Video in Marketing Strategy: 5 Essential Reasons to Use


By, Kurt Walker

A video is an outstanding marketing tool. That’s nothing new. The first ever TV commercial aired in 1941. It wasn’t a video. It was a still shot with voiceover. But it didn’t take long before video commercials showed up on TV. Budweiser, in particular, was very effective in depicting moments that immediately got people reaching for a can of beer.

Then came the digital age, and everything changed. Marketing experts got a whole new platform to explore. Of course; social media posts, blogging, infographics, podcasts, and images are an important aspect of digital marketing. But video remains the most effective way to engage the audience and trigger action.

The good news is that this type of advertising is not limited to full-on commercials. And it’s not limited to big corporations. Every brand can afford a video marketing campaign nowadays. Moreover, every brand should include it in its strategy.

You don’t believe us? We’ll list 5 convincing reasons why video should be an essential element of your marketing approach.

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Rocks

1. It’s Inexpensive

If you want to produce videos on the level with big brands, such as Nike or Equinox for example, then, of course, you’d have to invest a great deal of money. However, video advertising does not have to require a huge budget.

Just think about it:

  • You’ll come up with a fun script. If you get stuck, you can hire a writer to do this for you. There are affordable writing services that would charge less than $30 for a short, detailed video script. Here are a few of them:
  • This may be a video that doesn’t require filming. You’ll hire a graphic designer from a freelancing platform like Upwork. They will take care of the visuals. An average hourly rate for a graphic designer is around $20. If you want a really good one, you’ll pay around $40 per hour. You’ll get a prepared video, so you’ll only record the voiceover. You or someone from your team can do that.
  • You’ll pay for social media ads, so you can boost the visibility of this video. You may pay as much as you want to since these platforms allow you to set a budget. With a minimum budget of $5 per day, you can really elevate the engagement at your page.

2. Video Improves Conversion Rates

When you’re trying to promote a brand online, it’s all about conversions. Of course, you care about brand awareness. You want people to recognize your brand among competitors. But, again, conversions are the ultimate goal. You want those people to buy from you.

A benchmark report from Demand Metric showed that B2B marketers, in particular, showed that 82% of the marketers noticed a positive change in conversions thanks to video marketing initiatives.

When someone sees a photo of a product, it might trigger their purchasing decisions. If, however, they see a video showing how that product is being used or how it looks from all angles, they will be more convinced that it’s the right item for them.

3. Increased Social Media Engagement

Let’s make a brief experiment: scroll down through your Facebook news feed. Although Facebook is now more focused on showing us content from our friends, you’ll still see some from the pages you like.

Tasty and BuzzFeed, in particular, are very active Facebook pages that post multiple videos on a daily basis. That’s right; videos. They opt for videos because that’s the content that triggers shares, comments, and likes.

4. Video Easily Fits Within Any Marketing Campaign

A video is a very versatile medium. You’re trying to develop a personal brand as an online tutor? You can use stories on Facebook and Instagram to speak to your audience. You can even film an Instagram Live or Facebook Live videos.

You’re promoting an actual brand? Videos that show your products in action will be a nice contribution to the campaign. You can film them in the form of actual ads. But you can also interview influencers, showcase a day in the office, or launch a cheap video based on graphics, so you can tell a story.

Whatever your current marketing efforts are,  the video won’t disturb the flow of the campaign. It will effortlessly fit in.

5. Video Keeps Visitors on Your Website

All your social media and content marketing efforts aim to one goal: getting people at your website. There, you have more space to work on conversions.

The problem is that the attention span of today’s online audience is not good enough. They will only give you seconds before they decide whether or not they will read something at your website. So if you’re trying to hold their attention with textual product descriptions or lengthy blog post, you have a huge challenge ahead. Most people will bounce off before reaching the end of the first paragraph.

Videos are different. When someone sees a video at your website and clicks play, you have greater chances of holding their attention. You can display the products in a visual manner, give an entire lesson via video, or make an important announcement. Whatever the point of the content is, the video format will help to raise website retention rates.

Give Video a Chance

If you ask a marketing expert to help with the development of a strategy for your brand, they will definitely include video as an essential part of the approach.

Not all brands hire marketing experts. Some business owners like self-promotion. Sometimes people from the team can handle the marketing task. Even if that’s the case, it’s still possible and necessary to make video part of your marketing efforts.

About the Author

Kurt Walker is a writer and an editor from London. He loves sport, communication and good coffee. Find Kurt on Twitter .


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