The Powerful Benefits of Video Content Marketing



Many people who market content already know, that video content is becoming commonplace and a more popular way of marketing. Studies that have been conducted by Cisco have projected that videos will comprise 80 percent of all the internet traffic, by the end of this year. This statistic is very significant, and the percentage projected is staggering.

Video content marketing is undoubtedly a very useful and efficient way, of marketing your products and services. Marketing your product using video content marketing is more efficient than other means of marketing, and you could use trackers such as the app ranking tracker by Serpbook to monitor the progress and efficiency of your video content. Here are some compelling benefits of using video content to market your product.

1. You get better SEO

When you include video content on your brand’s website, you increase the time which potential customers and even visitors spend on your site. When more time is spent on your website, the level of trust with search engines is increased. This, in turn, shows that your website is providing content of high quality. Statistics show that you are fifty-three times, more likely to be ranked first in a google search if there is a video on your website than if not. YouTube, which is owned by Google is also a great way to improve the effect your video content has on your SEO. For this to happen, ensure that you describe, and title your videos accurately, add links and all crucial information that your target audience may require to know about the products and services that you are promoting.

2. It catches your consumers’ eyes

Research has shown that those who view videos view more content than their text-reading counterparts. This is a good indication that video content attracts more attention from customers than any other form of content. Currently, marketing is very aggressive and competitive. Consumers worldwide are bombarded with numerous advertisements. Therefore you need to make your ads very captivating, as it is more likely that your consumers will view them, It has also been seen that quadruple times the number of consumers, prefer watching videos about a product or service than reading about them. Using video content marketing will also help your audience understand your product more, and this is why many businesses right now are using video content to market their products.

3. Optimization

It is really hard for you to gauge, in terms of counts, how many people read your blog posts, or to what extent these people read the post. Because of this, it may be difficult for you to know what is, and what isn’t working in your marketing strategy. On the other hand; with video content, you could use trackers such as the app ranking tracker by Serpbook to analyze and measure the number of times your videos are clicked on, how many times a consumer has watched the video, and even know at what point a consumer stopped watching your video. Knowing this will help you understand what consumers prefer and thus, you will be able to optimize the content in your videos in the near future.

4. Establishing an emotional connection and trust

Marketing aims to create a long-standing relationship with your consumers. High-quality video content campaigns are founded on trust. They develop connections based on trust unlike any other content forms of marketing. Video content marketing is a great way to market your product because videos evoke emotions. Other formats cannot achieve this. This is because on videos, you are able to use different tones and facial expressions and this should work to your advantage. When you manipulate these in the right way, your audience will be impacted. It may not reflect immediately on sales; but in the future when they need your products or services, they will recall the videos.

Video content marketing is the rage right now, and you should totally take full advantage of the quality of marketing that video content creates for your brand. 

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