The Big Picture of Email Marketing for Small Businesses


By Emily Johnson

Regardless of an encompassed hype of social media, today’s digital marketing realm still arguably accepts and approves the relevance of ‘Emails.’ The reason why marketers hold on to Email Marketing is that it yields immense opportunities for Business-to-Business needs.

However, many startups skip discerning the potential of Email Marketing as they assume it is the best fitted only for established brands, and that turns into their digital failure.

The truth is…

Small businesses strive for doing more for less and email marketing is the one profitable channel that can suffice the need if done right. The technology-driven plethora of tools is not always viable to use as startups run on cash flow and time issues. Email marketing, if employed efficiently, can show-up as a life jacket for many businesses out there.

Therefore, if you are running a small-sized or medium-sized business, here is how email marketing can transform your business aspirations to greater Returns on Investment (ROI) eventually leading to sustainable growth:

  1. Wide Reach That Builds Credibility

Despite social media boasting the impressive numbers of its users, many pieces of research have shown that email undoubtedly occupies a kingly position. According to Statista, there are over 6.32 billion email accounts around the world, and the number of users projected worldwide will rise to 2.9 billion in the coming years. When over billions of emails sent every day, think to what extent it can help you reach your prospects!

Newly established businesses face trust issues, and the lack of believability in customers becomes somewhat challenging. Integrating email list and marketing with targeted content eliminates customer skepticism by building credibility and trust for your brand.

  1. Personal Touch That Enables Targeted Marketing

A personal touch affects customer-behavior more than anything and for small businesses, integrating it becomes neck stiffening. When social media limits your marketing campaigns or ads to the needs of the public, the email comes to rescue.

Small businesses need targeted marketing more than big-sized organizations, and once your marketing strategy has its hand on such targeted audience, you can enjoy direct conversations with them which otherwise remains a struggle for almost every small businesses. When you pinpoint the individuals who are interested in your services, you embrace options of higher ROI for your business.

  1. Higher ROI at Low Operational-costs

With an ROI of over 4,300%, email pays for itself, practically. The pace of innovation in digital marketing evolved with an abundance of tools, but cost-strapped entrepreneurs hardly find those viable to use. Email marketing continues to provide more bounce for the ounce.

Have a look at the below statistics:  

According to research conducted by marketing experts, marketers claimed to attain 58.63% success on email campaign per month.

Startups tend to begin all with scratch and that too with a handful of resources. Statistics-driven from various researches prove that email marketing, when applied with the best of tactics and knowledge of your market grounds undoubtedly skyrockets your business’ ROI.

How to draw customer acquisition with ‘email’ force?

Now that becomes a question somewhat strenuous for small businesses!

Customer retention with email marketing often comes up daunting for small-scaled organizations. Many marketers try it in the hustle, and many fall prey to failure. The reasons might range from absence of market knowledge to a shortage of resources.

Below is everything you must know before you set out to incorporate the ‘email’ force in your marketing campaigns:

  • Make it Interactive with content

If you want your email marketing campaigns to hit the mark, nothing can be best than infusing interactive content. As your brand’s name is novel or less known to the audience, you need to bring elements, which seem interactive to the audience. Marketing, today, lives in a world of the digital revolution: a revolution that experiences enormous changes driven by technology then how can content remain untouched by it.

Try to make emails appear unique to the prospects by using images and videos. It is one of the best ways to introduce your business to your audience leaving a mark of curiosity of knowing more about your brand.

  • Automation works

Yes, it does!

Automated emails enjoy higher open rates than “business as usual” messages.

Businesses of every size are keeping automation at the heart of their serious marketing strategies as they comprehend time-saver marketing. Specifically, when it comes to organizations running on a limited scale, time turns out to be more precious and when you know that you can win more for less with email marketing, why hesitate to join the cause of automated emails.

 “No matter what stratagem you apply to your email marketing campaigns, you cannot take the risk of skimming the essential- ‘data.’ Data drives marketing, and your email marketing cannot breathe for long if reliable and updated data do not push your emails. Hence, analyze all your emails from A to Z and imbibe changes in your services or products. Later you can segment your email lists as per the collated data and research on the customer-behavior to implement the outcomes with a personal touch in your marketing emails.” 

There is countless ease of using email marketing for small businesses. Grow your business, build a brand, and set yourself up as an expert without breaking your marketing budget in one fell swoop. No matter your level of experience, you can create professional marketing campaigns quickly. That means less time spent worrying about marketing strategies and more time spent working on the business to ensure it is successful.

Happy and successful campaigns!

About the Author

Emily Johnson is a marketing analyst at one of the leading Marketing Company based in Irving, Texas. Apart from this, Emily is a chief content writer, and interested in entrepreneurship, and startups that help organizations to grow into a whole new level. Connect with Emily on Facebook and Twitter.


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