5 Reasons Why Creative Product Packaging is Important


By Smith Willas 

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Creativity is critical to success for several businesses. It is essential if you launch an insipid product and spice it up with original, creative ideas. Many years ago, when packaging was entirely new, creativity was not so important as it is today. Over the past few decades, creativity in packaging has become an essential factor.

Earlier, there was nothing to worry about if the product’s packaging was durable and it served its intention. With time, businesses felt that they could sell more products by making the packaging look more enticed. With this in mind, companies started seeming a significant amount of growth with visual eye-catching product labeling or packaging. They began focusing on the use of custom labels in their product packaging.

Where to show creativity

Unlike other design works, packaging design has got popular over time. Whether it is a logo, website, business card or banner design work, creativity plays a crucial role. You or your designer need to be creative in the selection of color, font, character, and slogan. Choosing a color is one of the most important aspects. You should have a sound idea of how color impacts and meaning of a certain color. For example, white color conveys purity and simplicity. Also, you should focus on selecting a character, font, font size, and slogan. The slogan with balanced characters leaves a significant impact and helps your business to be a brand. With a better combination, your creativity has a sense.       

Why is creativity important in product packaging?

There are reasons behind what we do. Here are 5 reasons behind the importance of creativity in the product’s packaging:

  1. It helps your product stand apart

The market is flooded with thousands of products to get clients’ attention. As per The Paper Worker, product packaging has a crucial role in the buying decision of one-third of customers. Your product packaging has to look different and stand apart from others to be successful. For instance, one of Captain Morgan’s products, Cannon Blast, is available in a standard container. It looks like a cannonball. Apart from being relevant to the product, the packaging is highly different from most of the products.

  1. The packaging color influences the purchase habits of consumers

The color you use in product packaging plays a vital role in the customer buying decision. Our brain reacts differently to colors. So, you should select your packaging colors well. For instance, white packaging conveys purity, simplicity, and safety. According to color experts, the addition of more colors to a product packaging makes the product less sophisticated. Other colors, such as blue has several different meanings. A dark navy is more professional while a light sky blue is more playful. People across the world love the blue color. However, you should not go for your packaging. You should study before selecting a color for your product packaging.

  1. Creativity in product packaging makes marketing easier

Creativity in the packaging of your product works as a marketing tool via in-store publicizing. People easily recognize branded products. Packaging with your brand logo in the front and center helps customers recalling your products during their next purchase. Think a lot what the packaging is saying about your product and business brand. Is it ok? Can you make it better? You should think over the messages that your product packaging conveys to your patrons or shoppers.

  1. With creative product packaging, you have brand recognition

Consider your favorite brands. You will find one thing common in them that they are memorable. Over the years, brands such as Coke have made slight changes in the packaging but maintained the original look. Keep in mind that recognized brands do not make a big change, as several successful brands that changed their colors, logo or packaging have experienced a type of backlash from customers.

  1. Creative packaging with original look promotes your products

Packaging has a crucial role in displaying the information on a product. Being creative in packaging makes your product promotion more comfortable. Proper packaging leaves a good impact on shoppers when they come across your products. The shoppers easily identify your products and they share their experience with others after coming across the products on the market, as the products with creative packaging look different from others.

Final words

In brief, you should aim for a strong presence in the market. You can do it when you do smart packaging for your products. Product packaging with custom labels catches the attention of your probable customers when they are looking for products/services of their need. By the use of creative packaging, you promote, advertise, and publicize your products. And this leads you to have more & more sales.

About the Author

Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media. You can follow him on Twitter.