Twelve Predictions for 2019 from Blockthrough Co-Founder & CEO Marty Kratky-Katz


By, Marty Krátký-Katz, co-founder & CEO at Blockthrough

1. GDPR enforcement will become more serious, and the enforcement bodies will get more stringent.

2. Google moving all ad products to a single domain will have wide-reaching implications to adtech ecosystem, privacy, consent, and independent data providers, still TBD.

3. The words “Legitimate Interest” will become adtech’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” More and more vendors will distort the term to their advantage (and get caught – see #1).

4. Adblocking will likely grow as privacy and security concerns continue to grow with less technical end users due to the publicity Facebook is receiving from its missteps.

5. Facebook will continue to face challenges due to its past data and privacy policies stemming from its internal (and existential) platform vs. media company struggle.

6. Facebook will continue to mint cash along with Google and Amazon as they continue to have a stranglehold (Tri-monopsony? Troika?) on opt-in first party end user data at scale.

7. Publications will continue to rationalize their stacks and reduce adtech partners to clean up data leakage and 3rd party access to their audience data.

8. Privacy and Security concerns will continue to benefit Apple due to growing end-user concerns.  Locked-down control of hardware and software and a de-emphasis on advertising /data sharing will continue to serve apple’s moat well, aside from the obvious shortcomings in its AI (Hey Siri!) due to its lack of emphasis on data.

9. More server-to-server connections; both between the pub and its SSPs, as well as direct-to-pub DSP integrations.

10. Mobile redirects will start to be considered a solved problem as solutions like Confiant’s became mainstream.

11.Tier-2 DSPs and SSPs will continue to struggle and seek exits as the market matures.

12. A handful of winners will start to emerge in the decade-long quest for a “universal ID.” The problem won’t be solved yet, but it’ll start to be clear who the prospective winners are.

About Blockthrough & Ad blocking

Founded in 2015, Toronto-based Blockthrough is an Adblock Revenue Recovery platform for publishers. Blockthrough helps publishers recover revenue lost to adblocking by creating safe, unintrusive ad experiences that leverage the publisher’s existing monetization partners, including their header bidding demand. With a transparent, reliable platform that boasts >99% uptime and robust analytics, Blockthrough boasts the most comprehensive adblock revenue recovery solution in the market.

Blockthrough recently announced their acquisition of PageFair. The combination of Blockthrough’s proven revenue recovery tools and PageFair’s powerful analytics creates the industry’s most comprehensive and effective adblock recovery platform — a crucial component of the programmatic stack that helps publishers recover lost revenue while delivering more acceptable ad experiences to users.

Ad blocking remains a clear and present danger to the digital advertising ecosystem. But digital media’s key players all have very different agendas when it comes to the practice.

  • 615 million, or how many devices have ad-blocking software on them, worldwide. That’s up 30 percent year over year, according to PageFair.
  • 90 percent: The overwhelming majority of the mobile devices equipped with an ad blocker – all 380 million of them – are located in Asia, where limited, expensive bandwidth plays just as big a role in the adblocking wars as user experience.
  • $75 billion. That’s how much money ad-blocking is projected to cost publishers by 2020, if it does nothing to curb user adoption, according to research published by Ovum. Even if everything goes well for publishers, ad-blocking is still expected to cost upwards of $16 billion.
  • Google and Apple have both announced that future versions of Chrome and Safari, their respective web browsers, are going to have certain kinds of advertisements automatically blocked.
About the Author
Marty Krátký-Katz

Marty Krátký-Katz is co-founder & CEO at Blockthrough, which helps publishers recover the revenue they lose to adblocking without pissing users off. Before Blockthrough, Marty co-founded MicroMetrics, an award-winning SaaS company with a customer experience product for retail & hotel chains. He received a Forty Under 40 award as well as a couple of local business awards for his previous ventures. Marty speaks five languages fluently and is a dual citizen (Canadian & Czech).


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