7 Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

By Mary Steinford

You don’t have to have thousands of people reading your blog to get started. Learn easy ways to get those first people reading your posts.


7 tips to boost your blog traffic

Yes, it is not necessary to obtain tens of thousands of views to succeed in blogging, but it is essential to receive a minimum of traffic to the site to embark on the journey to becoming a professional blogger. We offer you to discover seven simple tips to boost the traffic of your blog.

1. Quality content

To gain traffic, you must provide quality articles that can bring added value to your readers.

For example, if you are working on personal development, do not just talk about generalities: give figures, step-by-step instructions, or exercise guides — be precise, and your readers will appreciate your content.

A reader who appreciates an article will be much more interested in sharing it than somebody who sees no actual value in the material they just read. So make sure you get the crowds excited and bring something new and useful. That way, you can boost your traffic in a natural way (because your readers will come back and share your blog with their friends and relatives by social networks and word of mouth).

2. Clickbait and catchy headlines

To keep your audience and make them want to read your articles to the end, you must fill your articles with sentences and words that encourage you to read more or check out other content on the website. You can, for example, search for catchy titles that encourage people to click on the link.

Don’t forget to make your subheadings as captivating as your title. And, you should make a dynamic or cliffhanger-like intro and put a call to action (CTA) at the end or in those parts that can make your audience interested in reading your other articles.

3. Share your content on social networks

Do you know when something is called “viral?” This term is used to talk about articles that are mass-shared on social networks. These are usually content that make the buzz.

If you want your content to be viral and think it has the potential, you can always share it on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. or try to make the buzz with a carefully elaborated title.

For example: “How I earned $5,000 in 2 days thanks to my blog” (provided that it is true of course).

But, you do not have to make the buzz or look for extremely viral titles to publish your articles on social networks. You can also connect your blog to your different accounts so that your content is published in real time to avoid wasting time on manual sharing.

4. Make your audience come back

Retaining your audience can boost the traffic of a blog because you will gradually get regular visits from the same people. Such visitors are important for your statistics, authority, and reputation. It also makes Google notice that many users like your site: the more value Google gives to your blog, the more chances you have for your website to appear on the first page of search results.

A good example is the write my custom paper services. If you enter this query, you will see thousands of results, which are the same in their core purpose. But those sites that have content of better quality are on the first pages, even though they offer identical services.

Nothing can keep your audience engaged like valuable and sharable content and regular publications can. Do not forget to use the newsletters and take the time to respond to comments and messages your visitors send you. Create a real connection with your readers and show them that they can trust you and identify with you.

5. Be regular in the frequency of publication

It is often difficult for novice bloggers to successfully publish quality content regularly. But, you must understand that it will come with time and practice. The more you write, the more you will succeed in it!

The questions of your visitors and their comments will gradually allow you to find new ideas for topics to address, and then you will only have to answer their questions in the form of articles. This has several advantages: you will not need to rack your head, trying to find article topics, and you will meet the expectations of your audience perfectly!

6. Identify potential readers

Too many bloggers make the same mistake: they advertise their blogs to the wrong audience! Be logical and target only those who will be interested in reading your articles.

For example, if you have a travel blog, you should share your articles with globe trotters, etc. Just ask yourself: what is my client’s profile? Then put yourself in their shoes and find where these people spend their time (usually social groups and forums on the Internet).

Another common practice is to create an avatar of your audience. It is not that simple, but it is possible to generalize your audience into one “person.” Think of their age, gender, habits, information sources, fears, etc. and create a detailed profile. In this way, you will better understand who your readers are. If you already have an established audience, a small poll can help you a lot.

7. SEO

It is impossible to miss out on SEO (search engine optimization) if you are a blogger. To appear naturally in the first results of Google search, you must optimize your site. Make sure you use the right HTML tags where needed, create titles with a targeted keyword and of proper length, and use phrases that are semantically close to your main keyword (but don’t stuff your text with hundreds of phrases that will look out of place).

Today, almost everyone is using SEO, and those who pass by are drowned in the mass of low-quality websites and cannot even hope to appear on the first results page. Take the time to look into the matter and do not hesitate to try everything SEO experts propose. This is how you will succeed in making yourself visible and acquire “organic” traffic.


Blogging is increasingly becoming a way to make a living as opposed to just a means of expressing and sharing your thoughts with people. But, as the number of such websites grows, the number of quality checklist points you have to cross out also increase. We hope that, with our tips, you will be able to launch your first projects and succeed.

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