Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gmail And Outlook: Comparison


By Amelie Blanche

Gmail is one of the most popular email providing services, due to the reputation and possibilities that Google as a company can provide. The powerful Google offers a bunch of different features in the Google account in addition to email. As for email, it is stated to be one of the safest and one of the most convenient email boxes currently available for free.

And yet, there are people who transfer Gmail to Outlook because they find the latter more advantageous. Both services are pretty reliable and reputable, so, to find out which one is better, let’s see what advantages and disadvantages each has.

Google Mail

One of the first benefits of this provider is that all letters are organized into threads, so when you open a letter, you have all previous messages – answering each other – connected to it. So, there is no jumping around the mailbox trying to find that one letter that contains the info you need. The sequence of letters is organized as a conversation. Therefore, it is easy to reread it to recall the details and find the files sent within the context of this conversation.

Virus and malware checking filters are extremely powerful in this service. The software protecting the email account is updated and enhanced regularly, so the computer of the receiver is also protected according to the latest trends.

Another additional feature is that you have everything together in your account – email, photos and videos, documents, calendar, and so on. This is basically a huge electronic online organizer that every user uses for free. The storage volume available is 10 GB, and the email capacity for adding files is pretty decent as well.

Yet, there are some features that Gmail does not provide to the users, so they consider choosing Outlook instead.


This provider offers almost everything the same as the previous one, but there are more complicated features that only Outlook offers. One of such is integration across email, calendar, and contacts, and you do not need to do that manually. The next advantage is easy access to emails while offline; if for some this is not required, other people prefer to have access to their mail any time.

In contrast to Google, Outlook allows you to choose the way of organizing your emails; you can create different folders, put them in alphabetic order or priority order, etc. You also have the ability to create categories for items, to make the organization even more clear and comprehensive.

One of the most required possibilities in Outlook is not just one way of finding an email you want, but multiple ways. The user can sort the search by keywords, size, date, etc. There is also the option of putting flags and change the importance of each letter by marking it; later, it will be easier for you to find it.

So, there is little surprise that many people prefer Outlook to Google mail, due to the number of additional options, and more importantly, incomparable flexibility while working with the letters.

About the Author

Amelie Blanche is an online journalist from Hawaii whose main interests are internet-freedom, cyber-security, and social media marketing. Studying marketing at Honolulu Community College and previously working as a content manager for SafeNetHonolulu, she created her own blog about Internet privacy. Through simply-written articles, Amelie teaches residents of Hawaii about Internet security tools and how to use them for playing games or browsing the Net.


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