What’s Trending in Email Marketing


By Courtenay Worcester, U.S. Director of Marketing, GetResponse

Email remains the stalwart channel in the digital marketing toolbox. That’s because it’s based on customers opting-in to hear from businesses, it allows you to engage your audience one-on-one, and it continues to deliver a high ROI. Though some recent changes in the industry, along with the latest digital marketing trends have shifted what’s working in email marketing today. Here are five of the latest trends in email marketing and how they will influence your campaigns.

GDPR continues to impact global email marketing performance

GDPR is impacting email marketing performance across the globe. Since it went into effect in May 2018, average opens and clicks have decreased. However, this doesn’t mean that email performance is dropping, per se. It’s simply a stark reminder of the importance of nurturing and maintaining high-quality permission-based lists. On the plus side, culling lists and ensuring subscribers want to hear from you enables you to build stronger relationships with customers that truly want to engage.

Storytelling remains the primary driver for clicks, shares and conversions

Authentic stories from genuine customers have always been the most effective way to reach and influence audiences. These days, storytelling through email marketing is taking different forms with the most effective campaigns crossing several mediums to support video, audio, images, texts, and longer form content across social, podcasts, blogs, websites, mobile, and more. While cross-channel campaigns enable you to reach customers at all possible touchpoints, success starts with the inbox based on a qualified list of subscribers and followers.

Double Opt-In drives list growth 

Double opt-in is one of the most underrated growth tools. While it requires an extra step up front, it will pay off in the long run as you build a quality list. Not to mention the added benefit of preventing unwanted outsiders from corrupting your list.

Along with ensuring that subscribers genuinely want to hear from you, double opt-in also allows you to create more personalized and targeted campaigns. By the way, personalization boosts click-through rates by four percent, on average.

Welcome emails have the highest open rates

Arguably, you’ll never have a more captive audience than when they first join your mailing list. Since welcome emails average an open rate of 83 percent, capitalize on your audience’s enthusiasm by presenting a highly valuable offer as part of the welcome message. To take the welcome email up a notch, create several different versions to align with the customer’s interests. You can customize offers based on the path the customer took to reach you. This includes subscribers that had our email forwarded by an existing customer, landing page leads, or webinar attendees, for example.

Pre-headers make the most of mobile

Pre-headers are a great way to stand out in the inbox. They allow you to follow up a compelling subject line and entice your readers to open the message. And they deliver a seven percent higher open rate, on average. With nearly half of all emails being opened on a mobile device, and the average inbox swelling to more than 100+ emails per day, clever pre-headers are a great way to capture your audience’s attention.

While email is a powerful marketing channel, it’s easy for great messages to get overlooked. But when you consistently benchmark and analyze results, stay abreast of trends, and focus on engaging your most enthusiastic customers, email marketing will deliver solid returns.

To see how your email campaigns stack up against the latest industry benchmarks, check out this analysis from GetResponse.

About the Author

Courtenay Worcester is the U.S. Director of Marketing for GetResponse. She is responsible for driving the company’s marketing strategy in the U.S. including positioning, competitive analysis, lead generation, customer engagement, and brand awareness.  She brings more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing to GetResponse. Prior to joining GetResponse, Courtenay drove corporate events for Seismic Software, a leader in sales enablement and content management. She has additional corporate and digital marketing experience gained at Attend, Inc. where she developed traditional, digital, and event marketing strategies that attracted and engaged target segments.


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