10 Powerful Promotional Video Marketing Strategies


By, Alexandra Reay


According to the latest marketing research, landing pages that include videos provide an extremely high conversion rate. Up to 80 percent of visitors that hit such pages convert to followers, subscribers, customers or otherwise engage with the business. Such power of conversion is one of the main reasons why video marketing strategies need to be developed with care and planning.

To help your business grow and increase conversion, but also scale the influence of your brand, we came up with 10 powerful promotional video marketing strategies and how you should implement them.

1. Call to action

Call to action, or CTA for short, is an old way to increase the value of your video, it goes so long we can remember it from all those TV commercials where the presenters used phrases like “Call now and get a special discount”. Your call to action could be visible at all times during the video or placed at a strategic part of the content where you deem it most effective.

John Williams, a content marketing expert at bestessaytips.com states that the best calls to action are short and concise.

2. Use social media

It is estimated that more than 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. When we add the fact that Facebook video marketing increases revenue by 44 percent on a year-per-year basis, it’s easy to see how beneficial social networks can be for your business. However, Facebook is not the only social network one should include in the promotion of their video content, platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are all valuable assets in your arsenal.

3. Optimize for Google

According to statistics, the number of video searches that include “How to” keyword has grown by 70 percent in a single year. This trend places videos that include popular phrase right on the very top of search result pages, which is what marketing is all about – being the most visible brand on the market. To enhance your chances of being listed on Google, it’s a smart move to include a compelling title that includes popular keywords and also craft an effective description text.

If writing is not among your superpowers, it’s best to hire a professional that will do the job for you. Depending on your budget, you don’t have to hire the most expensive copywriter on the market, a talented college paper writer can do the job as well.

4. Grab attention with thumbnails

We shouldn’t judge things by their appearance, however, we humans often neglect those simple rules that we like to make. This is exactly the reason why thumbnails are important for the success of your video promotion. There are ways to create a custom thumbnail in order to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy like adding a human face, include your logo or brand name, and even add some textual teasers, anything you consider important for your target audience.

5. Use your most popular content to promote your video

This one is a rather underused strategy that can increase the success of your video marketing by a great deal. The whole process is simple, all you would have to do is use Google analytics to find out which of your pages are the most popular among visitors and publish your video right there. If needed, you can change the content a bit in order to make it more relevant.

6. Add a share button

Why do everything on your own when you can get help from your own viewers. Adding a share button that would enable viewers to post your content on their social media will increase your reach significantly and you don’t have to pay for it or take any additional action whatsoever.

7. Utilize influencers

All the people are different, however, there is one common denominator for all influencers – they love to be in the center of attention. Use their ego in order to promote your video simply by mentioning an influencer or discussing their ideas. Most influencers will not miss a chance to show everyone how their ideas are being discussed, and if you hit the nerve, you might even get a response video for all their visitors to see.

8. Create tutorials and instructional videos

Creating a video that will depict how awesome your product or service is, will not be enough to make your video stand out in the crowd. In order to reach out to the highest number of viewers, the video you decide to develop should hold personal value. As we already mentioned, “How to” videos are very popular, therefore they are most likely to be shared and searched for.

9. Use email

Research indicates that emails that carry “video” in their title are viewed more often, more importantly, they bring an increase in clickthroughs and reduce the number of people that unsubscribe from your mail list. Therefore, sending your video to your subscribers is a powerful strategy that you should use to your benefit.

10. Optimizing landing page

The page that includes your video should be optimized in order to make the video most visible, however, this strategy means more than just positioning the video properly. The title, meta tags, and description should be created in such a way that they will intrigue people to watch your video.


The tips we shared with you are simply guidelines that you should follow in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. It’s your creativity and ability to show the true value of your brand that finally determines the success of your video.

About the Author

Alexandra Reay is an editor and professional writer for Proessaywriting. She is also a professional content writer who prefers to do research on the following topics – self-improvement, technology innovations, global education development etc. Meet on at Twitter.


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