anymore. Although the AI-powered software and tools are slowly populating the industry, the CRO specialists are still split on its functions and usability.

In this article, we will discuss the impact and the relationship between AI and CRO and whether that impact can bring fruitful results or not. So without further delay, let us get started with the basic!

What is the Deal with AI?

Whenever someone mentions AI, individuals usually conjure up the images of a robot race enslaving humans. However, these are absolute lies! The reality is that AI thinks, behaves, and performs like a human but in a better, accurate, and much faster way.

Currently, the focus of AI is on four main elements which are speech recognition, machine learning capabilities, planning, and problem-solving. All of these four areas are currently in use by major corporations. We see speech recognition in smartphones and tablets and problem-solving in modern driver-less electric cars. The AI’s learning capabilities are put to good use by giants like Amazon and Netflix where they use users’ online activity to determine their next step. The planning aspect of AI works in a similar manner.

Coming back to the topic, conversion rate optimization is not an easy process. A lot of data analysis, processing, and ideation go into the process. With A/B testing, multivariate testing and AI-powered testing, it can be a tad difficult to make up your mind in regards to CRO. Although choosing a methodology depends entirely on your needs, nothing can beat the advantages offered by AI-powered tools.

AI’s Effects on the CRO

AI with its machine learning capabilities has paved the way for marketers to get accurate data quickly in terms of conversion rate optimization. Additionally, the following elements are the ones that make AI perfect for CRO.

  • Analytics and Personalization

AI has the ability to not only collecting massive users’ data but also analyzing it to predict or form a pattern. Once AI has developed a unique persona of every online visitor, it can display, remove or replace specific parts of the website to suit one’s taste. This is all done with extreme accuracy. This feature of AI makes it the best option for CRO since the literal purpose of this task is to convert users into customers by personalizing the online experience.

Till now, AI is not extremely advanced. However, that day is not far when Al will instantly update, remove or edit the website’s appearance to suit the individualized taste of each of its visitors. This is great since research uncovered the fact that users are fed up with their favorite websites displaying irrelevant content.

  • Bringing Desired Changes in Real-Time

With traditional testing methods, bringing changes is a challenging and time-consuming process. When users encounter some problems, their online activity is recorded in the form of users’ data. This data is then used by marketers to track the problem and identify the root cause of it. This requires marketers to scour months of data to pinpoint the cause. Additionally, another problem faced by the marketers is that the users do not follow a specific pattern meaning their online activity changes significantly with time. All of this makes the traditional method difficult to deal with.

On the other hand, AI-powered conversion tools analyze the data and provide solutions in real-time; all of which significantly improves the customer experience. Through this way, you will not suffer any losses in web traffic.

  • Quick Decisions

Lastly, AI has the ability to make decisions much quicker than humans which is obvious since it can analyze data and identify problems within a few minutes. However, there is a small issue that could hinder AI from functioning well. To make accurate decisions, AI needs to have accurate data. If there are some mistakes in the provided data or if it is not complete; then AI will commit mistakes.

So, Does this Make AI Compatible with CRO?

Every marketer’s goal is to have a high conversion rate which can be achieved through multiple methods. However, the amalgamation of AI makes things easier. With AI, all you need to do is create a client persona or gather client data based on their search histories. From there, you can let AI take the charge. AI will control the distribution of each website’s elements and make an informed decision to determine which element/feature would be suitable for which user.

All of this will be achieved in real-time. Once the visitors are converted, it will craft a report that will let the marketers know about the top five features that were extremely popular among the users.

Judging from all of this, we can definitely say that AI is indeed compatible with CRO.

What Does the Future Hold?

AI-powered conversion tools are still in the early phase which means that not many people are coming up with such tools. AI-powered conversion tools that strive to help businesses by increasing engagement and overall revenue are the focus of companies right now.

There are many companies that are trying to leverage the capabilities of AI and many more will come in the future. The point is, whether you like it or not, AI is here to stay, especially in the CRO department because of its countless benefits.

Still, many marketers are skeptical of AI and its machine-learning capabilities. However, they do not understand that AI-powered tools are not here to steal jobs. Instead, they are here to make things easier for their human counterparts. This technology is meant to be the frontrunner and it will be a great addition to the existing CRO model. It could tell which layout is better and which is not; however, it would not be able to fill space with content designed to invoke emotions. Human’s creativity would still be needed and marketers would just need to learn to work side by side with AI for optimized results.  

About the Author

Anne Taylor is a serial blogger with technical and business background. She loves writing about digital marketing, IT industry and workplace productivity. She is currently the content writer for Hire PHP Developers.