7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness


Branding is both an art and a skill. A brand is mostly defined by the image it projects to the minds of the prospects and customers, yet a brand can never thrive unless that image is actually discovered by the prospective customers.

That’s where brand awareness comes into play.

How to increase brand awareness? That is the pressing question of most entrepreneurs, marketers, and webmasters.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 7 powerful ways to skyrocket your brand’s awareness. Note that even though these techniques are currently popular, they still remain the most effective promotion channels.

1. Influencer Marketing

Did you know that 70% of teenagers tend to trust influencers more than famous celebrities? And how about the fact that 86% of women seek purchasing advice from social channels? The same source suggests that 49% of customers depend on the recommendations of influencers.

Looking to increase brand awareness? Start leveraging the power of influencers. To identify small niche influencers and trending, you can use Buzzsumo or Ninjaoutreach. Contact each possible influencer and propose an offer and the terms. Negotiate until you’re satisfied with the deal and analyze all the traffic that comes directly from the influencer.

If performed properly, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to increase your brand’s reach with a low budget.

2. Use Branded Packaging

Branded packaging is a fine trick that never ceases to work. Supermarkets, coffee shops, and fashion stores are just some of the businesses who leverage branded packaging to increase brand awareness.

Follow the logic – when somebody purchases your product, the customer will display your brand’s name to more prospects. It could be random people on the street who sees your logo on a bag, or the customer’s friends, family, and colleagues. Either way, your brand still wins!

3. Personalize Correspondence

In today’s digital marketplace, email marketing is no longer a should but rather a big must. If you plan to promote your business online, I’m urging you to create and implement an email marketing strategy that involves personalization.

Personalizing the correspondence with your prospects and customers will help your brand not only improve customer trust but also begins a word-of-mouth-marketing cycle.

The trick is simple. Be as relevant as you possibly can to each of your email subscribers. Win their hearts and they’ll constantly talk about you!

4. Invest in Your SEO

Search engines act as an intermediary between brands and customers. As a brand, you’ll want to invest in your SEO game as much as you can in order to “seize” as much organic traffic as possible.

SEO is difficult and complicated at first. When you optimize your website for SEO, you’ll need to cover both on-page and off-page practices. Since SEO can’t be learned in one paragraph, I’ll simply leave you with a few pieces of advice:

  • Focus on the right keywords. Don’t exaggerate on them, though.
  • Publish amazing content. If you’re not god with words, leverage professionals or an assignment help
  • Develop a social media presence. Start with one platform and move to the next.
  • Build quality backlinks. Aim for quality over quantity.
  • Study your competitors and do better. There are plenty of competitive analysis tools you can leverage to study the competition.
  • Create a smart internal linking structure. Don’t forget about your old content!

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing does no longer need a definition, as you’re probably already familiar with it. Here are some effective tactics to improve the results of your social campaigns:

  • Engage with your followers
  • Don’t sell on social media – connect instead.
  • Build a strong presence to improve your brand’s awareness and reputation.
  • Leverage paid advertising to get the above-average results.
  • Leverage small social influencers.

6. Partner with Other Businesses

When done properly, business partnerships are extremely profitable and convenient. One of the best techniques is to create a comprehensive blog post/video and share the merits with another brand.

You should both work on the development of the content. When it gets published, it will receive significant exposure from both you and your business partner.

7. Host an Event

Launching and promoting an event will improve both your brand’s awareness and reputation. For example, many successful brands organize charity events, whose purpose is to positively alter your audience’s perception of the brand.

While the digital environment is strong, it cannot be compared with face-to-face interaction. Nevertheless, you can use social media to promote your event by creating a specific hashtag, promoting it with ads, and also by streaming it live.


Business and digital marketing is often a numbers’ game. There is the brand, the strategies, and the statistics. As you keep testing new methods to increase your brand’s reach and awareness, do your best to track, measure, and optimize your campaigns. Everything becomes easier once you identify the “formulas” that consistently bring satisfying results.

Before you open a new similar article, let’s do a recap. Influencer marketing, branded packaging, email marketing, SEO, social media, partnerships, and events. I’d highly suggest you choose one or two first and focus exclusively on them until you’re mastering each.

About the Author

Bryan Davis is a passionate digital entrepreneur and social media marketer since the end of his academic studies. While he’s currently working on his own startup, he can’t abstain from contributing to business blogs and magazines. When it comes to passions, Bryan loves to spend his free time reading psychology and spirituality books.


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