BrandTotal Super Bowl LIII Campaign Analysis

Inplace #2

Today, 90% of Twitter ads, 85% of Facebook ads, 60% of YouTube ads are “dark” or hidden from public view. Instead, the ads are only shown to targeted audiences. This means that no one can truly understand a brand’s campaign strategy. This is especially problematic during prime advertising times for brands like the holidays and Superbowl Sunday.

BrandTotal, a company that developed an AI platform that allows marketers to see the full social media landscape including “dark posts,” just released a deep dive report around brands leveraging social media around the Big Game. They drilled into every brand’s campaign and how they’re weaponizing social media ad targeting before, during and after Sunday’s broadcast.

High-level findings include:

  • Pregame Winner – Budweiser

    • Budweiser scored the highest in sentiment pregame with their Wind Never Felt Better Super Bowl XLIII Campaign.

    • This ad is going viral! 26.54% Organic Viral Score means that this ad is gaining significant traction.

    • Over 26% of all of the impressions for this ad are EARNED and not sponsored or purchased.

    • 62% positive sentiment!

  • Fan Favorite – Doritos

    • The creative was spread across Facebook (9%), Youtube (64%), Instagram (25%) and Twitter (2%)

    • The campaign has 70% positive sentiment and only 12% negative.

  • Michelob Ultra Robot

    • Michelob Ultra had one of the most varied media mixes across all super bowl ad campaigns, spreading their creative across Facebook (15%), Youtube (60%), Instagram (13%) and Twitter (12%).

  • Michelob ULTRA – ASMR Zoe Kravitz

    • “ASMR” generated fairly positive sentiment for the brand, at 41% positive, 36% neutral and 23% negative.

  • M&Ms – Christina Applegate

    • Early sentiment toward the Christina Applegate M&Ms ad is positive

    • Instagram played a crucial role in the brand’s targeting strategy, as they were significantly targeting younger audiences. 24% of their ad targeting was allocated to Instagram

  • Hyundai – Shopper Assurance

    • Organic Score of 24.05% on Facebook (24% of these ad impressions were achieved through organic shares – this is among the highest organic share rate across all super bowl ads)

    • Sentiment was overall negative: 44% negative, 29% positive; 27% neutral

  • Stella Artois

    • This ad experienced a 97.94% organic viral score on Facebook.

    • The brand published it on their public feed, and it snowballed into a viral sensation, without having to put much marketing budget behind it.

  • Turbo Tax

    • TurboTax’s negative sentiment score experienced a 5% increase over the last 7 days, as compared to the last 90 days.

  • Amazon Echo #AskAlexa

    • Amazon is targeting older audiences with this ad campaign.

    • This ad experienced 41.5m views on Facebook alone as part of Amazon’s sponsored post campaigns.

    • Amazon is putting a significant amount of budget behind this campaign.

  • Bumble

    • Organic Score of 26.49% on Facebook (26% of these ad impressions were achieved through organic shares – this is among the highest organic share rate across all super bowl ads, along with Olay)

    • Sentiment was 45% negative and 29% positive