6 Ways To Use Nostalgia Marketing


Have you ever stopped to think about why the social media hashtag “Throwback Thursday” became so popular? Or why Mad Men was such an instant smash hit? It’s not out of sheer luck. Both the social media craze and successful show utilize the power of nostalgia to pique the interest of their viewers. Nostalgia marketing is used by companies from a slew of different industries who link their brand purpose and marketing campaigns to old ideas to evoke feelings of comfort and longing. Companies leverage nostalgia by tapping into these human desires which, even as technology advances, remain essential.

Invaluable created an insightful infographic that details some of the most successful vintage ad campaigns and which techniques we can take from them and use as modern marketers to evoke those powerful feelings of nostalgia. Gather inspiration from campaigns of the past like Coca-Cola’s vibrant ads, Budweiser’s successful promotions, and car companies like Cadillac and Honda’s creative brilliance.



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